A letter to my sister

A letter.


1. A Letter to my sister Faith.

Dearest Faith.

At the beginning of this letter, I would like to wish you a happy journey to wherever you go, and I hope that your trip is both going to be entertaining and exciting. I wish I could be there with you, so I would be able to see your smiles, because I miss them a lot. You are a wonderful girl, Faith. You have brought great happiness to my life and to the lives of everyone else you have touched. You have so many beautiful qualities; so many that I don’t dare count. I know you’ve been through some tough experiences in your life, and that they’ve had a fading influence on your smiles, but I hope they’ll appear when you are truly happy, which I hope you’ll be one day. I write to you this letter, because I want you to know that if you ever feel like your life is strangling you, you have the opportunity to escape somewhere different yet homely, ‘cause you will always be welcome in my house in Cimmeria.  Don’t worry about the rumors of cimmerians, they are not that bad. What I try to say is that you’ll always have a family who cares for you, no matter how horrible your life could turn out to be, and if you change we’ll care of you. I care for you, sister. If there’s anything in the world I would want for you, it’s your happiness. If there is the slightest opportunity that I could help you find it, or at any way help you at all, I will do it without a doubt. You’re loved and it’ll always be so. We might fight or argue, you and mother might fight and argue, but the funny thing about families is that they forgive each other. I can’t stay mad at you, and mom can’t stop loving you. I wish I could see the look on your face right now, are you smiling? I hope you are. If that is not the case I am afraid I’ve failed my mission. But if there is the slightest smile on your lips, I hope it’ll stay there for some time, because it deserves to be shown to the world. You deserve to smile, it suits you so well.

Best wishes your embarrassing emotional big brother.

P.S I miss you.

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