For the love of Amy Brooks

Amy Brooks thinks her life sucks she has nothing , her parrents and sister hate her.
When she meets Griffin and moves in with her dad. Then everything changes


5. chapter 5

‘why are you not in your cheerlead uniform?’ a shocked jaw dropping Griffin said to me. I smiled and turned around so he could take a look at my clothes. I was wearing. A skinny jeans. With a blue top. ‘I quit! , or at least I’m going to’. ‘why?’ he asked. ‘btw come in’. I raised my eyebrow ‘we should go to school I came to pick you up’. he laughed ‘Ames , its only 6’. Then I realized    he was still in his pajamas. ‘oh uh oh , bad timing?’ he shook his head ‘no its okay now spill’ I sat on his couch with my feet criss-crossed and smiled ‘well , first of all last night I broke up with my boyfriend Ethan , I caught him cheating , and well , I want to make some changes in live , you know just be myself’ griffin stepped to me smiled and hugged me ‘I’m proud of you , now you wait here , watch TV and stuff while I get ready for school’ I turned on the TV and watched MTV. I loved watching that. I heard footsteps and I wondered who was coming. ‘morning , Britney’. She frowned and look and me ‘really what brings you here this early?’ I smiled and skipped to her in the kitchen ‘well , I was in the mood’ she nodded still looking weird at me ‘right! ,and your not in your cheerlead uniform because?’ ‘well I will quit doing that , it’s not me , it’s not my ting’ ‘Britney , I’m done’. She rolled her eyes and smiled ‘see you in a bit’ I went back to watch TV. Now his parents were awake ‘hey look who’s here , how are you Ames?’ I’m good how are you?’. They both smiled ‘good’. Griffin came back in the kitchen all dressed. He looked at his watch ‘ yo Amy , ready to go?’ I shook my head ‘lets wait for Britney’ ‘I’m here’ I heard a voice say. I smiled ‘you will drive with us right?’ she looked at Griffin at her parents and at me ‘ yes if you want’. I nodded ‘ well duh!!’. She yelled ‘ Awesome , btw I love your clothes’. I nodded tanx ‘ well I pick you up everyday’. We said goodbye and departed to school.

Everyone stared at me. I went to the gym where all the cheerleaders were waiting for me , ignoring everyone else. I opened the door and I head Layla’s voice ‘look who decided to show up’. I smiled and walked to them and they all stared weird at me. Layla took the lead ‘and not even in her uniform’. ‘look I have something to confess’ I explained. ‘oh this better be good’ Layla said. ‘I quit cheerleading , look its just not me okay , well since I was captain I ‘m the one to pick the new one and honestly Layla , I hate you but you’re the best cheerleader here , so I give the spot to  you’ ‘Ames , are you high?’ Mandy asked. ‘look first of all , you just don’t do that , second of all you just don’t that’. Jessica said. I raised an eyebrow wanting to say something but Mandy said ‘ we are your best friends and co captains we deserve to be captain’. I laughed ‘well okay , you were my co captains because you were my best friends so the co captain I choose is Kate’ I smiled ‘well have fun practicing girls’. I walked away and Jessica yelled behind me ‘ btw your out of the group. I looked back ‘ wait you realize that now? I mean wasn’t I obvious when I said that we were best friends?’. I smiled and walked away. Outside griffin was waiting for me ‘how it go?’. I smiled ‘awesome!’. He blushed ‘ uh I have band practice right now wane come?’. I nodded ‘hell yeah’. I held his hand and he blushed and it made me let go of it ‘sorry’. He blushed again ‘aight’. He took me to the music class. He smiled at me and took his guitar ‘guys we have some public today’. I saw nick ‘ nick?’. Nick blushed ‘surprise’. He put an arm around me ‘ this is Jay and this is Sean , Guys meet Amy ‘. Sean laughed ‘ who doesn’t know that , why aren’t you in your bitchy uniform? ‘. I raised an eyebrow ‘why aren’t you?’. Nick laughed ‘no , why aren’t you in your cheerlead uniform?’. I smiled ‘that’s better , well I quit’. The guys decided to play and I took a seat on a piano. They played decode by paramour. Jay cut the music off ‘guys , we practice all day but we need a singer. Griffin looked at me ‘Ames has a great voice’ I smiled ‘thanks’. He looked at the guys ‘are we going to give it a try?’. Everyone nodded accept Sean ‘why , we don’t want Barbie in our group’ I ignored him and took a mike. Jay smiled ‘you choose the first song’. I looked at him ‘the forgotten by green day’. Jay smirked ‘ hey Sean isn’t that your fave song?’ He turned his face ‘lets hope she doesn’t spoil it’. he went behind the piano and pressed the first note’s of forgotten ‘. Then jay , Nick and Griffin played their instruments. I breath in the mike ‘ where is the world of forgotten , they lost inside you memory’. I was nervous cause this was like an audition. I saw jay Griffin and Nick smile. Sean had an angry look. I finished the last notes and I turned to them with a smile ‘so?’. Jay laughed ‘awesome’. Nick nodded ‘it was pretty great’. Griffin smirked ‘see I told ya , Sean?’. He rolled his eyes ‘not impressed’. Jay looked at me with a goofy smile ‘okay first round of the audition check , now we are going to give you a song and you sing it’. I nodded and the boys whispered to each other. Sean had an bitchy smile ‘sing bohemians rhapsody by queen’. I nodded ‘ lets go’. the hit the music and I sang softly ‘ momma just killed a man , put an gun against his head , pulled my trigger now he’s dead , momma…Love has just begun’. It was a long song but I sang it very well. When I finished I turned around ‘so?’. Griffin tuned to the guys ‘lets vote , I say yes’. Sean shook his head ‘no’. Jay rolled his eyes ‘ yes’. I looked at nick ‘nick?’. Nick thought for a while ‘hell yea’. Jay did his victory dance ‘so we need a name now , I want a freaky one’. Nick agreed ‘ a whole sentence’. ‘something not often used’. Griffin nodded ‘ very unique’. I agreed with everyone. Jay sat down on the floor ‘ how about 5 time low’. Sean shook his head ‘ no , it looks like all time low’. ‘ 5 hate now’ Sean laughed ‘ too cheesy’. ‘Can’t stop us’. Sean looked weirdly at him ‘really dude?’. We all laughed. Sean smirked ‘we don’t like Barbie?. Jay walked to him and slapped him on the back of his head ‘ just kill yourself’. I smiled ‘that’s it! just kill yourself , its unique , it’s not used its freaky’. Sean laughed ‘that’s actually a good idea , unless anyone could come up with a better idea , we can use this one’. I smiled because Sean actually agreed with me. the guys looked at each other They had no idea. Sean smirked at me ‘nice one Barbie’. I laughed ‘look dude , Barbie is blond’. He laughed ‘fine brat’. I teased ‘wow how come you know all this …ken?’. He gave me an angry look ‘ really dude? I know this I have a little sister , and btw I’m so not ken’. I kept teasing him ‘ oh my bed ken , common your blond you kinda look like him…ken’. Before ken could say anything. Jay interrupted ‘okay that’s it for today , we meet back here Wednesday same time’. Sean calmed down ‘see you guys and Brat’. He walked out of the room ‘nice meeting you Ken’. Jay turned to me and put an arm around me ‘we like you , btw Girly this is a secret’. I raised an eyebrow ‘girly huh , can Girly do this?’ I gave him a kick in his guy parts and walked away laughing ‘see you guys’. I stood outside and went o my next class. It was pretty boring everyone hating me now. In the break I forgot I had no friends. I just walked around with my hamburger and I saw Britney sitting alone. I joined her. She looked around ‘wow an actual cheerleader sits with me’ she saw my look and laughed ‘sorry , former cheerleader’.  I smirked ‘that’s better’. ‘where are your other friends?’ she asked. I looked in their way ‘right their doing stuff I’m not into’. I saw them walking our way and Britney panicked ‘omg their coming this way’. I laughed ‘chill’. I saw Ethan walking with Jessica with his arm around her. They stood in front of our table . Mandy took the lead  ‘wow , our bff has a new pall , introduce us , or wait we don’t care’. Jessica smiled ‘ I hope you don’t mind I’m with Ethan now. I laughed ‘ oh don’t worry he’s all yours. Mandy laughed ‘ just deal with it he’s over you he dumped you right in the face’. I stood up and laughed ‘really Ethan you dumped me? , last time I checked , I dumped you and you were begging for a chance. Not that it matters , were done. Charlie Mandy her brother stepped closer and walked around me and hit my but ‘I’m still free babe’. I turned around and beat the crap out of him. I did all my karate moves on him.  He was already on the floor when Mandy pushed me ‘ what are you doing?’. I turned around and punched her in the face.


Next ting I know is. Charlie , Mandy and I sitting in the principal’s office. ‘okay now tell me , what is the problem’. I laughed ‘well , I quit cheerleading so everyone hates me now so Charlie her grossly harassed me so I kicked his but and Mandy here. pushed me so I punched her. Mrs. Good looked at us. We all nodded in agreement. She cleared throat ‘well ,tomorrow at 10 I want to see all of your parents. She signed 3 papers and gave it to us.

Griffin waited for me in front of school ‘so what’s up?’ I sighed ‘parents need to come’ he smiled ‘well you were awesome a girl kicked a guy his ass ‘ I smiled and flipped my hair ‘I know right?’. We stepped in the car ‘where is Britney?’ I asked. ‘she walked home she had something to do’. I looked in my mirror ‘we are going into town ‘. I went to a drug store cause I was going to color my hair. I picked a dark brown dye. Everyone loved my long , light brown , curly hair ‘. I went to hairdressing salon. ‘ can I help you miss?’. A small lady came to me. I nodded ‘yes’. And I gave her the dye. I smiled ‘I want to cut my hair until my shoulders , Straighten my hair and color it’. The lady was shocked ‘for real? , your hair is so pretty’. I nodded. And she started cutting

When I was done I turned to Griffin. He smiled ‘you look beautiful’. I blushed ‘thank you’. I dragged him to the tattoo and piercing store. I looked at a man with 100 tattoo’s and piercings ‘Hi dude , can you pierce my ears? , left on my upper ear and right on my lower ear. I already had 4 ear piercings 2 on both sides.

I was finally done I looked awesome. I drove Griffin home and then I drove myself home

I opened the door and took a breath ‘this means war’. My mother saw me and screamed ‘Amy what have you done?’ Rob and Ade ran to the kitchen. I smiled ‘well I wanted a change. She was angry ‘first you fight at school , now this?’ I looked at Ade ‘ oh she told you , well Like I told you , I want a change , oh and you have to be at school tomorrow at ten. Without waiting for an answer I went to my room.


We walked out of the office. My mom looked at me ‘well you want a change so badly? , leave the house before end of the month. Rob , Ade and I already talked about it , leave!’. I sighed and went home. No one was home and I started packing. I packed all my stuff and left before I closed the door I took a last look at the kitchen.




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