Anna Black: Her Story

J.K.Rowling created Harry Potter while I (the author of this) imagine myself in that world at that time and as my own character. My character is Anna Black. This is a rewrite there will be HUGE changes!!! Please read!! (Only year ONE)


7. Troll with Pumpkins

No one mentioned the three headed dog again. As far as I could tell no one really cared about Hermione's trap door or the monster standing on it. School became a blur and one morning looking at my calendar I saw it was already the thirty first of October. It was Halloween and I was going to go down to breakfast not knowing. Which was fine, papa and I really didn't celebrate the holiday, mostly because he was never around. Taking a deep breath in, I could smell something sweet. Out of curiosity I changed and headed down the stairs to the Great Hall. Pumpkin filled the air as the sweet aroma and there were all sorts of baked goods with pumpkin. Sitting down in an already crowded Hall I took a piece of bread. It wasn't the usual toast I had.

 "It's pumpkin bread. My mum makes it on holidays." George Weasley said sitting down. I smiled at him. I've been friends with the twins since that night and helped them in some of their jokes and pranks. However, I haven't told anyone or no one expects me to help them out. 

 "Mum's is better" Fred said looking at the bread in disgust. He had just taken a bit of the orangish brown bread. Chuckling I took a bit. The bread was super sweet and very soft. It tasted like pumpkin and some other sort of spice. All I cared about was that it was good. After finishing breakfast I headed down to Charms. Once in Charms, a very excited Professor Flitwick announced we would be making things fly. I inhaled sharpy out of excitement and glanced at Hermione. She smiled back at me hoping the same thing. We would be paired up. However Professor Flitwick paired me up with Neville and Hermione got paired with Ron Weasley. I couldn't tell which one was angrier. I listened patiently while staring at the feather on my desk. I was going to make it fly no matter what. Practicing the movement of swish and flick Neville eyed me carefully. He decided to go first.

 "Wingardium Leviosa!" He yelled. The feather we were supposed to be using didn't move.

 "Wingardium Leviosa.I said quietly making sure I did the wand movements. The feather flipped over. Neville clapped but I was cross. It was supposed to fly not turn on its side. "Wingardium Leviosa!" I said with a little more confidence. The feather bounced up then down like it was the heaviest thing in the world. Neville tried and I heard Hermione saying the incantation. Whirling around I saw Hermione's feather float up to the ceiling. I clapped for her and she gave me a small smile. The bell rang and I hurried over.

 "Awesome! How did you do it?" I asked eagerly

 "Say it slowly and carefully and make sure to swish and flick!" She said cheerfully. "How did yours do?"

 "First time it rolled over then it went up and came straight down." I answered as we pushed our way through a crowded hallway.

 "All you need is practice..." She never finished the sentence because Ron who was in front of her very loudly commented;

 "She's a nightmare, honestly!" Hermione almost stopped but as I turned to tell her it wasn't true she bumped into Harry running off. 

 "I think she heard you." Harry said looking where Hermione went.

 "So? She has to notice she doesn't have any friends." Ron answered him. I walked quicker and punched him in the arm. Then without looking back I ran after Hermione. I ran into the girls bathroom to hear silent sobs coming from the very last stall. 

 "It's not true!" I said running up to the stall. "Your not a nightmare. You're really helpful. It might seem bad but your the nicest person I've met, except my papa maybe. You're my first friend. Really I didn't have any friends were I grew up." The sobbing ceased a bit. Then Parvati Patil entered the bathroom. She looked at me questioningly. I mouthed Hermione. Her sobs continued. 

 "Hermione? Are you okay?" She asked coming up beside me. 

 "Go away!" Hermione's muffled voice came from the stall. Parvati had a worried look on her face.

 "Parvati can you take notes for us? We might be here awhile." I said. She nodded and glanced back at me before walking out. "Hermione take all the time you want. I'm not going anywhere." That's what papa would have done. Even if I had wanted to be away from everyone he would sit there. "My papa does this with me. After I came home badly beaten from a fight, one day, I went straight to my room and refused to come out. He sat on the other side of my door and refused to leave."

 "Your father sounds nice." Hermione's weak voice said.

 "He is once you get to know him. He doesn't like strangers, though." I answered. "What about you?"

  "My parents are dentist. They just want me to be happy." Silence then took the bathroom. No one spoke and no one came in. We sat there for a while until one of our stomachs growled. I chuckled and then mine growled. Hermione laughed. Somehow our growling stomachs were making us laugh. Hermione opened the stall. Her eyes were red and puffy but she was smiling. 

 "Dinner sounds nice" She said and I chuckled. 

 "It does." I answered. She walked over to me and offered her hand. Helping me to my feet she went over to the sink and splashed water on her face. Taking off my robe I offered it to her. She used my sleeve and I placed my robe back on. We were still smiling. As I began to walk to the door heavy footsteps echoed in. Pushing Hermione against the far wall away from the door we got the full sight of the intruder. Granite skin, reaching twelve feet in height, and smelling horrible was the troll in front of us. Hermione let out a scream as I pulled out my wand. It roared and swung it's arms at the nearest sink. The club that I hadn't seen before smashed into the sink. I gulped a scream as Hermione shrunk to the ground in fear. I took a step closer knowing nothing of what I was going to do. It's club smashed the next to sinks and a stall. It was only five sinks away and I took a step back.

 "What are we going to do?" I yelled. Which was the wrong thing to do because it dropped the piece of wood it was comparing with it's club and started to head for us. The thing was if we were quick enough we might be able to run past it but it was swinging its club side to side. Suddenly a piece of pipe hit the back of its head. Looking past the troll I saw Harry and Ron picking up pieces and throwing it. Ron yelled something and the troll went for him. Grabbing Hermione I pushed her to where Harry was. Harry on the mean hand decided it would be fun to jump on the troll's back. Harry was hanging on to dear life while Ron took out his wand.

  "Wingardium Leviosa!" He shouted and the club flew into the air. Then it dropped like my feather had done onto the troll's head. Harry dropped down and scurried away from the falling troll. 

 "Is it dead?" Hermione spoke first. I wheeled around and hugged her glad to be alive. 

 "I think it's just been knocked out." Harry replied. I let go of Hermione and she weakly smiled.

 "Are you okay?" She asked. I nodded weakly. "Thanks Anna."

 "For what? I stood there like an idiot."

 "You didn't run when you had the chance." She replied 

 "Neither did you. I was waiting for you to run!" We laughed. A banging of a door made me jump and spin. Professor McGonagall came in with a hand over her heart, followed closely by papa, and I immediately looked away. 

 "What on the earth were you thinking?" Professor McGonagall cried. 

 "Please Professor they were looking for me." I turned to see Hermione step forward a bit. 

 "Miss Granger!"

 "I went looking for the troll. I've read about them and thought I could handle it on my own. I was wrong."

 "What about Miss. Black?" Papa's voice echoed in the room.

 "I tried to dissuade Hermione for coming. Seeing as I couldn't I went along with her." I looked up to see him staring at me. My eyes quickly moved away to see Hermione exit. I hurried out the door and leaned on the wall. Hermione looked back at me. I waved her on. Hearing footsteps I hid behind the nearest armor. Harry and Ron's mutterings past where I stood and disappeared down the hallway. Professor McGonagall and Quirrel walked out and went the opposite way from Harry and Ron. Papa came out last. He stood there for a minute before taking out his wand. The armor in front of me moved and papa looked at me. Scrambling up I ran toward him. I knocked him back a few steps as I embraced him. His arms slowly hugged me back. Clearing his throat I let go and walked away. 

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