The New Girl (On Hold)

Eleanor Hastings moves away from Brighton and away from her past to the wonderful and busy city of London. What happens when she meets Jack Harries? And what happens when her past comes back to her?


8. A Good Different

Its been 2 months since Jack and I were official but no one knew except Finn, Ryder, Poppy, Kate and Nicole. I was happy with him, I'm most happy when I'm with him. He makes me feel protected and loved, even though he's never said it. I can feel it.

Now, Nicole, Kate and I are at the salon, getting our nails done.

'Has he told you the L word yet?' Kate asked. 'Uh, no, not yet.' I said. 'But he seems like he does though' Said Nicole. 'I guess he's just afraid.' Said Kate. 'Afraid?' I asked. 'Why- why is he afraid?' 'Its his story to tell, El. Not ours' Said Nicole. I just nodded and said nothing.

After that, we ate at Nando's and we separated. I got a text from Jack asking me to meet him while Kate and Nicole are going out for god knows what.


Knock knock.

'Hi babe.' Jack said once he opened the door and kissed my temple. 'Come in' he smiled. He brought me up to his room and went back downstairs to get me a glass of water. I walked around his room, looking at the little knick knack he has, like cameras and mics and such. And then I came across his corkboard. Its filled with pictures of him with Finn, Ryder, Kate, Poppy and Nicole. And there's 2 pictures on the top left corner of Jack and another girl, I can tell they were a few years old though, Jack looked different. I've been to his room a lot of times but never have I ever noticed those pictures. But who was she? Why haven't I met her?

'Her name's Alynn' Jack said at the door. 'Oh.' Was all that came out if my mouth. 'Who is she?' 'She was.. She was my girlfriend.' His voice went cold. 'I was in love with her, and she was in love with me. But then..' His voice started to become rather cold, sadness in it as well. 'She- she died in a car accident.' He said. 'Jack, I'm sorry.' I said. 'No, no. That belongs in my past.' He smiled. 'Now I've got you.' I smiled. 'I love you, Eleanor.' He said as he leaned closer to me and looked deeply into my eyes 'I love you' he said once more. He leaned in even closer until our lips touched. The kiss was... Indescribable. It was amazing, even more than the kisses we've shared before. 'I love you too, Harries.' I smiled.

We spent the afternoon together in his bed, watching random Disney movies that he let me pick. In the middle of the movie, Jack said 'I've got something for you Ellie.' He smiled. 'What have you done Jack?' I asked. He's always doing mischievous things, but in a sweet way. He pulled out a box, I could tell it was expensive already, even the box looked fantastic. He handed it over to me and I opened it to reveal a necklace with the initials JH in white gold. It was certainly beautiful. 'Jack, no. You didn't have to.' 'I wanted to.' He smiled and I pecked his lips. 'Put it on me?' He nodded as I handed him the necklace. 'I love you' he said. 'I love you too, so much.' I smiled.

Love. I've never said that to anyone besides my dad & mum and best friends, Kate, Nicole and Poppy ever. Well I guess I have, but once...

The last time I was in love was with.. Zander. I regretted every moment I had with him, god knows what he's up to now, most probably fucking every girl he sees.

But Jack's not like that. He's different.

A good different.


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