For the love of Amy Brooks

Amy Brooks thinks her life sucks she has nothing , her parrents and sister hate her.
When she meets Griffin and moves in with her dad. Then everything changes


4. chapter 4

I drove to Griffin his house I felt really bad for ditching him the other day. I was listing to music of Icona pop. Yes I love Icona pop. With my sunglasses on, I was on my way to Griffin. I arrived in 25 minutes. I got out of the car a bit shy and scared wondering if I should have called first. I walked to the door. I just wanted to surprise him. Still nervous I knocked on the door. Griffin opened. His jaw dropped ‘Ames? , what are you doing here?’ he asked surprised. I smiled ‘we are going to have some fun together today. We will get to know each other. Griffin blushed. ‘that’s nice , well do you want to come in meet my family while I settle in’ I walked inside Griffin introduced me to his mother , his father and little sister’ I stayed a while talking to them while Griffin went to his room. ‘so Amy ‘ his mom said. ‘i feel really grateful. that your willing to work together with my son’ I nodded ‘ he’s a great guy’. His little sister named Britney rolled her eyes ‘yes but your on f the poplars you’re head cheerleader your dating the jock captain. I stared confused at her. She stepped forward ‘ I actually go to the same school , I’m a freshman’ I shook my head ‘ okay I didn’t know that  sorry but that’s not what I meant griffin is nice guy ‘ she smiled and poked me ‘don’t worry , I actually like you , just messing with you , still wondering why you would hang out with a nerd as my brother , since you’re you know the it girl’ I smiled ‘well..’ she poked me again ‘don’t worry you don’t have to explain yourself’ griffin came back downstairs ‘ready to go?’ I nodded ‘ bye Britney , bye Mrs. and Mr. Lansing’ His mom smiled ‘please feel free to say Ashley and Mike’ I smiled ‘okay I’ll remember that next time’. I stepped into my car and Griffin took the seat next to me. ‘so where are we gong?’ he asked. ‘here and there , maybe everywhere ‘ I said putting my sunglasses back on . I put in the C.D of bon Jovi and drove away ‘shot trough the heart on your to blame darling you give love a bad name’. Griffin smiled at me ‘ you can really sing , do you like Bon Jovi?’ I looked at him ‘like ? , I freaking love him!’ griffin laughed ‘ that’s cool cause I’m fan too’ I smiled at him ‘major cool’ ‘so you can really sing!’ he said again when I didn’t stop singing. I blushed ‘thanks , I also love singing btw’ he nodded ‘ I can see that’. He looked outside ‘well I actually play the guitar , I’m in the school the band. ‘cool’ I said without taking my head of the road. ‘I’d love to come watch you play sometimes’. He blushed ‘really?’ I nodded giving him a fast wink. And he kept blushing ‘that’s nice’ I laughed ‘you really like blushing don’t you?’ he blushed again ‘sorry I can’t help it’. I parked my car. ‘okay first stop’ I got out of the  car and Griffin followed ‘ the playground?’ he asked. I sat down on  swing and nodded ‘yes  , I come here when I’m bored , sad or mad’ he smiled and sat on the swing beside me. I looked at him ‘so tell me a little bit about yourself’ he cleared throat ‘well , I’m a guy?’ I laughed ‘duh , I can see that!’ he nodded ‘ I’m really not that good at telling about myself , so just ask questions’. I started laughing ‘well me neither and I hate asking questions , I don’t know what to ask’. He looked at me and smiled ‘maybe we should just get to know each other while hanging out. just see what we can find out about each other. I nodded again ‘I agree’. Griffin then left the swing and came pushing me ‘mind if I..?’ I laughed ‘well you are first going to push and then ask if your allowed to? , smooth but hey I don’t mind’ we stayed there for a little while and then we went to get ice cream . Griffin decided to pay for them and went in the line. Someone tickled me from behind. It was Drew. ‘ Hi Drew’ I said looking in his eyes. He had the most gorgeous eyes ever! Not to mention he was hot! ‘ I had a crush on Drew since I met him. Griffin came back with the ice cream . he gave me my ice cream. I wanted chocolate he took vanilla’. He looked at me then at Drew. I laughed ‘oh right , Griffin this is Drew , Drew this is Griffin’ ‘hey ‘ they both said looking at each other like they had a battle or something. I looked at both ‘okay weird , well Drew Griffin and I are working on this project together to get to know each other’  and uh Griffin , well one of the stops we are making today are my karate lessons and Drew here , is one of the other students. He looked surprised ‘ you do karate’ I blushed and nodded ‘yeah but hey its top secret!’ he smiled and nodded ‘got it! , wow you do karate’ I blushed. And Drew smiled ‘yeah , you should see her , she is great!’ I nodded ‘ you will see later’. I looked at Drew  ‘well Drew see you later’ I hugged him and my heart rose. I walked to my car blushing ‘you like him!’ Griffin teased ‘what?’ ‘you like Drew’ he repeated. I blushed ‘was it that obvious?’ he nodded ‘look who’s blushing now , well the way you were looking at him ‘ I stepped in the car ‘well who do you like?’ ‘huh?’ he asked shocked. ‘well you know who I like , so who do you like?’ he blushed again ‘well I like this girl but she is taken’ I raised an eyebrow ‘who?’ he shook his head ‘sorry I can’t tell you’ I nodded understanding ‘okay sure’. He cleared troat ‘well since you told me a secret , here is mine’ I interrupted him ‘you don’t have to if you don’t want to..’ he shook his head ‘ I want to , I never told anyone this and I feel like I need someone to talk to , I was adopted. We both are  See my parents died when Britney was just 2 and I was 5 , we got sent into foster care until Mr. and Mrs. Lansing took us in’ I smiled ‘well thanks for telling me’ he nodded and looked out the window. We were pacing a grave yard and he looked at me ‘can you stop?’ I nodded ‘sure’ I parked my car and we stepped out the car. Griffin lead the way and I followed. He stopped at two graves and kneeled down. I read Sarah canning and James canning. ‘are they your…?’ he nodded and started crying ‘I loved them very much , I mean I love my current parents but I miss my bio parents , I feel bad for Britney who never really knew them’ I kneeled down beside him and cried to. He leaned on me. and I held him. I felt really bad for him. I just let him cry  a bit. ‘mom , dad this is Amy who I have been telling you about? We are working on a project together ‘ I smiled and he had a small smile ‘how did your parents..’ ‘die?’ he asked. ‘you can say it its okay  , they died in a car crash. He kept looking at the graves for a while and then he looked at me ‘lets go’ he walked away and I followed him. It was 4 pm. We had 2 hours left till I had karate lessons. ‘do you want to go anywhere else?’ I asked. He nodded ‘I’m kinda hungry , MacDonald?’ I nodded and drove to MacDonald. I received a text from Ethan or actually it was the 10th time he apologized ‘babe please I love you I’m sorry , can I meet you tonight at 10? , kisses?’ I texted back ‘fine I forgive you , I love you too’. I smiled and sang along to we are young. I finally reached Macdonald and parked m car. I went to order. Griffin wanted a 2 piece chicken and I took a sandwich. I finally came back with the food and we sat down and talked ‘so do you ever get hurt? Karate?’ I nodded ‘yes often but I can deal with it , I’m one of the best’   ‘oh’ he said.  he looked worried. I looked at him and held his hand ‘Griffin , no need to worry you know , I can take care of myself’ he nodded ‘I guess’. I noticed it was 5: 30 so we left MacDonald. I drove to the gym I saw Drew his car and smiled. I went inside with Griffin ‘ you can stand where you want , I’ll go change’. I went to the girls dressing room and changed fast in mu uniform. Walked out of the room getting ready to fight. I winked at Griffin. My first partner was Meredith. Trust me she was some competition. I gave her my best and I won the first match. I showed off in front of Griffin and he clapped nervous. My next partner was Daniel. The bad boy who knew no mercy. He was the best in this match and I fell down. Meaning I lost. I hurt my head. I had a headache. Griffin still looked at me worried. Me next partner was Jill. She was one of the weakest. But because. I hit my head too hard. I couldn’t beat her. It was time for a break and I went to fill my cup with water. ‘are you alright?’ griffin asked. I nodded ‘never better’ Drew came behind me and put an arm around me. ‘hey griffin , I have a match with your girl later’ he kissed my check. And I felt sparks and butterflies fly. I looked at him ‘we are just friends’. He smiled ‘that’s a good thing’. He then left. Griffin teased ‘he likes you’. I nodded ‘I know’. Break time was over and I fought against Nelly. It was an easy win. The last match was against Drew. We fought both fair and squire. Even though we were friends and like each other. No one  the match. It was a tie. Mr. Hibson wanted to speak to Drew , Olivia , Daniel and I. we were the one’s he chose for the competition  next Friday. I almost yelled cause I was happy that meant. I was one of the top 4 even better the top 2 girls. Mr. Hibson never pointed out his fave’s but this made it clear. I ran to hug drew and congratulate the others. I changed fast and latterly skipped to Griffin. ‘hey Grif , I got chosen to fight in the wkc’ ‘what? , what is that?’ he asked. I laughed and rolled my eyes ‘world karate competition’ He had that worried face again ‘Ames , your good , your really good but aren’t you a bit scared?’ I shook my head ‘no’. h sighed ‘well good luck then’. It was 7:45 and I went back home it was an exciting day with Griffin. I arrived home. Ade was the only won home ‘hey sis’ I sat down next to her. She just gave me a quick look. Before walking away. I rolled my eyes ‘was that little nice act only because of her little bday?’. I turned on the TV. and watched Spider man until my phone rang. It was Ethan. ‘are we still on for tonight?’. I nodded forgetting that he wasn’t in front of me ‘sure , fun’. He smiled ‘I’ll be there at 9’. I looked at the clock it showed 8 : 35. ‘I’ll be there at 10 , I love you’. ‘I love you too babe’ he said before hanging up. I went to take a shower and got dressed into a Black Gucci dress. I didn’t feel like wearing Red. Ethan hated black. Weird for a guy huh but he hated it. Black was Drew and Griffin their fave color. I smiled and looked in the mirror. I decided to put on make up. I put on black eye shadow and mascara. I looked like a witch.  It was 9;15 when I was done. I decided to leave earlier. I parked my car. I was early so it was easy to find a parking place. After I parked I went to go looking for Ethan and I found him. I didn’t just find him. I found him already half drunk making out with Layla.  I took some pictures and  hung out at the bar till ten and I saw Layla leave exactly at ten. My guess was the pint was me not seeing. Cause I said I would be here at 10 and she left at 10. I went to Ethan dancing. He wanted to kiss me ‘ babe , you look great’ I rolled my eyes ‘no I don’t and now I know why , look Ethan I just came by to break up with you , were done’. I  attempted walked away but he held my hand and pulled me back ‘babe , what’s up?’. I texted the photos for him and walked away. But he followed ‘how long have you been here’. I looked back ‘does it matter? Long enough to make me realize what a jerk you are!’. I wanted to leave but I thought to myself. I wanted to have some fun. I met Nate. My ex boyfriend and I went to dance with him. I had a amazing night.  I missed Nate. Maybe we could get back together.  I thought to myself ‘things were going to change’

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