Rainy Days

Rose has moved to Seattle, hoping to get her life straight but gets married, UGH love.


3. Waking up

"Rose wake up!" I her Roselyn yell at me,"Your sister is here she's waiting for you down stairs." "What she never told me she was coming..." I walk downstairs to see my sister Elli waiting on the couch."Rose, I heard the news I'm here to help with your wedding." Elli tells me "Thanks do you want to see my dress?" "Sure." Elli is so calm I can't believe were related. I pull out my dress it's an ivory medieval dress with a gold trim."It's so pretty, I'm guessing the theme is Fantasy?" Elli asks "Right on the nose." I tell her back, I look at Elli's outfit she looks kinda cute today.(http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=113045177) "Hey where's Penelope?" I ask my sister, she was a teen mom. "Um I think shes with Roselyn. Penelope!"  Penelope is 6 and very pretty she's wearing a Little Mermaid costume, and her light brown hair falls a little farther than her shoulders, she can't stand still."Hi auntie Roo-sse," She's still learning my name. "I'm go-ing t-wo play wit-h Roo-ss-lion m-um." As Penelope walks away I say,"She's cute, she looks like you."

"ROSE! ROSE! WAKE UP!" I hear someone yell, it's Elli,"It's a lightning storm and someone wants to hang out with you." Penelope is standing behind her mom and holding a stuffed bunny. "I-t's sc-awy!" Penelope yells. "WHAT'S ALL THE YELLING ABOUT!" Roselyn yells as she walks in,"Aw is Penelope scared I can help?" Roselyn hairs falls out of it's ponytail bit by bit."Sure we can all stay in here and help Penelope not be scared!" Elli says "Hey maybe you can sing a lullaby?" I ask Elli,"Sure um this isn't a lullaby but it will will do." Elli sung Clarity better than Foxes

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