Carry On Home

Kristen is an average 16 year old girl. That is, except the fact that her parents get divorced and everything went downhill from there, or so she thought. Her mom now lives in London,UK while her dad lives in Pennsylvania, USA. She goes back and forth every six months, changing schools and leaving her friends behind. Her life was turned upside down. What will happen when she goes to stay with her mom and runs into some people she never thought she would meet?


2. Dinner Date

"," I stuttered, then giggled at my own nervousness, "I'm just really bad with eye contact. Don't worry you didn't do anything at all."

"Okay," he said, smiling with relief, and reaching out his hand to me, "it's nice to finally formally meet you."

I shook it and blushed slightly, "nice to meet you too." Shit, I thought, looking down. Maybe he didn't see it. I looked back up at him to find a big grin on his face and his face was a little flushed too. I wonder why. I turned my attention away from Liam when I heard a squeal.

Erin was standing right behind me, pretty much hyperventilating in front of Liam. "OH MY GOD!! IT'S LIAM PAYNE!!!!" she yelled, "I can't believe I'm actually meeting you in person."

"No shit Sherlock. You don't have to announce it to the whole airport. I don't think he wants to be mobbed by fans. I'm sorry, Liam. This is Erin. She's a huge fan of One Direction and not very good at keeping her cool," I say, glaring at her. He just laughs.

"It's all cool, babe. Nice to meet you Erin. Um.." He looks at me like he wants to say something but is holding back.

"Hey Erin. How about you go keep Jake company. I'll be right there," I say, giving her a look, telling her not to argue. She sighs and walks away. More like skips to Jake to tell him the news.

"I'm really sorry about her. Oh and I didn't want to sound like I didn't like your music. I love it... I just am not the kind of person who overreacts like that," I say, feeling myself blush again, looking up at him.

"It's ok, but this is always what happens. I meet someone and then they figure out who I am and treat me totally different, " he says, running his hands through his hair in frustration and sitting down.

"Liam, I...I don't want to treat you differently. I hate when people do that. Why can't people see you're just a normal teenage boy with a lot of talent. I promise that I won't treat you any differently," I state and he looks up, smiling like an idiot.

"Thank you so much. I've never met anyone who has thought of me that way. Um... Can I maybe have your number?" He asks shyly. That took me by surprise. Liam Payne wanted MY number?

"Uh.. Yeah, sure," I stutter, blushing once again. Thanks mom for passing down the big blushes. I take out a piece of paper and pen Nd write down my number, handing it to him.

"Thanks, Kristen. I guess I'll see you around. I have to go meet the rest of the boys before they totally embarrass me in front of ever...."

"LIAM PAYNE!!! WHERE ARE YOU YOUNG PEASANT!!" I can hear Louis yelling and laugh.

"Too late," he mumbles, waving at me before running to meet the boys. Wow.

**************************************Liam's POV******************************************

"Who were you talking to over there, Li?" Zayn asks, raising and eyebrow at me.

"Oh, her name is Kristen. Her seat was in front of mine, so I started talking to her. She's really nice and understanding. She's also really pretty, but I don't know if she likes me. Oh and I got her number. Should I call her? Will she be annoyed that I keep calling her?" I respond, throwing questions at the boys,who all had confused looks on their faces.

"C'mon, mate. You'll be fine. I'm sure she wouldn't give you her number for no reason. I think you should call her," Niall says, encouragingly.

"Ok, I will. Thanks Niall," I say, walking away to grab my phone. I look at the number on the piece of paper and type it into my phone. I wait a few rings and am about to hang up, when I hear her voice on the other end.

"Hello?" she asked.

"Hey Kristen. Um... It's Liam," I answer, trying to act cool and not hyperventilate.

"Oh, hey Liam! What's up?" She answers, more cheerfully.

"Well...I was wondering if you and Erin would want to go somewhere with the boys and I tomorrow," I ask.

"Sure. We'd love to. Should we dress up or casual? Oh and what time?"

"Maybe dress up a little and we will pick you guys up at 6, just text me your address," I say, silently cheering that she said yes.

"Ok sounds good! Oh, and Liam?" She asks.


"Is it ok if I also bring my friend, Cailey?" She asks, almost as if shes afraid I'll say no.

"Of course! The more the merrier," I laugh and I can hear her giggling too.

"Ok thanks! Ill see you then, Liam," she said and I can imagining her smiling on the other end if the phone.

"Ok. Bye love," I say, hanging up.

I walk back to the boys and they look at me expectantly.

"Well?" Harry asks.

"We'll it turns out you guys are going to meet her tomorrow if that's ok. I told her we'd pick her and two friends up at 6. I was thinking that Italian restraunt in the city."

"Sounds great," Louis says, "meeting new people is fun!"

This is going to be an interesting dinner. I can already tell.

**************************************Kristen's POV****************************************

Wow, I can't believe we're goings lunch with the boys! I filled Cailey, my best friend in London, in on what happened when we were driving home from the airport.

Cailey is drop dead gorgeous. Everyone who sees her asks if she's a model. She has long brown hair that reaches the middle of her back and green eyes that make any guy melt. She's thin, but not a twig like Erin. She can pull off anything. Her usual outfit is jeans and a T-shirt with a weird slogan. All the guys at our school practically drool over her, although we're not that popular. She barely wears makeup, so when she comes out in a skintight red dress, she looks stunning. The dress is sparkly with two black stripes running diagonal down the front. She's wearing black heels and has her hair in curls.

"You look amazing, Cailey!" I exclaim, and she smiles.

"Thanks. Not too bad yourself," she says, whistling jokingly. My dress is pink and goes up to mid thigh. On the right side, it hangs down more and has a silver diamond in the center. I put on silver sparkly heels and curled my hair. I put on some eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara on. I guess I don't look terrible.

I hear heels clicking down the hallway and Erin comes strutting down, trying to mimic a model walk. She's wearing a dress that has two parts. The top is a white one shoulder and the bottom is black and reaches her mid thigh. Her hair is up in a bun and she looks amazing. She applied as a model and I think she might actually get in, although she made me apply too. I agreed, knowing I wouldn't get in. It actually does seem kind of fun but a lot of work.

She whistles and says, "Look at you two sexy ladies."

"Not too bad yourself," I laugh. We hear a knock at the door.

"Guys, please remember to act normal," I say, glaring at Cailey and Erin, before opening the door for the guys.

"Hey, love," Liam says, giving me a quick hug. " it's nice to see you again."

"You too, Liam," I say, trying to hide my blush, with no such luck.

"Aww, look at little Kristen blushing!" Erin yells, and everyone turns to stare at me, making me blush even more.

"I'm not!" I yell back, and I turn to see that Liam is also now beat red. I wonder why.

"Well, we should get going lads. Our reservations are in an hour and it'll take about that long to get there," Liam says, grabbing my arm, gently leading me outside.

We all piled into the car and I noticed that Erin and Harry seemed to be flirting it up, while Cailey and Zayn also seemed to be chatting happily. As for me and Liam, I don't know. Maybe he liked me, but he's world famous, so why would he like someone like me? We were waiting for our table and talking when my phone buzzed.

Text from Abby:

Hey bitch. How's your little London life going? Meet any hot guys? Oh wait, I forgot, you're too ugly for anyone to even look at you. Haha have fun you fat whore xx

That text got to me. Erin could see it too.

"Excuse us, we will be right back," she says grabbing my arm and leading me to the bathroom. As soon as the door closed, I broke down.

"What happened?" Erin asked and I handed her my phone. Her eyes got big at first, then turned to anger.

"What the hell is wrong with her?!?! Why does she need to text you and say that! Now were we're ever friends with her? I'm texting her," Erin says, the anger clear in her voice," wait, I'll call her."

She dials Abby's number and as soon as Abby answers, she starts freaking out.

"Who the hell do you think you are?!?!" She screamed and went on for five minutes before hanging up. By now, I'd stopped crying and reapplied my makeup so we walked back out to the lads and Cailey.

"You guys ok?" Liam asks, patting the seat next to him for me to sit down, which I accepted gratefully.

" Yeah, we're fine. Just dealing with some old friends back at home," Erin says for me.

"Ok. Just making sure," he says, sounding relieved, although in reality, I wasn't fine, but I wasn't going to ruin this for anyone else, so I kept quiet.

We finished eating and talked for a while, until it got late and the lads drove us home to my house.

"Thank you Liam, I had fun," I said as he walked me up to my house, a little behind Erin and Cailey. They saw us together, gave an understanding, wink, and walked inside.

"Me too, Kristen. We need to do this again, but maybe just the two of us?" He asks nervously.

"Sounds great," I say, smiling. "Just text me when you're free."

"Ok, I will," he says, then kisses me on the cheek before we say goodbye and I watch him drive away. I walk inside and see Cailey and Erin staring at me, urging me to tell them what Liam said. My guess is they saw everything, since they were right next to the window. This is going to be interesting...

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