Rainy Days

Rose has moved to Seattle, hoping to get her life straight but gets married, UGH love.


2. Seattle caffe love!

As I walk into Caffe Vitta I stare at my dress was it too much...."Rose I'm over here!" I hear someone yell, it's Steven! I run over,"Steven,"I say as I hug him,"OMG we haven't met up in the longest time!" "Yea um I have something, for you." He bends down on one knee and pulls out a ring! "Will you marry me?" Steven asks "Yes a million times yes!" I say as he puts the ring on my finger,"I thought you would never ask!" I yell at him. When were done with our date I go home, and Roselyn is right there on the couch watching Twilight."Roselyn Steven proposed!" I yell at her, she does a perfect spit take and gets orange juice all over floor! "What! Thats amazing I get to be your maid of honor though? Right?" Roselyn asks me "Yea duh, your like my BFF!" I tell her "whats the theme?" "Hmmmm, maybe magical,fairy,mystical!" I yell out "Lets go shopping for your wedding!"

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