For the love of Amy Brooks

Amy Brooks thinks her life sucks she has nothing , her parrents and sister hate her.
When she meets Griffin and moves in with her dad. Then everything changes


1. Chapter 1

So I always hated my life. I lived in a house with my mother Samantha Anoa  , my step  father Robert Anoa  and my big sister Adrianna Anoa . So why is my life hateful? Well everything in that little house of my puts Adrianna at first. I think…No I know they love me but they love Adrianna more. Why? Why? Well because she is perfect. And I? I am just me and probably because Robert was actually her real father and my well stepfather. Here is the long story short. My mom first dated Robert in high school that’s when she got Adrienne. She broke up with him cause he wouldn’t marry her. She met my dad Damian. She soon dumped him when she found out he was poor. She went back to Rob and yes now he proposed to her.


It was almost 7 when I went down to the kitchen ‘morning Robert , morning mom , morning Ade’. They just smiled at me and nodded. Then they turned their face at Adrianna again. She was showing off her new shoes. I sighed and took an apple out fridge. ‘ I’m leaving’. They barely heard me and then I left. I walked to my bestie Mandy her house. She hugged me.  Jessica my other bestie was already there. So we walked to school together. One more thing. I date this guy named Ethan.  He is the most popular guy here and I am the head cheerleader. I was never like this. I hated cheer leading But I felt like it was going to make my parents happy. I did love/like Ethan . But he annoyed me sometimes. When I saw him I just stared at him . My perfect boyfriend. I was day dreaming when I didn’t notice that he was right in front of me ‘Hello Ames ‘ He kissed me. I played with his gorgeous blond hair. ‘Hello Ethan’. He put an arm around me and we walked through the hallways. Even if I wasn’t the most popular girl in the school. Ethan and I were the It couple. They called us. Amthan. I honestly hated that name. We stopped at his friends. His Jock friends who I hated. This guy Josh always was trying to flirt with me . he put an arm around me  ‘hello Amy , babe , there is this party tonight , shall we go together’. Ashton didn’t like it. He never did. He threw Josh his arm away from me ‘Josh back the hell off , she’s mine , go get your own girl’.


Time flew  by pretty fast and before you knew. It was time to go home. Ethan brought me home and went inside with me since he loved my parents. ‘hello Sam , hello Rob’. (yeah was even allowed to cal them by their first names , even nick names). ‘hello Ethan’. My parents both said in unison’. My mom even hugged him. She thought he was the best thing that could happened to me and not the other way around. We ate spaghetti that day for dinner. Spaghetti was my favorite. Everyone at that table knew that but still she gave me so less and gave Ethan a lot more but Ethan didn’t like that. He loved spaghetti as much as I did but still he pretended that he didn’t . he passed his plate to me ‘Babe will you help me eat it all ? , Sam I love your food , I just don’t like spaghetti’. My mom nodded understanding ‘okay give me the plate here’. Ethan stared weird at her ‘let Ames eat it , she loves spaghetti and I want her to eat it’. My mom didn’t say anything. I knew she would rather throw all the spaghetti away instead of giving it to me.  After we ate and drunk Campaign. Ethan asked my parents if he could take me to a part tonight. My parents couldn’t say no. to Ethan so I was free to go.

He went home to get ready while I went upstairs to get ready. Adrianna still wasn’t home. She probably was at her friend Kaitlin. After my shower I looked in my wardrobe what I could were I picked my favorite skinny jeans with a red top. Mandy and Jessica always said that red was my color. I just put some eye-liner and eye-shadow on and while I waited for Ethan I decided to put some nail-polish. I heard Ethan his car park so I went downstairs. ‘ Mom Rob I’m going’. They knew I was with Ethan so they didn’t care about the time I was coming home.


Ethan and I didn’t say much to each other. on our way to the party. At the party he took my hand and we went inside.’ babe wait here I’m going to get us drinks’. That’s when Josh stopped by ‘ Hello Amy , I finally have you to myself’. I pushed away ‘stop it josh!’.  Ethan came with the drinks ‘Josh back off’. Josh laughed ‘whatever , you can have her Ethan’. Ethan smiled at me ‘here is your drink’. I loved his smile.


This part was pretty boring so he took me to home. I was sleepy so I went to bed fastly. It was noisy when I passed Ade her room so I figured she was already home and that she was probably in there with her boyfriend Jason or her girls. I was tired but still had to think of some things did I love Ethan?’ I mean he was sweet an all but was I in love with him. With these questions unanswered I went to bed.


In the middle of the night I got up to get a drink.  I saw My sister Ade sneaking out with some guy names Derek. I knew her boyfriend his name was Jason. But I didn’t care. I took a drink and went back to bed. I was early at school cause we needed to practice cheer leading for the basket ball game later. I as the cheerleader captain needed to be at school at 6 cause. I needed to organize everything. Jessica and Mandy came to help me. at 6:30 we finally started rehearsing. One of my cheerleader Layla hated my moves But I ignored her.


I went to English class. As usual I sat next to another friend Nick cause Jessica and Mandy were the real best friends. Mr. Tanner on the other hand told us to switch places for an assignment. The assignment was to get to know your partner. Jessica was paired up with Ethan and Mandy was paired up with Nick. I was paired up with this guy named Griffin. He was the school’s nerd. He didn’t were glasses but he was a nerd. ‘Griffin right?’. I asked when I sat next to him. He blushed and nodded ‘yes you are Amy right?’. I nodded ‘nice to meet you’.


After class. Griffin walked me to my next class. ‘so when do you want to start?’. I put up my shoulders ‘I don’t know you?’. He looked confused at me. I turned to him before going to my next class ‘How about after school? My house?’. He nodded ‘okay cool’.

In the school break I sat with my girls Mandy poked me ‘so good luck with your new partner’ Jessica laughed. ‘you will have fun’. I raised an eyebrow ‘yeah so Jalousie’ Mandy put an arm around me ‘sorry sweetie you can ask Mr. Tanner for another partner’ I shook my head ‘why? , Griffin is a person you know , oh and after school he will come with me home start our project’ I walked away and I could see them be shocked behind my back.

It was time for the game and we won. Ethan came kissing me after the match ‘babe , will you o with me we will celebrate our winning at Josh his home’. I was disappointed ‘sorry babe , I can’t I start my project today with Griffin’. Ethan laughed ‘ you’re actually taking this seriously?’. I nodded ‘sure why not?’. Ethan shook his head ‘never mind see ya later babe’ I gave him one last peck before leaving. Griffin was waiting for me on the bleachers. ‘ready ?’. I asked him. He nodded.

I drove to my house. Before he walked in I looked at him ‘Griffin , my parents are a bit annoying so just ignore them Ethan does too sometimes’ I opened the door ‘even though they love him’  My parents sat in the living room ‘Mom , Rob this is Griffin , we are working on an English project together’. My mom fake smiled ‘hello Griffin , call me Sam.’. I looked weirdly at her. I hated when she fake nice’. I took Griffin his hand ‘let’s go’. I brought him to my room. ‘so what do you want to know about me?’ We just talked for a while cause we didn’t know what to ask each other’.  suddenly Layla uploaded a picture of her and Ethan at the party. I rolled my eyes and showed Griffin‘this is what my boyfriend does when he doesn’t gets what he wants , I  hate it so freaking much’ Griffin smiled at me ‘ Then tell him”. I looked at him ‘what?” ‘You should tell him how you feel” he repeated. I sighed ‘no , I love him to much , I don’t want to loose him’ Then he lift up his shoulder ‘Okay then’ he looked at the clock ‘I think I have to go now , it’s getting late’ I walked him out and before he left he said ‘ You should be honest with the people you love if they love you back they will understand’ I sighed and smiled ‘bye Griffin. I closed the door and mom looked at me ‘that is?’ I was irritated so I snapped at her ‘ Didn’t he just tell you’ she nodded and snapped back ‘Yes but why are you working with him instead of Ethan , Mandy or Jessica?’ I walked away saying ‘well Mr. tanner wanted me too’

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