Some Type of Way


1. total cliché

It was raining hard outside, harder than it had in a while. Laying in my bed drinking the hot chocolate that comes with the tiny marshmallows, I thought about it all. I thought of  the dark twisted ways of the human race and of the endless metaphors rain was used as. If my life were some story, a book put into the world for others to read, it would be a total cliché.  

From my bleach blonde natural long to my butt hair, my round, big blue eyes, my thick, kissable lips and my flat stomach, big boobs and big butt, most girls would say I was a whore or bitch. Guys would talk of how they'd like to bang me, but my life is a cliché. Waiting for someone to come along and save me from the everyday jealousies we see in movies about the perfectly pretty girls. 

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