For the love of Amy Brooks

Amy Brooks thinks her life sucks she has nothing , her parrents and sister hate her.
When she meets Griffin and moves in with her dad. Then everything changes


3. chapter 3


‘happy Birthday big sis!’ I yelled before jumping on her bed. She smiled ‘thanks lil sis’ I roled my eyes ‘take a shower bday girl’ now kaitlyn was awake to. She smiled ‘yeah Ade go shower , bday girl showers first , we shall follow’ she rolled her eyes and skipped to the bathroom. Kaith laughed ‘crazy Ade’ I smiled back not knowing what to say. I went back to my room to wake up Jessica and Mandy.  We talked for a while then after 30 minutes Ade knocked on my door ‘girls go shower , we are going to the mall’ ‘sure , fun’ I went to take a shower and dressed into a skinny jeans and a red jacket. I wanted to keep it simple. When we were done we went downstairs. Mom yelled ‘happy birthday my fave daughter. I smiled not to show that I was offended. Ade flipped her hair ‘well thank you’ Robert now hugged her ‘your turning bigger and prettier every day , I love you’ she blushed ‘well we are going to the mall and after that we will attend the beach , later’ she kissed mom and dad. We went outside and she held her car keys , looking at it then she stared at her car then at me. she looked at me with puppy dog eyes. I knew it she wanted something. ‘what do you want ?’ I asked. ‘can you drive?’ I nodded ‘sure , hand over the keys’ she yelled ‘yaih , I love you’ I rolled my eyes. She looked at us ‘well Mandy you can sit in the front seat next to my sister’ I thought of course she wanted to sit with Jessica and kaitlyn she loved Jessica as her own friend. We arrived at the mall. And we just walked rounds cause we wouldn’t buy anything. After walking ten rounds we went to the food court I ordered popcorn shrimp as always and the others hamburgers as always.  I saw a familiar face It was griffin I smiled at him. ‘hey ‘ he smiled back and walked to me ‘hey , Ames , how are you’ I smiled ‘fine , you?’. He nodded ‘ good , are we still on for later?’ he asked confused. I raised an eyebrow not knowing what he was talking about. ‘we were going to work on our project?’ he reminded me. I shocked ‘ I’m sorry , I totally forgot about that , Today is my sister’s birthday’ he looked at us ‘well , okay then , congratulations , Ade’ she smiled ‘ thanks , are you coming laterz?’ he looked at me and smiled ‘well no tanx’  ‘you’ll be missed’ she smiled. He shook his head ‘ I got stuff to do anyway’. He walked away. And kaitlyn laughed and asked Ade ‘ Ade what’s wrong with your sister’s friend?’ Ade laughed ‘ they are not friends , they are just working on this project together’ I actually wanted to say something but I didn’t feel like going into an argument with Ade on her birthday’. Ade looked at the clock ‘are we going to the beech girls’ we all nodded and jumped up. Ade looked at us ‘ are we really not going to swim?’.  It was hot and I think we all regretted it that we didn’t bring our bikini’s. I sighed ‘it is pretty hot but we didn’t bring our bikini’s and towels.  She raised an eyebrow. ‘towels? Who cares? We get dry in the sun , lets go buy new bikini’s’ she pulled Kaitlyn to the closest store. I looked at Jessica and Mandy ‘are we going?’ Mandy laughed ‘yeah silly’ we followed Ade and Kaith. We went to a store called summer’ they had the best bikini’s.  Mandy was the first to find a cute bikini it was yellow one.  Now Ade found a cute pink one. I found a red one. I remembered Ethan loved me in red. Mandy and Kaitlyn bought a purple one.  We paid for our bikini’s and wore our bikini’s under our clothes. Ade smiled freaky at us ‘ are we going to text our boyfriends’ she started texting Jason. Mandy texted Kevin Jessica texted Shane kaitlyn texted her boyfriend and I texted Ethan. They would all meet us at the beech. Ade fastly drove to it cause it wasn’t that far away from the mall. Ethan and Jason were already there so we waited in front for the others when everyone arrived we decided to go swimming.  We started to take off our clothes and Ethan looked at me ‘ you look hot babe’ I smiled ‘well you too babe’ I kissed him. We walked to the beach hand in hand. When we were near the ocean. I pushed Ade in the water. She screamed then we all jumped in. Ade splashed me with water.  It was hot and we really enjoyed the cold water. After a while when it was really cold we went out of the water and layed on the beach to dry. The boys went to take a walk on the beach instead maybe play some soccer. Close to 2 pm we left the beach cause the party started at 6 pm. We arrived home still tired and took a quick nap. The boys went home too. When we woke up I was the first to take a shower everyone else followed after me. I wore my red dress. Yeah now you now I wear red because of my boyfriend Ethan. I actually didn’t have fave color. Did I already mentioned it? I love pink , red , black , purple and blue’ we all got ready in Ade her room. I saw her beautiful purple dress which she got from kaitlyn. Then I remembered

I didn’t give her my present yet and It would perfectly fit with the dress. I whispered to Jessica and Mandy ‘ the presents’ They both forgot as well. ‘ Ade , we be right back’ I said fast. We then left the room to get the presents. Mandy first gave her the makeup which she loved but she already put her make up on so she didn’t use it yet. Then Jessica showed her the shoes and she yelled and looked at Kaith ‘ I looked at those last month , I love it’ she hugged Jessica.  I shyly stepped forward and gave her my present . she looked at it like she was going to cry I never seen her like that ‘ baby sis , its perfect , thank you’ she said crying. She hugged me ‘I love you baby sis’ Ade never called e baby sis , let alone say I love you. It really meant a lot to me. She blushed ‘will you help me with my necklace ?’ she turned around and I wore the necklace for her.  She wore the earrings herself and looked in the mirror ‘well , this is the best present till now’ I looked in the mirror noticing that I didn’t put my eye liner on yet. I fastly put it on and smiled ‘done’. Ade looked and me and raised an eyebrow ‘Ames , just for ones , its my birthday , wear more make up?’. I sighed ‘fine’ she laughed ‘yaihh , thank you , kaith work on it’ so kaitlyn put on the other make up stuff. I never seen my sister so happy.  When we were finally done we went downstairs. Jason was sitting with Mom and Rob in the living room. While they admired  Ade he came to me ‘Ames , can I talk to you?’ I nodded ‘sure , what’s up?’ he blushed ‘ I want to propose’ I was shocked ‘really?’ he blushed again ‘yeah , but should I go for it?’ I nodded fast ‘yeah you should’ Ade ran to us and hugged her boyfriend. She spun around ‘ this is what I got from kaith. There are shoes and make up upstairs which I got from Mandy and Jessica and these beautiful jewels I got from my bay sis’ Jason smiled nervous and looked at me and then at Mandy Jessica and Mandy. I knew Jason so I knew what he ment. I  smiled at them ‘ladies , could you go outside for a minute , welcome the guests?’ they loved it and went outside. Mom and Rob got Ade a new car. Now it was Jason’s turn. ‘ Ade , my present is not that big’ *face palm* ‘wrong pick up line’ I thought to myself. Ade shook her head ‘its okay’ he got down on his knees and Ade wasn’t sure what to think. ‘ jay , what’s going on’ I smiled ‘Ames ?’ she asked. I smiled even brighter. ‘Adrianna , you are beautiful , you’re a nice even though you’re mean sometimes , which I like , but I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you , Adrianna , will you marry me’ she was still shocked and looked at me ‘what should I say?’ *face palm* ‘yes’ she said yes and hugged him. Suddenly guests started to come in. Ade ran outside to kaitlyn , Jessica and mandy ti show off her ring. Jason came to me ‘thanks , for sending out the girls , I mean I wanted to do this in front of family only’ the girls cam back inside ‘wow , you couldn’t even wait for us to see it’ Jason blushed ‘sorry , I just wanted to do it in front off family , I was actually the un to ask Amy to send you out , sorry’ kaitlyn laughed ‘its okay ‘ then she hugged Jason. Adrianna ran to me ‘ so what do you think of my ring?’ she yelled and I hugged her ‘ its awesome’ she raised an eyebrow ‘ well something tells me you already knew?’ Jason helped me out ‘yeah I told her cause I wanted to know if you were ready’ Adrianna hugged him ‘don’t worry babe , I don’t care , its awesome’ at 8 pm Ethan arrived. I kissed him ‘Adrianna got engaged’ he smiled ‘really? , that’s great , soon you will be too’ I blushed ‘ we will see’ he kissed my check ‘ where is big sis?’ I pointed at Adrianna talking to guest’ he walked over to her giving her a present which she put on the present table’ I saw Ethan hugging her and she smiled. I was happy for her. I feel someone tap me on my shoulder and It was Josh ‘ I rolled my eyes , Josh go away !’He laughed ‘why babe’ Ethan fastly came to me ‘ josh ! leave her alone’ Josh laughed ‘fine idiot’ I noticed he was drunk . Ethan put an arm around me ‘I won’t let him get to you’


After partying , eating , drinking and dancing for hours some guests  started leaving. Adrianna came to Ethan and I.  Since he arrived here we did nothing but  kissing. Adrianna rolled her eyes ‘uh eeuw guys , get a room ,but lets go clubbing before you do’ I looked at Ethan and he nodded. Adrianne walked away to invite the others. Ethan held my hand and smiled horny and flirty ‘so how about it?’ I shook my head ‘clubbing yes! , room? , forget it’ I pulled him away and he laughed ‘well I meant clubbing , you brought up the room thing’ Kaitlyn , Jessica , Adrianne and I went clubbing with our boyfriends’ Mandy had to leave and Gail , my sister’s other friend couldn’t  come either. Lately she had been ditching my sister. She came to her part at 9 and left at 10. What was that about?’ Ethan drove us to the club. We went to Kisses. As we arrived they played my fave song.  I love it. I started dancing and singing ‘ I got this feeling on a summer day when you wear gone , I crashed my car into a bridge I watched I let it burn , I threw your shit into the bag and pushed it down the stairs , I crashed  my  car into a bridge … I don’t care I love it I don’t care’ Ethan kissed me while we were dancing ‘shut up and kiss me’ I rolled my eyes ‘ you’re on a different road , I’m in the milky way. You want me down on earth but I am up in space. You’re so damn hard to please we got to kill this switch , you from the 70’s but I’m a 90’s bitch , I love it’ Ethan pulled me away to the balcony. He started kissing me my lips then my neck back to lips. I smiled ‘slow down babe ‘ I heard die young by kasha and I pulled him back to the dance floor. He whispered’ I’ll be right back’ he came back with two bottles tequila’ I smiled and drunk up. I had fun dancing after the 5th bottle of tequila I started to feel funny. He brought me back to the balcony and started kissing me again ;want to get out of here?’ I shook my head ‘no , it’s Ade’s birthday , we can’t leave’ I said. he kissed me with tongue ‘actually babe , its 2 am , it’s not her birthday anymore’ I still shook my head ‘no we can’t leave , they are here with us’ He looked mad. ‘fine , you stay here I’ll leave’ he walked away and I followed him. The others met us. ‘are we leaving? Ade asked’ He looked behind if he saw me and pulled me close to him ‘yeah lets go’ . I guess I was the only one drunk here. we drove home and I sang every song on the radio loud. Ade had to laugh she was tipsy. But I was drunk. Ethan turned of the radio and I kept singing I started singing ‘ on the floor by Jennifer Lopez.  He put Kaitlyn and Jessica home first. Then he drove to our house. When we arrived home I almost couldn’t walk but Ethan didn’t help me. instead Jason helped Ade and I. When I saw my bed I fell on it. exactly the way I was. And I slept deeply.

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