Fly. - Harry Styles FanFic

If you were a drug.

Then I would be addicted.

- Harry Styles Fan Fiction.


2. Chapter One.

I woke up, hot flushes rushed through my body, making me feel numb and weak.


"Mum!" I yelled, feeling energy loosen throughout my warm body.

"Yes, darling?" she questioned, I smiled at her and motioned for her to come closer.

"I feel quite unwell today" My mother sighed and felt my forehead.

"You're hot, but you aren't burning. I'll get you a wash cloth" I reached over towards my side, feeling for my phone.


I sat up, feeling dizzy and tired. My nose was blocked and my throat felt sore also.

I instantly laid my back slowly down to the damp bed sheet, not today. I groaned, today was my history exams.. I'll need to study HARDER than I already have to catch up!


I checked Harry's twitter, he was quite famous.. He's was a tumblr guy, he has thousands of followers, he laughs at my face when he searches through my twitter..


My mother walked through the door, a small water bucket flew behind her as she sad at the end of my bed, sighing, I slightly smiled at her. She lifted the damp cloth towards my face, I exhaled as I felt the cold moisture come in contact with my pale, fiery skin. I relaxed my face muscles and grinned at my mother.




I sat slightly up, legs extended.

I engulf my mother into a tight hug and thank her for taking care of me yesterday, I trotted through the thick grass towards my buss stop, pulled out my phone and slipped my earphones in.


"Liv!" Someone yelled into my ear and shook me, I looked up, grinning down at me with a touch of annoyance was Harry. I embraced him for a few seconds and giggled.

"How long were you trying to talk to me?" I questioned him and half - heartedly laughed at myself.

"A while" he looked down at his Samsung Galaxy, he was on twitter, searching through his DM's.

"How many girls want to talk to you?" I smirk at him and nudged his elbow ever so lightly.

"Thousands" he exaggerated, I giggled at his short comedy and look towards my phone. I frowned, and what's this? I gulped, slid my finger across the short screen and began reading a few shorts tweets, towards me.. 


' Honestly, I don't really like Olivia.. She seems so fake, I laugh at her face when I see her ugly eyes. Contacts much?'

'Olivia, you shouldn't be friends with Harry, he's too perfect for you ugly face! ew"


My throat went dry.

"Ha.. Harry, look at this" I slightly let out. He gasped at his read through the short messages these teenage girls sent me.

"I.. I've never even told anyone we were friends, who knows?" he questioned me, I didn't cry.. Why would I cry, I had never thought about getting hate.. But it was just a bit of a short shock.


"I don't know what to do" he whispered and gave my phone slowly back to me.


"I don't know either.."


The bus calmly approached us and I walked onto it and sat down lightly at a seat next to my friends, I smiled at them as the bus fled off.




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