Carry On Home

Kristen is an average 16 year old girl. That is, except the fact that her parents get divorced and everything went downhill from there, or so she thought. Her mom now lives in London,UK while her dad lives in Pennsylvania, USA. She goes back and forth every six months, changing schools and leaving her friends behind. Her life was turned upside down. What will happen when she goes to stay with her mom and runs into some people she never thought she would meet?


9. Photo Shoot

Liam's POV

I woke up to Kristen with her head against my chest. She looked so peaceful and I wish it could stay like this forever but it was Wednesday and I knew she had her first modeling photo shoot today. I was so proud of her. For most people, it probably doesn't mean anything, but I know it made her feel better about herself that they chose her. Kristen is drop dead gorgeous and I'm not just saying it because she's my girlfriend. All of my friends have told me and each of the boys have said it before. I don't know how she thinks she's ugly because she's the opposite. I'm stuck in my own little daydream when I get a text from Simon, saying to meet at Coco's Modeling for a photo shoot for the new magazines at noon. Wait, that's where Kristen and the girls are going! Maybe we'll see each other there. It's 10 o'clock so I reluctantly decide to wake Kristen up.

"Is time to get up, beautiful," I whisper in her ear and shake her shoulder a little. Her eyes slowly flutter open and I see her hazel eyes look into my chocolate brown. A smile lights up her face and she sits up, stretching. "How'd you sleep, love?" I ask her.

"Great. You're a really comfortable pillow," she says, laughing.

"Am I being used as your personal pillow? Is a why you're dating me? I'm so offended," I say, pretending to be upset.

"How did you know? This isn't good," she says and we both crack up, earning two pillows thrown at us from Louis and Erin. Wow, they're nice.

"We have to get up and ready for your photo shoot today. I just got a text from Uncle Si, telling us to meet at the same place at noon. Maybe we'll see each other there or be in the same room. I can't wait to see what they decide on as a look for you," I say smiling at her. She smiles back and we get up to get breakfast. We both decide on pancakes and I get out the ingredients since Kristen doesn't know where they are. When I pull out the flour Kristen opens it and puts her finger in it. She takes the flour on her fingers and makes a two lines on my face, like people do for a sports game. I laugh and then do the same to her. She looks adorable with the flour on her face and determination takes over her as she makes the pancakes.

By the time we're done, everyone is up and eating as well. They take one look at us and laugh at the flour. Now that I think of it, we probably do look weird.

"I'm not even going to asks why you guys have flour on your face," Zayn says, laughing at us. Kristen just glares at him.

"Do you have a problem with this, Zayn. I'll fix that right up then," she walks away and we continue to eat. She comes back a minute later and sneaks up behind Zayn. She suddenly smears flour on his face and we all laugh.

"Oh, your going to get it Blank," he says, standing up and chasing her around the room. I know this wont end well with Kristen's clumsiness.

"You'll never catch me Malik!" She yells, running around the couch, then attempting to run up the steps that lead into the kitchen and misses the last stair, tripping. She lands on the stairs and Zayn helps her up, then picks her up and runs her to the couch, tickling her.

"Someone help!" She yells in between laughs. I stand up to help her, but Louis is already running over to the couch and tackling Zayn. I felt a hint of jealousy since shes my girlfriend, not his. I know they're good friends, but I feel like Louis might actually like her. Maybe I'll talk to Harry and see if he can get Louis to say anything. Maybe it's nothing though. I push it out of my mind as I run over to Kristen and pick her up bridal style, kissing her nose playfully. She giggles and wraps her arms around my neck.

"Time to get ready love. We only have an hour and it'll take about 30 minutes to get there. I usually just throw on shorts and a t-shirt. Don't worry about anything else. The stylists have it all ready," I say, carrying her up to my bedroom where all her stuff is she pulls out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, then throws her hair into a messy bun. Liam, stop staring. Damn it, why is she so cute. I'm jerked out of my thoughts by Kristen's voice.

"Are you ready to go, Liam?" She asks and I nod. I take her hand and we walk downstairs to find he rest of the group waiting for us. We all head out to the car and with our luck, only have 7 seats, so one of us has to double up. Every runs in and claims a seat, leaving me and Kristen to double up, which I don't really mind. She sits on my lap and I buckle us both up, putting my hands around her waist after. She leans back into my shoulder and I kiss her cheek.

"My eyes! No more PDA!" Louis screams, covering his eyes and making Kristen jump up, scared.

"Holy crap Louis!! You scared the hell out of me!" She yells, holding her heart and then laughing.

"Oh I'm sorry for interrupting you, Miss Kristen. How am I to every repay you?" He asks, exaggerating his words. She runs her chin, pretending to think and then smirks.

"You are to treat me to a Cookie Crumble Frappachino from Starbucks after the shoot," she says, with a satisfied smile. Girls and their Starbucks.

"Deal!" He yells, holding his hand to shake on it, which she takes.

We pull up to Coco's Modeling studio and pile out. I grab Kristen's hand and lead her inside, where everything is hectic.

"One Direction are here! And so are your new models Skylar!" Someone yells into one of the rooms. Two women walk out of the room, one coming up to me and the boys and the other to the girls. We get herded away, but not before I give Kristen a peck on the lips.

Kristen's POV

I watch as the boys get hurried away into a huge room then direct my attention back to the girl of me. She looks around the same age as me and the girls, with long wavy blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. She's a little shorter than me and thin, looking like a model.

"Hi, I'm Skylar!" She says, shaking our hands and I'm surprised to hear an American accent. We all introduce ourselves and start talking. She seems friendly and has a good taste in clothes. She was wearing a blue floral crop top and high waisted denim shorts.

"Are you from America?" I ask her.

"Yeah, I moved here a couple years ago when my dad got a new job. I've always been into designing and things like that so I was able to get a job here in London," she says.

"How old are you? Just curious," Cailey asks.

"I'm 17. Pretty young, especially since we're around the same age and I'll be your stylist. You girls are 16 right?" She asks. We all nod our heads. "Ok, well, we should probably start getting ready. I have two other stylists to help. You'll love them," she says leading us into a room filled with clothes, makeup, and hair supplies. It's every girl's dream.

We're all led to our own little dressing rooms and Skylar comes in mine. She puts on some makeup while we talk about random things.

"So I saw you and the girls walked in with One Direction. Anything going on with that or a specific one of the boys?" She asks wiggling her eyebrows at me. I feel so comfortable with her even though we just met.

"Yeah, actually. We're not really telling anyone about it yet though," I say and she squeals.

"Omg! Tell me everything! I promise I won't tell anyone, but I love hearing this kind of thing," she says.

That's when I tell her everything from meeting Liam at the airport to our first date and me crying to him asking me to be his girlfriend and everything else. She listens without talking and smiles, while doing my hair and makeup.

"That is adorable! You and Liam are so perfect together! You're so lucky you get to hang out so them!" She exclaims and I just laugh, remembering that this is how I used to be.

"They're actually jut normal teenage boys. Well I guess not really normal. They're very weird, but they're sweet too. Maybe I can take you the next time we hang out together, which is basically every day," I say and she squeals again.

"Really? Oh my god! Thank you Kristen! Is Niall um.... What is Niall like?" She asks, changing her mind on saying something else.

"He's really sweet and hilarious. Let me tell you that boy can eat! Oh, and he's single," I say, wiggling my eyebrows at her, catching on that she may like him.

"Really? Maybe....nope. Never mind. I'm probably not his type," she says with a sad smile.

"Don't say that. He'd be lucky to have you. How bout after the shoot I introduce you to him and the boys. They'll love you! And don't worry about you not being 'his type'. I thought the same thing about Liam and look how that turned out," I say and she nod her head.

"Ok, you're all ready! Lets go get you changed into the first outfit you'll wear in the shoot. You look gorgeous!" She says, leading me to another room with all the clothes and one section labeled with my name. This is so cool! I get my own closet of clothes for a photo shoot and get to keep them after. This place has so much money that they buy different outfits for every shoot. Hopefully it's my taste.

(This paragraph is describing the outfits if you don't want to read it you don't have to)

The first outfit was a black and white striped tank top with black skinny jeans and combat boots. To top it off, I was given a black derby hat. The outfit was adorable. Skylar shouted poses while the camera men took pictures. This is really fun! The second outfit I changed into was a black Vans shirt with a red plaid shirt over it and blue skinny jeans. I posed into it and then quickly changed into the third outfit which was a pink designed shirt made out of chiffon and yellow shorts, with black heels and sunglasses. It was kind of beachy. The fourth outfit was a white floral shirt that stopped at my wrist and a black high waisted skirt. The fifth was a pink mid thigh length coat and floral leggings with black heels. It reminded me of winter. Next, Skylar handed me a gray Vans dress, although it looked like a long t-shirt. Maybe, it would be used as a night gown and she put a scarf over it. There were a few others but my personal favorite was a blue dress that had white polka dots at the top. Yay, I'm glad I get to keep all these outfits.

The girls also looked amazing and I won't go into detail about their outfits, but lets just say I'm definitely going to be borrowing some. We met up with the boys after the shoot to get a ride home.

"Boys, this is Skylar, our stylist. She's originally from America, just like Erin and I," I say introducing her and she smiles.

"Hey, it's nice to meet you all," she says and all the boys give her a hug. Shaking hands is just so out of style right now. Niall hugs her last and whispers something in her ear that I don't hear, but she laughs. They pull away and she walks back over to me and the girls. Niall keeps looking at her and I'm so happy because I know she likes him.

"I was thinking we could invite her with us next time we hang out. Is that ok with you guys?" I ask and everyone nods their head, smiling. We exchange numbers with her and tell her that we'll text her. I pull her to the side while everyone starts walking outside to he car. Liam hesitates by the door, but I signal it's ok for him to go and he nods, understandingly.

"I'll talk to Niall today. I saw the way he kept looking at you and I'll see if I can get anything out of him, ok?" I say and she nods, thanking me. I give her a hug and say bye before walking out to the car and once again, sit on Liam's lap. They boys pull up to my house and I tell them they can grab something to eat so I can have time to talk to Niall. They go inside but I pull Niall to the side.

"Hey Kristen, whats up?" He asks.

"We'll I wanted to talk to you about something, well more like someone. What do you think of Skylar? I saw the way you looked at her," I say, so I don't have to explain later. He looks embarrassed for a second, but then sighs.

"I really like her. When I first saw her, she took my breath away. She's so sweet and so pretty. I want to ask her on a date, but I don't think she likes me," he says, and sighs again.

"Don't worry Niall. she does like you. I just had the same conversation with Skylar and she wants you to, believe me," I say and he smiles.

"Really? Thanks Kristen!" he says, hugging me then jumping up and down.

"No problem at all Niall, but you might want to calm down first. Don't want to act silly when you ask her, do you?"I say, laughing. He blushes in embarrassment and then we walk inside before the boys trash the house.

After we all finished eating, the boys get ready to go and Liam comes over to me, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulls me close. I lean back into him and he kisses my forehead. This felt amazing and so relaxing.

"How was your day, babe?" He asks, looking down at me.

"It was really fun actually. Skylar is really nice and I get to keep the outfits! This means a whole new wardrobe for me," I say laughing and I feel his chest rumble from laughing. I lean my head up to try to kiss him, but get his chin instead. Wow, smooth Kristen. He laughs, then leans down and kisses me. We hear people clearing their throats and we break the kiss, embarrassed.

"Liam, lets go!" Louis yells, dragging him away and Liam smiles apologetically at me. I just laugh. Today was actually really fun. Out next photo shoot is in a few weeks and I can't wait. I realize it's dinner time and walk in the kitchen. My mom is making spaghetti and I walk up to her.

"Hey honey, how've you been? I feel like we haven't talked in a while," she says.

"Sorry Mom, I feel really bad for never being around. I've been busy and then hanging out with the boys," I say, but guilt pricks at my stomach.

"It's ok. I totally understand. I'd rather you be out having fun and happy than stuck here and bored," she says, which helps a little. We both laugh and I offer to help. When we finish, everyone comes in to eat and for once, we eat as a family, or as close to family as it's going to get. After dinner, we hang out for a little, then go to bed. My life is finally turning around.

>>>>>>>>>>Authors Note<<<<<<<<<<

Hope you liked this chapter. Thanks to anyone who's been reading it! I added Skylar into the story and I hope you like her. She might not be as big so it doesn't get confusing, but she'll be in it. I'm welcome to any advice or anything. Hope you all enjoy it so far and vote, comment, fan. Thanks. Pics on the side of the photo shoot


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