Anna Black: Her Story

J.K.Rowling created Harry Potter while I (the author of this) imagine myself in that world at that time and as my own character. My character is Anna Black. This is a rewrite there will be HUGE changes!!! Please read!! (Only year ONE)


3. Supplies and Trains

 The streets of Diagon Alley were crowded and noisy. Very noisy. My grip tightened on papa's hand like a small child afraid of getting lost. I knew if I let go I would lose him. He wore a very old brown muggle suit. It frayed at the edges and the collar. I liked it because when ever we went to the muggle world he would wear it and it would get a new tear. I could name each tear and tell the story they hid in the coat. We had everything but the wand and that was where we were headed. I was very calm despite being worried that I wouldn't get a wand. I knew once I got my letter I was a witch but there was always the fear of a mistake. Finally papa opened the door to a very old shop that looked as though it never belonged. Slowly I walked into the shop and up toward the counter. Papa placed a hand on my shoulder and I looked up. His expression was hard to read. The sound of sliding snapped my attention off of papa and to an old man who slowly strode toward us. He had silvery hair and wispy white eyes. I knew not to mess with this old fellow. 

  "Hello" I said my voice shaking a bit. Papa's hand on my shoulder got a bit tighter in encouragement. 

  "Hello" The man's raspy voice answered back. I gave him a small smile. He however wasn't looking at me. "Mr. Snape how are you?"

  "Very fine." Papa answered then bent down next to me. "Anna I'll be right back, okay, I need to grab something for school and it will be cheating if you see it." He said and I nodded. Kissing me lightly on the forehead he left heading out on the crowded street. I involuntarily shuddered. 

  "Anna Black?" An old raspy voice came again. Moving my gaze from the window I regarded the man. His robes were worn and in some places torn. Smiling I took a deep breath.

  "I would like a wand, please."

  "I remember your mother and father. I remember everyone's mother and father as they bought their wands. Excellent memory helps to find a child's wand. It helps but not as much because the wand chooses the witch." Nodding he knelt down besides me. "I can tell by how you treat that man you don't know. If he wishes it to be that way so be it. It is not my place to meddle with affairs of others." Then he turned and disappeared in the rows of stacked boxes behind the desk. Making a small circle I looked for a chair but found a pile of broken sticks instead. I turned around just in time to see the old man come back with a bunch of boxes. I made a face at them which he noticed. He held up a wand. "The wand isn't going to bite you. Come on give it a flick." Cautiously I took the wand he was offering me. I made an upwards motion in which the wand heated up and burned my fingers. I dropped the wand and looked at my pink hand. The old man placed another in my hand. I hadn't moved my hand when the lights in the room blinked out of existence. Placing the wand on the table I watched as the old man flicked his own wand and the lights came on. Wand after wand we tried. Some wands made things explode at my mire touch some did nothing at all. Finally papa came back in as I angrily waved a wand about trying to get it to work. 

  "Anna!" Papa said coming over and stopping my sporatic movements. Looking at him my throat closed up and my eyes began to sting.

  "None of them work, papa!" I tried to say without beginning to cry. 

  "There is one we haven't tried which I think would be too powerful but it might work." The old man said as I buried my face in papa's shoulder. "Let me go retrieve it." 

  "Anna, we'll find one I promise. Then we'll go get some orange cremes. What do you say?" Papa asked pulling me off his shoulder. I nodded and watched as the old man brought out a very dusty box. Opening it up he held out the box. Holding my head up high, I really wanted to impress everyone to see how brave I was holding that wand because both papa and the man looked scared, I took the wand out of the box. Instant sparks flew from the tip like muggle fireworks. My smile couldn't get bigger as I glanced at papa's proud face. 

  "Why were you scared of this wand?" I asked placing it back in the box. Papa paid before the old man gave me an answer.

  "It's a Blackthorn Dragon Heartstring eight and a half inches... unbending. I remember making that wand. Very difficult. The wood and core unwilling to give. Strange wand... I tried giving it to even the most powerful wizards. At that time however they weren't powerful but full of potential. Denied everyone of them. Great things will be produced from that wand." With that he disappeared among the aisles of boxes. I hugged the wand box tighter to my chest happy of my potential foretold by the wandmaker.


  "Do you have your lunch and some money for sweets? Remember don't spend all of it. If you get board you have your potions book in your blue shoulder bag. Here..." Papa placed the strap around my neck. I nodded. "Find a compartment with people your own age and you can tell who's not a good friend." He nervously buttoned my jacket. I was too nervous to move. In the corner of my eye I could see the scarlet engine and the flocks of wizards with their pets and suitcases. Parent saying goodbye and kids running about. Papa knelt down in front of me. Placing both hands on the side of my face he smiled. "You'll be fine." Which sounded more like he was convincing himself. I pulled him into a bear hug while my heart dropped from its usual place. Was it going to be fine? The whistle blew making me jump out of papa's arms. He shooed me onto the train as the doors closed. Quickly I opened the window and waved furiously at papa who smiled. He waved back. Smiling I stayed in that waving position until the station was gone. Taking a deep breath of confidence I started down the halls. Most of the compartments were full. Kids laughing at each other, greeting, and showing off. Not paying attention to the halls I was sudden knocked down. I looked up ready to punch the person in the face when a red-headed boy lifted me up.

  "Sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going. You new?" The boy asked quickly while another looking exactly like him smacked him on the head.

  "Running into firsties this year, Gred?" The boy behind him asked. 

  "No I thought it'll be fun to use her as a battling ram in these crowded halls." Gred joked. Hiding a smile I tucked a my coal black hair behind my ear and easily slid past them. They were laughing by the time I headed to the next set of compartments. No luck. All were full and no one wanted an extra person. Finally I found an empty compartment. Opening and closing the door I sat on the seat. It had a couple tears but seemed okay to sit on. I watched the countryside for awhile until I heard the compartment open. In walked three people who sat opposite of me. One had slick blonde hair and a snooty face. The others looked like stone fat gargoyles. I knew the one who sat in the middle. I smiled remembering our last encounter.

  "Your father didn't come with you, Draco, I thought you ran to him always, it'll be harder now. So far from home." I said and took out my neatly wrapped sandwich. 

  "Anna, I'm surprise your here. I thought you could never leave home." He taunted back.

  "Oh are you surprise that I'm a witch? Cuz' that means I can turn your hair into a nice shade of green adding to your jealous complexion."

  "You little snake. You'll be in Slytherin because of your sly tongue." He said leaning back and waved at his buddies. They grunted and walked out.

  "Needed bodyguards to see me. Minions no doubt. Pets from your dearest father. He'll give you anything, won't he? Except what you want, love. Grown up Draco doesn't need bodyguards while his wands up his sleeve." I bit into the sandwich. It was papa's and mine favorite. Ham and cheese. Draco didn't answer for he was already pink from embarrassment and anger. 

  "My father gives me everything I need." Draco grunted

  "Sure, along with his bad manners. Since your neither brave nor smart you can't be a Ravenclaw that knows or a Gryffindor that shows. As slippery as an eel and never making friendships but ruling them it means your not a loyal Hufflepuff which cares about everything. So your the snake that can't be poisonous because you bite doesn't sting but as a snake you are leaving us with the ever darkening Slytherin house. Now if you please leave so I might get some true friends it will be better for us both. Goodbye Draco." The blood drained from his face and by his actions I could tell he was at a lost what to do. Finally after opening and closing his mouth like a guppy he walked out. I smiled and finished off my sandwich. I changed into my school robes out of boredom then sat and began to read from my potions book. After getting through half the book there was a knock on the door. I sat up to see an old lady open the door and show her trolley of sweets. Hopping lightly off the seat i hurried over and stared at the candies.

  "Which is the cheepest?" I asked the smiling witch. She chuckled and pointed at the chocolate frogs. I got two and headed back in the compartment. Opening one I looked at the card. It was Godric Gryffindor. I shoved that and the second chocolate frog in my bag. Before I bite into the frog the compartment door opened. This time a bushy brown headed girl stood there. 

  "Have you seen a toad? A boy asked me to help him."

  "Is this it?" I asked and held up the chocolate frog. Smiling she rolled her eyes and existed the compartment. Shrugging I bite into the chocolate wanting this train ride to be over and soon. It felt like moments when the train lurched to a stop spilling me onto the floor. Scrambling up I collected my things and shouldered my bag. I followed a sea of black until I heard a shout over the sea of chatter.

  "First years! O'er here!" I followed the sound of the voice to see a gigantic man. He was the size of a small house. With his bushy untameable black beard and hair I remembered papa telling me of a friendly giant man. When papa described him he seemed frightening but now as I gazed up in wonder his cheery eyes and wrinkled cheeks gave the impression of the friendly cuddly sort of man. I followed him and other first years to tiny boats. All the boats were almost completely full except one with a bushy haired girl and a whimpering boy. I clambered in and no one said a word until the boats lurched and I fell into the girl. 

  "Sorry!" I muttered as she shot me a dirty look. Gulping I looked up to see a very familiar castle in the distance. I was finally going to roam the halls. Maybe I could talk papa into letting me travel to Hogsmead like we always did. It was going to be a brilliant first year.

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