Fly. - Harry Styles FanFic

If you were a drug.

Then I would be addicted.

- Harry Styles Fan Fiction.


1. Prologue: Fly.



That last second.

The one second that would turn my life upside down.

Was caused because of one stupid boy.




 "Miss. Thompson?" I sat straight, straightening my clothes.

"Yes Miss, I heard you fine" I huffed and glanced at her.

"Pay attention more Olivia" she stomped and continued her daily routine.


History. I groaned. Why does History have to be so boring?


Someone tapped my shoulder, leaning towards me. I felt warm air be exhaled on my neck.

"Yes, Samantha?" I glanced back at my ex - best friend. She stole my boyfriend. My heart was practically broken.

"Pay more attention, Olivia" She sniggered and lay back in her chair. I laughed at her expression, she had always been jealous of me, I did everything better than she did.


I just didn't notice.


I sat in my chair, silence surround the class as we all waited for Ms. Kayleigh.


Stacy, my best friend, burst out into laughter as she flirted with a boy next to her.

I sighed.



We ran out of class, everyone rushing for their next class, Stacy and I sat quietly, comfortable.


"Hey.. Do you want to Ditch?" she smirked at me.

"Ugh.." I scratched the back of my neck, my next class was Art, I quite enjoyed it also.

"They'll never know! I promise" she exclaimed and gripped my hand tightly. I nodded slightly and sighed.

"Fine" I said quietly into my jumper. She laughed and pulled me along the pathway, twirling, and laughing..

"Why are you so happy? Honestly?" I giggled at her.

"Because, my next period was Maths, and I hate maths!" She smiled and ran out the gates of the school, I took a breathe and exhaled.


Just this once. I thought. You NEVER do anything bad, why not this once?


I walked out of the school and smelt the fresh air, finally.

"Our group is abandoning class too!" she pulled me towards the spot our friends would sit.


I pushed my way through the crowd and hugged my friend Harry, he grinned and hugged me back straight away.


"Oh, Harry" I smiled at him and sighed.

"Hey" he punched me playfully.


Harry and I were friends, nothing more.


"What was your next period?" I asked, looking at the ground, our 'pack' surrounding us.

I was in the 'popular' group, apparently I'm absolutely beautiful.


My skin tone was slightly tanned, but not that much. Light brown hair surround my face, it was wavy, I have honestly always hated my hair, then there was these blue eyes.. The eyes that even I cannot believe how astonishing they are, they are crystal clear, blue.

Harry's eyes were nothing compared to my blues. They're the 'money' makers.


"P.E" he huffed.

"I had art" I sighed. "Stacy pulled me out of it just to ditch"

"Mhhmm" he smiled and walked over to his girlfriend, Rose.


Rose was a good friend of mine, I loved her. I've never once had my doubts about her, she has made mistakes, but don't we all?


I hugged her and stepped away. "I haven't seen you for awhile" she glanced at me. I nodded.


Rose had beautiful red hair, it seemed perfect, it went well with her hazel eyes.


"Way too long!" we laughed at each other, I said 'bye' to Rose and approached Stacy again, she stood, her arms beside her hips and giggled quietly to herself as she stood next to a few friends of ours.

I greeted them all and nodded, a few of us exchanged hugs and talked 'gossip'.

I ran towards the bus and sat quietly beside Stacy, I hummed to myself and looked out the window, it was beginning to rain.


I threw myself off the bus and continued towards my street.


I approached the lovely house I was currently living in, and the house I had also grew up in, with my siblings and parents of course.


"Hey dad" I smiled and ran up the crooked stairs. I collapsed on my bed and just lay there, motionless.


I closed my eyes and began thinking. Shifting from side to side.


Pack your bag for tomorrow.



Go, now!


I hurried myself up and began doing my usual routine.





Hey guys,


Sooooo, here's another Movella, I needed to start fresh. I'll continue to edit every other Movella I have at the moment, but ONLY when I feel like it, I'll start writing with those again!


Well, yes, this is a Harry Styles fan fiction, if you haven't guessed ;)


Also, at the start, the second paragraph was a few months before the first paragraph happens, just so everything is clear for everyone.


I apologize for this short chapter, my back hurts because I had double P.E then, I went for a short workout, I'm utterly broken, EVERYTHING HURTS.

I have sport tomorrow, so I might post.











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