For the love of Amy Brooks

Amy Brooks thinks her life sucks she has nothing , her parrents and sister hate her.
When she meets Griffin and moves in with her dad. Then everything changes


2. chapter 2

I walked trough through the hallways with Mandy and Jessica. I tied my hair up and I never did that. I was always the same girl ‘Cheer lead uniform , hair down’ I was still irritated. Ethan walked to me when he saw me. He kissed me like nothing was wrong. I just kissed back and fake smiled. But he knew me and put an arm around me ‘babe , what’s wrong?’ I shook my head ‘nothing , just bad morning’. He sighed ‘ It’s about Layla huh?’ he held my face , babe , I’m sorry but you didn’t come’ I raised an eyebrow ‘that gives you the work to stick your tongue in her mouth ? , or did you leave your gum there?’ I walked to out table and sat down> he followed me ‘babe I’m sorry’. I looked at his face. He looked so perfect. I smiled ‘just don’t do it again ‘ He smiled and kissed me ‘ I won’t’


After school I went to Griffin’s. I met his mother and she was awesome. I loved her. He brought me to his room and sat down on the floor ‘I love your mom’ he turned around looking at me I sat on the floor with crossed feet ‘Do you always sit on the floor?’.  I nodded. He laughed ‘cool’ he decided to join me on the floor ‘mind if I join?’ I shook my head ‘no , its cool’ I plugged in my ear peace. And he smiled at me while doing the same. I winked at him and he blushed. I liked hanging out with him. He was a nice guy .

I decided to leave earlier to meet Ethan I couldn’t bare seeing him with someone else again. I couldn’t bare losing him. He picked me up and we drove to Josh his house. The moment he saw me and smiled. ‘hey babe’. Ethan looked at him with anger in his eyes ‘back off Josh!’ Josh laughed ‘dude , last night you didn’t think a second of her when you were having fun with Layla’. I looked at him and raised an eyebrow. He just pulled me away ‘what was that about?’ I asked him. He smiled with his million dolor smile ‘what about it’. I got lost in his eyes and smiled back before kissing him.  He played with my hair ‘you’re beautiful Amy Brooks , I love you’ I blushed ‘well thank you Ethan’. I loved him I really loved him. We left at 2 : 30 Am. It was late I know but my parents knew I was with Ethan so they didn’t care.  

I of course didn’t get much sleep. When I woke up I was still tired I took a shower and wore my cheer lead uniform. That was the thing about being a cheerleader. You always had to wear your cheer lead uniform. I wore my hair down as always. And put on some make up. I never wore much make. I only wore eye liner and on special occasions I put on some eye shadow as well Our first class today was English.  I sat down next to Nick cause we were allowed to sit on our usual places again. Griffin looked at me. He was sitting 3 seats away from me. I smiled back. Nick poked me. ‘Ethan won’t be happy about that’ I rolled my eyes ‘ dude its just smiling you know’ I pointed out Ethan who was leaning against Layla with his arm around her. I looked at Nick ‘ Nick is there something going on with them? Lay is your sister right’ Nick shook his head ‘honestly , I don’t know but I can find out’ I knew he thought that I wouldn’t see him cause he was sitting behind me. Nick looked at me ‘I’ll talk to her today’ I smiled ‘thanks , I don’t know Nick he always sits next to Josh but recently he has been her magnet’ Nick put an arm around me ‘ don’t worry it will be fine’ I sighed ‘sometimes I wonder if I even love him. Nick looked serious ‘well that is something you should really find out’ I nodded ‘ I will’


I went to cheer lead practice and it sucked. Layla was trying to change my moves as always. I won’t lie. She was one of my best cheerleaders but hello I am cheer lead captain. After practicing  for 30 minutes we went to math class. That was my fave class next except English class. Mrs. Goldings was also my fave teacher. She was young and fun not to mention beautiful. I was so happy that today was Friday. I loved weekends. I didn’t have plans tonight with neither Ethan nor Griffin. I decided to invite Jessica and Mandy over. I drove them home. My car was finally fixed again. I drove slowly cause I wasn’t in the mood to see my parents yet. I looked at my besties ‘want to come over tonight/ maybe sleep over?’ they both nodded. Jessica who sat beside me looked at me ‘btw what should I get your sister tomorrow. I raised up my sunglasses ‘why would you get my sister anything?’ then I remembered ‘omg! Its her freaking bday tomorrow’ I looked shocked at them ‘see what happens if you start planning your birthday 3 months before it actually happens? , I forget! , crap lets go the mall’ I turned my car and drove to the mall instead. Mandy laughed ‘that’s so unlike you , you always remember everyone’s birthday , you are like the birthday planner’ I smiled ‘yeah but you know , its just Ade’ now both girls started laughing. Mandy poked me from behind ‘but it’s a good thing we are going to the mall , now we can buy something too , but I didn’t forget her birthday’ Jessica laughed ‘ me neither’. We arrived at the mall and I found a perfect parking place as usual.  I thought for a while MY life was actually perfect. I had gorgeous light brown curly  hair with green eyes. I was cheer lead captain and I dated the head Jock. The only problem was I didn’t like it. I never wanted all this. We walked through the mall hand in hand and I decided to check the jewelry first. I looked trough all jewels. Ade loved Jewels. I saw a perfect neck lass with earnings. It was silver and Ade loved Silver just like me. that was one of the only things we had in common. I bought the set and I sighed I was happy I already found something. Ade would never forgive me if I forgot her birthday. Then again I don’t care. Next stop was a clothing store. I decided to buy something new to wear. I fastly found a cute red dress. I picked something that wouldn’t be prettier then the clothes Ade wears. She would be pissed if I looked better then her on her own birthday. I went to check how far. Jessica and Mandy were. Jessica bought a skinny jeans with a pink top for her. I liked it.  Jessica knew my sister better then me that’s why she was also closer with her then I was with my own sister. Mandy wanted to check to make up store and bought a make upset for her there. At last we were tired and hungry. We decided to go to the food court and eat something. Mandy and Jessica ordered a hamburger with fries and I ordered. Popcorn shrimp with fries. We all ordered Pepsi to drink. Then my phone rang it was Ethan. ‘ babe I’m looking at you’ I looked around if I saw Ethan. He laughed ‘right behind you’ I turned around and hung up. I stood up and hugged him. He took out a pair of shoes. ‘do you think Ade will like this’ Jessica turned around and looked at those shoes ‘she smiled ‘she will love them’


I drove Jessica and Mandy home to get their sleepover stuff and then I finally drove home. MY parents didn’t even mention anything about me coming home late. I sat down Jessica and Mandy sat down on each side of me ‘mom , These two are staying over’ she nodded ‘yeah I was going to ask you that already , Kaitlyn.  is also staying’ I smiled ‘ fun’ but I didn’t mean it cause I hated Kaitlyn I looked at the clock ‘ I will take a fats shower. I jumped up and took the stuff I bought. Mom and Rob didn’t even bother asking what those things were.

I took a fats shower and dressed into my mini mouse pj’s. I was too tired to go downstairs so I just stayed in my room 30 minutes later. Jessica and Mandy came too. they showered and joined me on my bed. 


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