Anna Black: Her Story

J.K.Rowling created Harry Potter while I (the author of this) imagine myself in that world at that time and as my own character. My character is Anna Black. This is a rewrite there will be HUGE changes!!! Please read!! (Only year ONE)


11. Stone

After everyone had gone to bed my leg bobbled in excitement. Hermione, Ron, and Harry were going to be under the clock, I gave them an excuse why I could walk around, and we were going to the trap door. Neville appeared and I looked away as Hermione cursed him with the the full Body-Bind curse. As soon as the the three were under the clock I pushed the trap door open and walked through. I could hear each of their steps.

  "Walk quieter!" I hissed. I saw Mrs. Norris on the top of the stairs. Hiding in the shadows the trio went first and she disappeared. I followed up ducking in the shadows again when Peeves appeared. I swear he could hear my heart beating loudly against my chest with each question.

  "The bloody baron does not need an explanation on why he's invisible. Leave this area alone for the night." Harry said in the deepest voice he could muster. At least it sounded like it. Peeves bought it however and disappeared. I let out the breath I had been holding. A few seconds later we reached the door. It stood ajar.

  "You guys can go back if you want." Harry said.

  "Don't be stupid." Ron said 

  "We're coming." Hermione said.

  "This is gonna be fun!" I said with a smile. Harry gave me a weak smile. "By the way who's playing the music. I can't sing." Harry pulled out a flute. I took it out of his hands. "I'll play it Mr. Leader." Harry smiled and they entered first. I entered next placing the flute to my lips and blowing. I had learned a small tune, due to my nanny, and it sounded okay. As soon as I hit the third note the dog's eyes closed. I watched as Ron climbed over the dog and opened the trapdoor. Harry and Hermione clambered over the dog and stood near the trapdoor. I took the longer way around keeping my tune still and going. Harry and Ron had already jumped down. Hermione looked worried but jumped. I stood next to the door and peeked down. Without hesitation I jumped stopping the music. The air was cold and damp as I fell down. Finally I landed on my back on some wet and squishy ground. I tried to catch my breath when Hermione shrieked something. As soon as I caught my breath Hermione said:

  "This is Devil Snare!" As soon as she said that I realized I was being hugged by a plant. 

  "Great we know what we're going to get killed by!" Ron shrieked.

  "Shut up I'm trying to think."

  "Hermione!" I screamed trying to sit up. I don't remember what happen next but I remember being pulled onto some dirty floor and breathing quickly.

  "Anna are you okay!" Hermione said as Harry and Ron helped me stand. 

  "Yeah, did I ever tell you I hate plants." I muttered and she smiled. We followed Harry down and corridor listening to the dripping of water and something else. 

  "Can you hear something" Ron asked stealing my question. I nodded. At the end of the passage we entered a dimly lit room with thousands of little jewel-birds. Staring up I kept walking until Harry grabbed my arm.

  "Do you think they'll attack us if we cross the room?" Ron asked as I tore my mesmorised gaze from the ceiling to Ron's dirty face.

  "Probably. I'll run for it." Harry said and ran across the room. Nothing happened. I walked across the room next. Again nothing happened. Hermione came over and tried unlocking the door with magic. It didn't budge. I looked back up at the birds.

  "Do birds glitter?" I asked watching the light bounce off the birds.

  "They're not birds! They're keys!" Harry said looking at them. 

  "There's hundreds!" Hermione said.

  "Well, we can lock him with the Stone?" I suggested.

  "We're looking for a big old fashion one with a silver handle." Ron said after examining the door. I didn't watch them get the key, for when they grabbed the brooms across the room the keys immediately attacked them. Finally we closed the door on the key room, everyone but me had a couple scratches. The room we entered was dark. As we stepped further in the room however the room lit up with light to show a giant chessboard. 

  "Merlin's beard" I whispered as I glanced up at the chessmen made of black and white stone with no faces. 

  "We have to play our way across the room." Ron said unhappily. I looked at him like he was crazy but his face was set. "Alright this needs thinking..." We listened to Ron. I took the place of another knight. The previous rider helped me onto the horse that sprung to life as I touched it. I don't know who was more scared. Ron, the others, or me. I had never ever been good at chest. Twice Ron darted last minute to make sure I wasn't taken. The white pieces had no mercy. Whenever someone was taken stone would fly up and sometimes depending where you were hit you. I had a couple gashes but nothing major. Finally after an argument Ron moved. The queen moved toward him and smashed her arm into his head. He crumpled to the floor. Hermione screamed, I nearly moved, and Harry looked paler than the white pieces. Then, shaking Harry moved and the king threw his crown at Harry's feet. As soon as the crown touched the floor I sprinted toward Ron. Harry and Hermione looked at me. 

  "GO" I screamed. They nodded and sprinted toward the door. I could feel the chess pieces staring at me. "Ron?" I asked stupidly. Turning him on his back I carefully felt his head for bumps. There was one on the side of his head. No blood. Placing my head on his chest I could still hear a heart beat. I placed a finger near his mouth. I could feel his breath. It would be okay to move him. Suddenly Hermione came back through the doors and I stood up. 

  "We have to go get Dumbledore!" She yelled coming over to me. 

  "I'll get Ron out of here, you go get him but how are we getting out?" 

  "The broomsticks!" I nodded and helped me get Ron up. I put one arm over my shoulders and Hermione did the same. Somehow we made it into the room with the broomsticks. Hermione grabbed one and shot off. I slowly tapped Ron on the face, well slapped. He didn't move. I sat there wondering how I was going to do this when Ron mumbled something. I tapped his face again.

  "Stop" He moaned.

  "Ron, do you think you'll be able to hold yourself up as we fly?"

  "Maybe." He said.

  "That's as good as it's gonna get." I said. Helping him sit up I grabbed the broom. Ron got on moaning about the pain in his head as I got on behind him. I kicked off and flew down the corridor. Twisting the broom up we headed straight up. Ron's knuckles were white and I could tell he was struggling to stay conscious. We flew up into Fluffy's room. The three headed mutt started barking. Avoiding him I pulled my wand out and pointed it at the door. I veered left avoiding heads. My wand grew warm and the door flew backward off it's hinges. Steering the broom towards the door one of the head's grabbed the back of the broom and pulled back. Ron and I flew forward tumbling onto the cold marble.  I looked up to see the dogs tear the broom to shreds. Scooting back my arm felt like it was on fire. I reached in my pocket for my wand but found the flute instead. The flute! Seeing the broom smashed the heads looked down at me. I blew into the flute, moving hurt so much but I managed to produce the same notes as last time. Still playing I glanced around. Ron wasn't moving a few feet from me and the door was to far away. Now was really a time I wanted papa. I kept playing slowly sitting up and scooting next to Ron. The flute fell from my mouth. My hands wouldn't pick up the flute. Slow growls filled the room. I was so tired. Then I heard music. Sweet and kind almost unnerving. 


  I strolled down my street remembering the end of the year. Exams came back with grades better the Harry and Ron's but not as good as Hermione. The end of the year feast was great and everything seemed better. Smiling dumbly I looked up at papa besides me. He was rolling both our trunks down the street with a smile. Yeah, it was going to be a great summer. 

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