Some Type of Way


3. tragically dismissed

"Sarah Grace" there's a pause between phrases, "come here sweetheart."

I walk over to the balcony overlooking the living room to see just what it is she might want me for. Suddenly, I see the tears rolling down her eyes and it all hits me at once. Oh shit, i think to myself, what's happened? She never cries. Apprehensive, I walk down the stairs.

"What is it mother?" I say, quieter than anticipated.

"Look, Sarah. Uhm. Please sit." and I do, "Okay. this may be a little hard to accept, but your father has died due to a heart attack. He's at the hospital now, they're awaiting us to go and arrange his funeral plans" she looks at me expectantly, when I do not respond, she continues, "I was thinking we could cremate him and keep him with us." another slight pause "of course, we should get rid of his things, no use in keeping them here."

shes still talking, but I'm no longer listening. I can't deal with it right now. I stand up an walk out without so much as a change of facial expression. I go and get in my car and start driving; I may not know where I'm going, but I sure as hell can't stay here.

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