The New Girl (On Hold)

Eleanor Hastings moves away from Brighton and away from her past to the wonderful and busy city of London. What happens when she meets Jack Harries? And what happens when her past comes back to her?


5. A Great Night

"Hi. I got your number from Finn. Can we meet up later at the park? - J. Harries."

Jack? What did he want to do with me? I mean, well. I guess we are friends. Kind of. Are we? And about what Kate said, does he actually like me? Is she really a lesbian? Oh my god, I've never been so confused. Well, besides during maths class.

"Sure. What time?" I texted back. I went up to my room and checked for my clothes. What to wear, what to wear? I really don't know why I have this much clothing, I don't even wear them all.

Ring! "6pm? Meet you there."

6pm, huh? I guess I'll be ditching dinner tonight.

Knock knock! "How was school buttercup?" Dad asked as he walked in my room. "It was okay I guess. Hey daddy, I'm meeting Jack tonight at 6 so I guess I won't be here for dinner." "Oh, Andy and Rebecca's son? I heard from them he fancies you." He smirked. Dad, seriously???? I rolled my eyes and said "Oh please dad." He laughed and said "Just don't come home late, okay? Oh and remember, I'm going to Dubai tomorrow afternoon, after you come home from school."

Oh yeah, dad has to go away for business, again. "Okay." I muttered out. He nodded and went out of my room and into his.

I sat on my desk and did my Maths homework while watching videos on YouTube. I scrolled down the "Recommendations" thing and saw JacksGap, the only reason I clicked on it is because the guys on the thumbnail looked like Jack and Finn.

"ITS JACK AND FINN!" I literally couldn't believe it, why didn't they tell me? I watched some of their videos and I have to admit, they're cheeky. After about 15 minutes I was done with my homework and turned my iMac off. I checked at the time, and noticed that it was 30 minutes before 6. "Shit." I mumbled. I hurried to my closet and grabbed the outfit I prepared earlier. I was wearing a red hoodie and a pair of light washed jeans and my black Vans.

I said goodbye to my dad and hugged him before I went out to the park near my house to meet Jack. When I got there, I noticed Jack was already there. He smiled at me as I walked towards him. I think its the first time I saw him smiling, like a legit genuine smile. "Hey!" He said. "Hi." I smiled. "I have to tell you something." "Uh, okay, spill." "Kate and I were never actually a-" i cut him off by saying, "I know, she told me that earlier." "Oh. Was that the only thing she said?" "Yup." I said, popping the P. I lied, she told me that Jack liked me. But I don't think he actually does. "Well, I have something else to tell you." "I'm listening.." "Okay. First of all, I'm sorry for acting cold around you." "Apology accepted. But w-" "I'm not finished, Eleanor. Let me finish. The reason I act like that is because I like you, Eleanor. I like you. Ever since I laid eyes on you. When you first walked into class, I literally want to get to know you. But everyone knew I was with Kate, kind of. So I decided to act like a complete douche around you to make it less obvious. Eleanor, I really like you. I want to get to know you. What do you say, will you go out with me?"

Will you go out with me?

I thought about it for awhile, so it was kind of quiet and well a little awkward. Do I like him? Oh who are you kidding, Eleanor. Of course you like him! Just accept the offer already!

"Jack Harries, yes, I will go out with you." I smiled

He came closer and hugged me. It was a warm and long hug, just what I needed. We pulled apart and smiled at each other. "I like this." I said. "Me too." He smiled.

Afterwards, he and I walked hand in hand together from the park to a Nando's near by. I ordered my favourite, which happened to be his too. "This is a date!" He said, grinning. "In your face, Harries." I laughed. "But just a few minutes ago you told me you'd date me." He pouted and fake cried. "Whatever, Harries." I laughed. "Okay, tell me about yourself, El." "Okay, my name's Eleanor Alexandra Hastings, 17. I'm from Brighton and I like popcorn and bread a little too much. You?" He giggled hearing what I said. "My name is Jackson Frayn Harries, 18. I'm from Chiswick, as you already know. And I make YouTube videos with Finny." "Yeah, I already know that YouTube part. I came across your channel earlier." "Cool. How'd you like them?" "They're great! What made you make them anyway?" "Well, it was after the GCSEs and I had nothing to do, so......"

We ended up talking for hours at Nando's and when the clock stroke 9, he walked me home. Lets just say, it was one of the best nights ever.


Hi guys! How'd you like the chapter? I know JacksGap was created after Jack did his A' Levels but..... Whatever. Lol! Like, Fav & Fan! ❤️

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