Praise the Tears


1. Praise the Tears

I think I’m going to be okay 

Inch by inch, day by day

My heart’s been broken times before

The pieces strengthened in my core.


I think that I will be alright

Although I’m crying through this plight

My tears are friends to me by now

They comfort me as they fall down. 


I cannot see how this will end

But God, my Lord, my constant friend

He has a plan that I will seek

Until my fate is down in ink.


I think I’m going to be just fine

I’ll run the walk and dance the line I’ll

sing the talk and find my crown

I’ll praise the tears as they fall down.


I’ll be alright. I know this much

Broken down by the Master’s touch

Malleable, willing to bend in His hands

I’ll be okay. Lord, what are Your plans?

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