Fly. - Harry Styles FanFic

If you were a drug.

Then I would be addicted.

- Harry Styles Fan Fiction.


3. Chapter Two.

"So how was your day, Liv?" Rose spoke, I grinned and shook my head.

"Just boring things, History, English, Woodwork.. The usual" I half - heartedly smiled at her and slowly extended my legs, stretching as I stood up. Rose pulled my closer towards her.

"I really need to speak with you" she replied, worry in her soft, delicate voice. I questioned her look. What does she want? Has she seen the hate?


I snapped back into reality as she stood there shaking me, I glanced at her awkwardly then sighed.

"Yes, what is it?" It sounded as if I was annoyed, which I surely wasn't.

"Oh, urm.." she fiddled with her smooth hands that slid to her sides and she stared at the ground, focusing on nothing important but her black laced shoes.

"You can tell me, Rose" I smiled at her and nudged her shoulder, she looked towards me. Hesitated but continued.

"Harry.. He's seemed at bit.. Distant from me a lot lately, and I was wondering if it had anything to do with you, you've spent a lot of time with Harry and I was thinking that yo.." I cut her off slightly, horrified at what she was thinking.

"Harry and I have nothing going on Rose! Why would you make assumptions like that?" I questioned her and frowned, I was angry but nervous. There was nothing going on, what if others thought that too?

"Whatever Rose, I've got to go" I waved her off and ran towards our small group of friends, half of the group had gone to a small camping trip, I lost all focus, thinking about why rose would say that at all.. Has she mentioned it to anyone else?



I gracefully greeted the seat and slid into it, it was One o'clock, the girls and I had a free period so we decided to spent the rest of the day shopping.

The sun placed it's rays across my soft expression, my hands were in a tight ball as I continued to think.. I bit the inside of my cheek until I felt a sour, metallic substance fill the inside of my mouth.



The disgusting taste was gone in a matter of minutes, my friends shopped around as I did too.


I brought books, clothes and essentials for school.. Also some small decorative items for my bedroom.


"What about this? Is it okay?" Stacy lightly tapped me on the arm and I spun around and examined the tightly, thin dress that covered her skinny, shaped body.

"Beautiful Stac" I smiled at her as she walked back into the changing room.



I collapsed on my bed, I dropped the ten bags the I held in my hands and exhaled happily, finally.

The door bell rang, and I felt my feet wonder downstairs towards the door, who could it be? Why now? My parents were still at work, my siblings were at their friend's places.


"Oh, Harry" I sighed and greeted him in a warm, loving hug. "Rose thought things were happening between you and I, I told her it wasn't true.. She didn't seem to listen" I sighed, Harry frowned and sat on my lounge.

"But it isn't true, is it?" His questionable eyes pierced through me like a sharp spear.. Was it true? No, Harry's my friend and honestly, I haven't spent that much time with him at all!

"I don't think so.. No" I giggled as Harry smiled and groaned all at once.

"Are you still getting hate?" I shook my head.

"I haven't checked, I don't necessarily want to either" he nodded in agreement.



Sorry the chapters have been really short, I've had a small writers block and I just don't have much time right now.

I'll try to write more later, maybe add on towards this chapter, I may see you tomorrow or another day during the week.


Byeeeeeee x 



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