Carry On Home

Kristen is an average 16 year old girl. That is, except the fact that her parents get divorced and everything went downhill from there, or so she thought. Her mom now lives in London,UK while her dad lives in Pennsylvania, USA. She goes back and forth every six months, changing schools and leaving her friends behind. Her life was turned upside down. What will happen when she goes to stay with her mom and runs into some people she never thought she would meet?


7. Mini Golf

Kristen's POV

I woke up to my alarm at 7 o'clock in the morning. I got up and changed into my riding jodhpurs and boots, getting ready for riding. When I got downstairs, Erin was already sitting at the table with eggs and bacon, already dressed and ready. Cailey was sitting there with her box of Oreos. Is not even worth trying to get her to eat more healthy. It's like she's addicted to them. That, and Mentos. I reach for one and she smacks my hand away, giving me 'the look', telling me to back away from the Oreos or else. She is so protective over them. I roll my eyes and sit down next to Erin, who made me her famous scrambled eggs and bacon.

"Cailey and I were just talking about how after riding, we want to have a girls day, no boys allowed. We can go to the mall, dinner, and get ice cream after! Sound good to you?" She asks, raising her eyebrow, knowing I would never pass by the offer to go to the mall.

"Yes, of course!" I squeal like a little girl.

When we finished eating, Erin and I left to go the barn. The barn is one of my favorite places in the world. After the divorce, my parents tried to help me by buying me my own horse and I named hr Callie. I had been riding her for a few years before that and had fallen in love with her. Erin also rode with me, but doesn't own a horse. When my mom moved to London, she had Callie transported here since my dad didn't want to pay for her anymore. I go to the barn whenever I can to ride her. She surprisingly got along with the horses and the barn, but her best friend was a horse named Clover. Erin is leasing her out while we are here, so she finally gets to meet her.

We walk into the barn and I see a chestnut head sticking out of the stall. I stroke the white star on my beautiful Thoroughbred's forehead and tack her up. When both of us are tacked up, we head out to the ring to jump. Callie can jump 5 foot fences, but I tend to stay at 4 foot. I set up the jumps and Erin and I take turns going through them. After jumping, we take the horses out to the woods so we can ride the trails and cool them down.

"It's so calm out here. I wish I could ride here forever," Erin says, looking around and sighing.

"I know. It's amazing here. Whenever I feel sad or upset I always come here. Remind me that we have to bring our bathing suits next time. I want to take the horses in the water. They love it," I say leaning back a little to look up at the clear blue sky. The breeze felt amazing and it was so calming.

We got back to the barn and put the horses back. My instructor came up to us and asked if we would want to show in two weeks. Of course we agreed, then went home to shower and get ready for the mall. I was so excited and needed new clothes desperately. I straightened my hair and put on makeup. When we were all ready, we got in the car and Cailey drove. Oh, maybe I forgot to mention that Cailey lives with us. Kind of weird, but it's a long story to explain. My phone vibrates and I look to see its Liam, so I answer it.


L: Hey love, do you want to go mini golfing with me today?

K: sorry Liam, I promised the girls I would have a girls day today

L: oh that's ok, how about tomorrow?

K: sure is 1 o'clock ok?

L: that's perfect, I'll pick you up then oh and before I forget, the boys wanted to know if you and the girls would want to go to dinner tomorrow night?

K: we'd love to. I'll see you then

L: ok bye love, have fun today

>>>>>end of conversation<<<<<

"You girls ok with going to dinner with boys tomorrow night?" I asked.

"Of course!" They both squealed. When will they ever get used to this. I have to talk to Liam about getting the two soon to be couples together.

"Oh my god!! Ahhhhhh!" Erin screamed, looking at her phone and jumping up and down. She held the phone out to me and I read what it said:


From: @cocomodelingagency

To: @erinosh16 @kristenblank16

Congratulations to Erin O'Shaughnessy and Kristen Blank for being accepted into CoCo's Modeling Agency! We are honored to have you two join our family. Out first meeting will be held this Wednesday at noon. Come dressed comfortable and no makeup, as we will be dressing you up and doing your makeup. Can't wait to see you girls there!


Veronica xoxo

>>>>>>>>>End of Email<<<<<<<<<

My jaw dropped. I knew Erin would get in, but me? I was happy but surprised. It actually made my life feel worth it for once. I started jumping around too.

"OMG, congratulations! I can t believe you two got in! Yay! This will be so fun! I knew you guys would and now I won't be alone!" Cailey yells, hugging us and earning weird looks from people around us. "Mind your own business peasants!" She yells and I laugh at her. She is definitely not shy at all.

We continue to walk and shop until I tell the girls I'm going to stop in the bathroom real quick. They continue to walk and I go down the hallway to the bathroom. I feel two arms slide around my waist and cover my mouth. At first I think it might be one of the girls trying to scare me, but I turn around and see the face I never wanted to see again....Derek.

"Miss me babe?" He says, smirking, before pulling me to a janitors closet and covering my mouth. He stops and crashes his lips onto mine. If you guys don't know who this is. He's my ex abusive boyfriend. I try to push away but he holds me against the wall. I'm finally able to break away from his lips and call for help. "You're so helpless. Do you really think anyone can hear you? No one cares bout you bitch. Now no one can stop me and your going to regret ever running from me. Time for your punishment, baby. Don't make a sound or else you get it."

I felt his cold hands run up my thigh and I start to cry and beg for him to stop. He slaps my face and hits my head against the wall. I start to see black spots in my vision, but stay conscious. He reaches his hand up my skirt that I regret wearing now and starts to pull down my underwear. I try to scream but my voice is pretty much gone from screaming and crying. I can feel his hands all over me and I try one last time to get all my strength and scream.

"I told you not to scream. Now your going to get it," he says, before slamming my head against the wall harder. The last thing I see is someone pull Derek off of me, then everything goes dark....

Liam's POV

The boys and I decided to go to the mall and I went to the men's room for a minute. When I opened the door, I thought I heard muffled sounds, almost like crying, but I didn't see anything so I kept walking. I almost made it to the end of the hall when I heard a scream from one of the doors. I ran back down and heard someone talking in a room with a closed door then heard a bang and another scream. I flung the door open to see a man laying on an unconscious girl. I pulled him off and punched him in the face before looking down at the girl. My breath hitched in my throat when I saw who it was. Kristen....

"No no no no no. Kristen wake up! Please!" I yell, shaking her. She didn't respond so I picked her up and ran as fast as I could to find the boys and take her to the hospital.

The girls met us at he hospital crying. The doctor told us she would be awake soon, but I was still scared. Louis had gone back to take care of the man who hurt Kristen and I lay down with Kristen holding her hand. Wait till I get my hands on him. He's dead for hurting my beautiful girlfriend. She's already had it bad enough. Suddenly I hear a whimpering sound and look over to see that Kristen woke up and looks scared.

"Shh... It's ok. No one is going to hurt you anymore," I cood, placing her on my lap and rocking her back and forth to comfort her. She buries her face in my neck and I can feel her relaxing a little bit. We got the doctor to come in and he released her, so I carried her to the car. She lays her head on my shoulder and I wrap my arms around her. She's sitting on my lap since we don't have enough seats for everyone. When we get to her house, she wakes up and I kiss her goodnight. The girls lead her inside, telling me they have it from here.

>>>>>>>>next day<<<<<<<<

Kristen's POV

I'm doing a lot better today and the head ache went away finally. Liam takes me to mini golf to get my mind off of things and it definitely helps. We're at the second hole and I was jumping up and down because I finally got the ball in the hole. Bad move. The found is slippery and the next thing I know I'm sitting on my butt, laughing hysterically. I am so clumsy.

"Are you ok, love? That looked like a hard fall," Liam asked, holding back a laugh himself.

"Perfectly fine and I didn't fall. The floor looked lonely so I wanted to give it a hug and it looked really comfortable," I said, laughing.

"Whatever you say," he says smirking then pulls me to my feet. Before I can grab my golf club again, he pulls me against him and kisses me sweetly. "All better?" He asks. All I can do is nod in response. His cologne smells so good. "Alright, good. Now lets play," he says, laughing still.

I get in the position to hit the golf ball and instead of hitting the ball I somehow manage to throw the club across the course. Don't ask me how to do it. I'm fucking talented, ok? In a matter of seconds, Liam and I are on the ground in hysterics. We let the people behind us go since we weren't going to be done any time soon.

"Tell me why I agreed to play mini golf with you again? This is putting your life in danger. I now demand that you stand at least 10 feet away from me when I swing or else, you are at risk," I say, trying to look dead serious. It worked for about a minute before I broke down laughing.

" I'm going to take that into consideration actually. You do seem pretty dangerous with that club," he says, laughing too, before motioning for me to try again.

This time I hit the ball and got a hole in one! I screamed and may have accidentally let go of the club again, so it went flying, missing a woman by inches. She just glared at me, while I apologized and then started cracking up. Liam gave me a fake disappointed look before hitting his golf ball perfectly.

"Show off," I whispered, but I guess Liam heard because he came over smirking. A second later I was being thrown over his shoulder as he tickled my sides and walks to the next course.

"What did you call me missy? You better take it back or else," he says, still tickling me.

"Fine, L-Liam I'm sorry I d-didn't mean it. Now p-put me d-down," I said between laughs.

"Not until you say 'Liam is the best boyfriend ever and is so sexy. I want to kiss him so bad'", Liam responds, still holding me.

"Ugh fine, Liam is the best boyfriend ever and is so sexy. I want to kiss him so bad," I say, then he puts me down and kisses me.

"There you go. You got what you wanted," he said, winking at me before turning and putting his attention on mini golf. I loved the way he bit his lip when he concentrated really hard on something.

We finished the game and surprisingly, Liam won. Note the sarcasm. We had a few more mishaps with me and the club or ball, but everyone survived, except my golf club. On the last course, I may have hit it too hard and broken the top off. Oops. Liam drops me off and the girls and I get ready for dinner with the boys.

I'm wearing a blueish teal high low skirt with a black crop top and black sandals. My hair is in beachy waves and I put dark eyeliner on with a little bit of a smokey eye. I put on some mascara and curled my long lashes its blush that makes my cheeks look rosy. My lip gloss is a light pink that almost blends in with my lip colors and makes then shine. I have to admit. I love the outfit and its not too dressy either.

Cailey is wearing a long blue, white, and black designed top with black leggings and sandals that match perfectly with the top. Her hair is straightened and shes also wearing dark eyeliner and mascara. She has light blue eyeshadow on and blush that make her cheeks stand out. She went for nude lip gloss and looks perfect.

Erin is wearing a baby blue denim dress with white polka dots on them and a brown belt. She is also wearing white toms and has her hair curled loosely. Her eyeshadow is silvery and puts one little bit of eyeliner and blush, then mascara to lengthen her lashes. She looks stunning.

I can't wait to see the boys again. We've all gotten along really well and I've found the boy of my dreams. I no longer see them as One Direction, I see them as five teenage boys. Although I must admit, I have my fan girl or ah hah moments sometimes when I realize it's not a dream but quickly get over it. Liam is so sweet to me, as well as the others and they're all so funny. I think Cailey and Zayn will get together soon enough as well as Erin and Harry. It's perfect.

Girls outfits:

>>>>>>Authors Note<<<<<<<

I made this chapter a little longer. I hope you guys like that I added a little drama to the story. Don't worry there will be plenty more. Tell me what you ll think and vote and comment. It's so fun to write and I'm glad I've finally gotten the chance to write more often.

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