Carry On Home

Kristen is an average 16 year old girl. That is, except the fact that her parents get divorced and everything went downhill from there, or so she thought. Her mom now lives in London,UK while her dad lives in Pennsylvania, USA. She goes back and forth every six months, changing schools and leaving her friends behind. Her life was turned upside down. What will happen when she goes to stay with her mom and runs into some people she never thought she would meet?


20. Ski Trip!

Chapter 20

Liam's POV

A huge mistake, that's what it is. I can't believe I was so stupid. She can barely even look at me. When I saw what the fans did to her, I thought the only way to protect her was to let her go. Obviously the worst mistake of my life. After she ran into me earlier, I wanted so badly to apologize and ask to start again but there's no way she would forgive me after what I did. I was in the kitchen as she seemed to be having the time or her life int he other room with Louis and Cailey. They had 'I Wish' by Cher Lloyd blasting. I peeked around the corner to see her singing into the Telly remote. I had to hold back a laugh watching her ridiculously dancing. Harry walked into the room and Kristen walked up to him and sang to him.

"Come come kiss me boy!

I wish I had Styles and I wish I had flash

Wish I woke up with a butt and a rack

Cause if I want you I gotta have that

Come come kiss me boy!"

I couldn't help laughing as she made it sound like she wanted Harry by changing the words. Louis must have heard me because he turned and glared at me. I have no idea what his problem was lately. He finally and turned and ran up behind Kristen, grabbing her by the waist and lifting her over his shoulder. She screamed and started laughing as she tried to get down. I couldn't take it anymore and turned away, walking back to my room. She didn't seem to be upset at all but I've seen her try and fake her happiness before. There was only one way I could know she at least was a little upset and that she does care. I pulled up YouTube and typed in her name. I knew by now she posted something when she was upset. I smiled a little when I saw she had posted a new cover earlier. The smile was quickly replaced by a frown as I saw what song she had chosen. She had actually posted four songs, all by Little Mix. Among them were 'Little Me', 'Towers', and 'Good Enough'. There was one song that got to me the most though. It was 'These Four Walls.' As I listened, tears flowed down my cheeks and there was no way I could stop them:

"I feel so numb

Staring at the shower wall

It's begun,

The feeling that the end has come

And now the water's cold

I tried to eat today

But the lump in my throat got in the way

In this time I've lost all sense of pride

I've called a hundred times

If I hear your voice I'll be fine

And I, I can't come alive

I want the room to take me under

'Cause I can't help but wonder

What if I had one more night for goodbye?

If you're not here to turn the lights off, I can't sleep

These four walls and me

I lay in bed

Can't seem to leave your side

Your pillow's wet

From all these tears I've cried

I won't say goodbye

I tried to smile today

Then I realized there's no point anyway

In this time I've lost all sense of pride

I've called a thousand times

If I hear your voice I'll be fine

And I, I can't come alive

I want the room to take me under

'Cause I can't help but wonder

What if I had one more night for goodbye?

If you're not here to turn the lights off I can't sleep

These four walls and me

Oh oh oh

And I, I can't come alive

I want the room to take me under

'Cause I can't help but wonder

What if I had one more night for goodbye?

If you're not here to turn the lights off I can't sleep

These four walls and me"

I could see the tears streaming down her face as she sang, showing how much meaning the song had. There's no way I could leave her feeling that way, even if she showed something else on the outside. I feel like I have to clear it up between us. I slowly walked to her room after realizing they were no longer in the living room. Hesitating, I knocked on her door. I heard a muffled "come in" and slowly opened the door. Kristen was sitting on her bed with her eyes wide as she noticed me.

"Wh-what are you doing here?" She asks, nervously. I look into her beautiful brown eyes. The ones I fell in love with the moment I met her.

"Kristen, I can't do this," I say and she looks at me confusedly.

"Do what, Liam?" She asks, completely unaware of what I meant.

"I can't be without you. I don't care what people say when were together because it doesn't matter. All I know is I want to be with you and only you. It was a huge mistake to let you go and I don't blame you if you don't want to take me back. But please consider it?" I say, almost in one breath.

"Liam, as much as I am mad at you for doing that, I don't think I could say no. True, I don't believe it was the best choice, but I know I feel so much happier with you. I forgive you Liam. This time," she says, the last part barely audible.

"I promise I will never do that again. It was so stupid and foolish of me. We will make it through this together. I-I love you, Kristen," I say and instantly feel nervous. What if she doesn't like me back? Was it too soon?

"I love you too Liam," she says and my heart melts at her sweet smile. I lean in and we share a passionate kiss. It gets deeper until we have to pull apart for air. I put my forehead to hers and look into her eyes. The eyes I could get used to waking up to every morning.

"Shall we?" I say, holding out my hand to her. "We still have to go skiing today!"

Kristen's POV

We go our separate ways to get changed for skiing and everyone meets downstairs. The boys hired a van and driver so that we wouldn't have to worry about separate cars. I settle down next to Liam and lean my head on his shoulder. I know that it may seem silly for forgiving himself so quickly, but I didn't want to let him slip away again. Louis raises his eyebrows at me and I just smile at him. I have some explaining to do later. I drift off to sleep with Liam's arms around me.

I wake up when the car stops and we all pile out and into the lodge. We pay for the skis and make our way to the lift right outside. It definitely was not warm. Everyone decides to meet up at the lodge in a few hours and I set off with Liam. We get onto the ski lift and look at the view below us. I take out my phone, probably not the best idea, and snap a quick picture of us and decide to post it to twitter when we get back as there is no signal here. We get to the top of the slope and attempt to get off the lift. Liam makes it successfully, while I get my one ski caught and go tumbling to the ground, nearly knocking Liam over.

"You ok there love?" He asks, offering me a hand. I take it and he tries to pull me up but falls instead. We were both on the ground, gasping for air from laughter. We eventually calm down and get up. We make it to the hill and start out descent down. I was finally getting the hang of skiing. Well, that was until we picked up speed. I could feel the skis starting to spread below me. I can tell you, I am not flexible at all so splits are not my thing. To make matters worse, I hot possibly the only stone on the ground, which sent me flying down into the snow. My momentum kept me going and I rolled down the hill. When I finally get to the bottom, I just lay there, cracking up. Liam comes up beside me and fakes a disappointed look.

"Wow, I really got down that hill fast, didn't I?" I exclaim. See, I was once told to the look at the positives of everything so there's how it was good. I could hear the deep rumble of Liam's laugh.

"You sure did. Let's go catch a lift, this should be interesting," he says, taking my hand and leading me to the lift. "You can go first."

"Oh great. Leave the klutz to go first," I say and attempt to get on. It is the kind if lift where you have to hold on to the handle as you get pulled along. I quickly lose my balance and fall, going back to get on another. Liam is just smirking at me as I attempt to get on once again. Nearly twenty tries and a lot of impatient people later, I finally get up the lift alive and in one piece. We look at the time and decide to start heading back to the lodge. We were both worn out and cold. I'd love to do that again some time.

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