Carry On Home

Kristen is an average 16 year old girl. That is, except the fact that her parents get divorced and everything went downhill from there, or so she thought. Her mom now lives in London,UK while her dad lives in Pennsylvania, USA. She goes back and forth every six months, changing schools and leaving her friends behind. Her life was turned upside down. What will happen when she goes to stay with her mom and runs into some people she never thought she would meet?


19. Again?

Kristen's POV

"I'll be sure to try and visit when I get the chance. We can Skype, Facetime, call, text, whatever will make you feel better. Maybe over the summer, you can fly out and come to a few concerts with us on tour," Liam says, although right now I can't really feel better but I put a fake smile on my face to try to assure him that I'm ok.

"It's actually kind of nice. You probably want a break from me, I'm so needy," I say trying to joke around but he frowns.

"Kristen, you know I would do anything for you without complaining or second thoughts. If I could take you, I would," he says and I do feel kind of bad that I am needy.

"I was joking, Liam. Although, I do feel like there's always something going on with me. Anyway, since the boys are coming tonight, I thought we could go skiing tomorrow!" I exclaim and he smiles.

"You can turn anything into something good. I love that about you," he whispers, kissing my temple. "Now let's go sit on the couch and relax while can. Once the boys get here, we will have no time alone at all. I can guarantee it."

"Well, the couch it is," I say laughing and grabbed his his hand, intertwining our fingers and pulling him towards the couch. Liam fell back onto the couch, pulling me with him, which surprised me and I let out a small scream. He then wrapped his arms around me and I laid back on his chest. We talked for a while before I heard light snores.

Quietly, I took out my phone, trying not to wake Liam up and logged on to twitter. I know he said not to look at it, but it was hard not to. I was curious about what they said. It took only a minute to figure out none if the tweets were good. I wish I could say that their words didn't get to me but they did.

I got up slowly and quietly so I didn't wake Liam up. I took out a piece of paper and pen and wrote a note that I was going to go out for a little bit. I didn't want him worrying and turned off my phone so that I didn't have any interruptions. It probably was a bad idea to go out alone but I didn't care right now. I got in the car and drove to Valley Square, one of my favorite shopping centers. I parked and grabbed my purse, then walked out and figured out where I wanted to go first. I decided on going to Banana Republic to get a new pair of shoes. I wanted combat boots really badly, so I looked around until I found the pair I liked and paid for them. After paying, I went to a few other stores and then decided to grab something to eat. Chipotle sounded good right now, so I ordered and sat down at an empty table alone.

"Oh my god!! You're Kristen Blank! Aren't you dating Liam Payne?" A girl squeals, walking up to me with a huge smile. I smile back at her shyly and nod. She looks close to my age, maybe a little younger. Maybe all the fans don't hate me, just some.

"Yeah, whats your name?" I ask her, trying to sound confident. Truth is, I've never been great with meeting new people, but I probably need to get used to it now.

"Meredith. You're so pretty!! I totally ship you and Liam together. Can I have a picture please? Sorry to bother you," she says quickly.

"Thank you so much Meredith, it means a lot. You're really pretty too and of course!" I say, smiling at how excited she seems. She pulls out her phone and I ask someone to take the picture for us. I talk to her for a few more minutes before she leaves. I wish all fans were like her, but I guess that's too much to ask.

I finish eating and walk back outside. The sun feels amazing since it's pretty chilly out and I zip up my jacket. Suddenly I see someone walk towards me and yell something.

"You little bitch! Why do you need to ruin everything, huh? First, you date my boy and now you're breaking the band up! What an ugly whore. I bet you go home and sleep with a different guy every night. Slut!" she yells, drawing some attention on us.

"I'm sorry, but I don't really think he's your boy and I don't recall anything about breaking them up. You must be thinking of someone else," I say and I see her expression change. She lunges at me and before I have the chance to move, she is on top of me, throwing punches. I try to block them, but one gets past and hits me in the eye. I can feel tears running down my face, partly from the pain and the others from pure terror. I'm being attacked by one of Liam's so called fans.

After what seems like forever, I feel the weight being lifted and open my eyes to see an angry looking man pulling the girl away. I can see that a crowd has formed around and that makes me even more nervous than before. Someone helps me up and the girl gives me a death glare before being led away to who knows where. I turn to the man who just helped me up.

"Hello Miss. Are you ok?" He asks and I just nod my head, unable to speak for fear of crying. "Whats your name?"

"K-Kristen Blank," I stutter out, and the man writes something down. There were some more exchanges of questions and answers before he finally let me leave after I insisted I was fine.

When I got in the car, I pulled out my makeup and layered it under my eye where a black eye was forming. I also covered up my cut lip until you couldn't tell anymore. There was no way I was going to tell Liam because he would just freak out, which is the last thing we need.

I decided not to go home yet and went to Zoe's house. I knocked twice before she opened the door. I was greeted with a huge hug, something I didn't know I needed until then.

"Hey Zoe, sorry I didn't tell you I was coming. Actually, I didn't even know I was coming until a few minutes ago," I say, laughing.

"It's no problem at all, you're always welcome here! Where's everyone else?" She asks curiously.

"Well, the rest of the boys fly in tonight, Erin is at her house, and Cailey and Liam are at home," I say, not going in to any detail. As if on cue, Zoe's phone starts ringing. She looks at me apologetically before picking it up.

"Hello?" She asks, answering her phone. I listen as she talks to the person on the other end."Oh, hi Liam...I'm good, how are you?.... Yeah, she's fine. I'm with her now...uh, one second."

"Whats wrong?" I ask after she covers the speaker with her hand.

"Liam wants to know if you want him to pick you up," she says. I quickly nod my head no and she takes her hand off the speaker to talk again. "No, it's ok. She's just going to stay here for now. Oh, ok I will. Bye."

"What did he say?" I ask and she just shakes her head.

"He was worried sick about you. Supposedly you turned your phone off or something and weren't picking up. I told him you were fine he said for you to text or call him if you want to go home," she says and for some reason I almost start laughing.

"He sounds like my dad! Now I see the whole Daddy Direction thing," I say, giggling. Zoe laughs along before suddenly stopping.

"The phone call distracted me but why are you here? I don't mean it in a bad way, but you're not really the type to show up at my house randomly. Did something happen?" She asks, concern laced in her voice. I sigh before telling her what happened.

"Well, I was laying in bed and was on twitter, even though Liam said not to. I was scrolling down my timeline and read some nasty things that got to me. I decided on taking a little drive to try and forget. I went to Valley and went shopping than got Chipotle for lunch. When I was leaving, some girl came up and called me some names and then said I was breaking up the band. I said that I wasn't and she pretty much attacked me. She was punching and kicking me until someone pulled her off. So basically, I have a black eye, cut up lip, and am really sore," I say, finishing the story. I look up at Zoe to see her eyes wide and mouth wide open.

"I'm so sorry Kristen. Did you tell Liam yet?" She asks.

"No and I don't plan to. Did you see how he reacted to me leaving the house? Can you imagine him with this?" I exclaim. There is no way that would ever end well with him and I knew better than to tell him.

"But what if it happens again? I can't stand the idea of someone hurting you over your boyfriend when you did nothing wrong," Zoe said, angrily.

"It's a chance I have to take and I just gave to be more careful," I say calmly. Truthfully, I was scared as hell to go anywhere now. It killed me to know that I was being physically hurt for no reason other than being Liam Payne's girlfriend. His so called "fans" wanted me dead.

"That's bullshit, Kristen, and you know it. I'll let you think what you want but I suggest you talk to Liam. How about we drop it for now and watch a movie?" She asks and I nod, grateful that she understands not to take the conversation too far. We decide on Peter Pan, my favorite movie when I was a little kid. We watched a few more before I decided it was time to get home. I thanked Zoe for letting me stay and then got in my car. I looked in the mirror to make sure the marks from earlier were covered before making my way home and to my house. I take a deep breath then walk inside.

As soon as I walk into the house, I'm pulled into a bone crushing hug by all of the boys. I laugh before excusing myself to get changed real quick. I walk to my room and get changed then brush my messy hair out. As I do so, I hear a knock at my door and call for them to come in. Whoever it is clears their throat and I turn to see Liam, holding something behind his back. I smile at him but he doesn't smile back. That's when he shows me whats behind his back.

"Care to explain?" He asks, holding up a magazine titled 'Liam Payne's Girlfriend Attacked By Crazy Fan?!?' I freeze and my eyes got wide.

"I-it's not that bad! She just gave me a light shove, that's all. I'm fine," I lie and I know he doesn't believe me even for a second.

"Really? That's not what it looks like in this picture. It looks like she's on top of you, throwing punches! Cut the bullshit Kristen! She obviously hurt you pretty bad," he says and his sudden anger scares me. I find myself backing away from him as tears blur my vision and are threatening to spill over. I can see his face soften as a tear rolls down my cheek. He tries to come closer to me, but I back up until I hit the wall. Why am I scared of my own boyfriend?

"I'm s-sorry. I didn't want you to get upset so I thought it was better not to tell you," I say and he shakes his head, taking another step closer. This time I don't move.

"Kristen, I want you to tell me when these things happen. I need to know so I can protect you and keep you safe. Please don't cry , baby girl," he says pulling me into a hug. I gasp and flinch at the pain. Liam immediately lets me go, concern written all over his face. "Where does it hurt?"

I point to my ribs and he curses under his breath. I then go to the mirror and take off the makeup covering my face, revealing my black eye and cut up lip. When I turn to face Liam, all I can see is hurt. A tear slowly falls down his cheek.

"Liam, please don't cry. I'm ok," I say, trying to comfort him.

"Obviously not! MY fans did this to you! Can't you see? It's MY fault! I'm so, so, so sorry Kristen," he rambles, making me cower back from his loud voice.

"Liam, it's not your fault. You have no control over what the fans do," I say calmly, wishing for him to stop yelling. He just shakes his head.

"You're right, I have no control over their decisions, but I do over mine," he says and I relax. "Maybe its better to take a break. They can't hurt you if we're not together. It's my only way to protect you."

My jaw drops at this. He seriously thinks that this is going to help. Him doing this will hurt me more than any fan could do physically and mentally. Does he not realize that?

"Are you serious? You honestly think that will fucking help? Last time I checked, it only made it worse. Liam, I hope you realize at this will hurt me more than any fists or hate could ever do? If it's truly what you want, then go ahead," I choke out and his face goes pale.

"No, or course it's not what I want to do, but I think I have to. It's the only way to keep you safe," he says. He can think that but obviously it's not true.

"Fine. Do what you want and take the easy way out. Goodbye Liam," I say, holding my bedroom door open for him. He doesn't move, instead he just looks pleadingly at me, almost asking me to disagree but I just keep a straight face.

"But I...." He starts but I cut him off.

"Save it. Goodbye," I say, willing myself not to cry. He gives me one look before turning and slowly walking out. As much as I want to, I refuse to cry. I have to show him that I'm strong enough without him. I pull myself together and walk downstairs, sitting in between Cailey and Louis. I rest my head on Louis' shoulder and he turns to look at me.

"Whats wrong, babe?" He asks and I have to bite my cheek to keep from crying. Whenever someone asks, it just makes it worse. This calls Cailey's attention and she has concern written on her face.

"Liam broke up with me," I whisper, but I know they heard it. Cailey gasps and hugs me while Louis looks angry.

"Why the hell would he do that?" He practically shouts and I have to shush him.

Once Louis calmed down, I start telling them what happened, including being attacked. When I finish, I can't help but let out a few tears. They both pull me into a big bear hug and then we sit down and start watching Pitch Perfect, one of my all time favorite movies. It's hilarious! I can't help but recite some of the lines and attempt to mimic them, like mermaid dancing.

"I'm going to pitch slap you so hard your man boobs are going to concave!" I yell, making Louis and Cailey crack up. Later in the movie, I pull Louis up and we start dancing to the song and singing along. Cailey would join but she's too busy, laying on the ground cracking up. Inside, I still feel really upset but these two can somehow make me at least temporarily happy. After the movie ends, we all fall back on the couch.

"You know what I think is a good idea right now?" Louis asks, grinning.

"What?" Cailey and I ask in sync, then start laughing.

"TICKLE FIGHT!!!" Louis screams, attacking Cailey. I quickly jump up and start running. "Oh no you don't! You can't run from me Blank!"

I start screaming bloody murder, sprinting around the house. Luckily my dad is at work, so we can do whatever we want. And we can't stop! And we won't stop! My mind has some weird thoughts sometimes. Louis sprints after me and is quickly catching up. I turn back to see how close he is and run into something hard, falling back. I look up and my mood suddenly changes.

"I'm so sorry Kristen! I didn't mean to run into you," he says adding the second part with a little hesitation. I can see the sincere apology in his brown eyes, but I don't think it's only about me running into him.

"It's ok Liam," I mumble, looking down, and I can feel someone walk up behind me. I turn to see Louis walking up to Liam and I.

"Hey Louis," Liam says, genuinely.

"Hi Liam," Louis responds and it's easy to recognize the bitterness in his voice. This is going to be a long night at this rate.

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