Anna Black: Her Story

J.K.Rowling created Harry Potter while I (the author of this) imagine myself in that world at that time and as my own character. My character is Anna Black. This is a rewrite there will be HUGE changes!!! Please read!! (Only year ONE)


4. Sorting

 I twisted and turned looking at ever curve, bend, and turn once inside the castle. Everything was beautiful, magnificent, and others words of beauty that described the halls we walked through and finally were led to a room. The chatter began. Slowly and unsure until it was a complete waterfall. Everyone was talking and no one looked at me. I was staring at a portrait that stared at me. He had a very tall pointed hat and a long pointed beard. The old man in the picture wore deep purple robes. He didn't look very happy or nice with black eyes that held mine. As I was about to speak a girl yelled. I broke the unnerving staring and looked to see what the commotion was about. Gasping with the rest I watched swarms of ghost start coming out of the walls. A lady ghost looked at me. Her eyes showed with sorrow. I gave her a small wave and a smile which she didn't return. However I could see a small smile trying not to form as she wasn't noticed by the other kids. Everyone suddenly was quiet as the old lady in the hat came back. Professor McGonagall I think she had called herself. She turned and I glanced one last time at the evil portrait. I stuck my tongue out at it and hurried to catch up with the group. I heard a humph come from behind me. Smiling my eyes widen as I entered what papa called the Great Hall. The ceiling seemed to mimic the sky above it and candles floated above our heads. I swear I could reach up and take one. I fell backwards and landed on my butt. I tore my gaze from the ceiling to see everyone had stopped. There were a few snickers but I couldn't tell where they had come form. I slowly got up and looked around. Four tables separated students from different houses and in front of me a table held all the staff. I smiled as I saw papa who winked at me. My smile grew but faded a bit when I looked at old rotting hat siting on a stool.  Suddenly it began singing. I was shocked so much I took a step back. After it finished the school clapped in applause. 

 "When I read your name come up and I will place the hat on your head. You will then be sorted into your appropriate houses." Professor McGonagall said and unrolled a scroll. "Abbott, Hannah!" A girl in pigtails slowly made her way up to the stool. She sat down and the hat fell over her eyes. A small pause then-

 "HUFFLEPUFF!" the hat shouted. 

 "Black, Anna!" Professor McGonagall yelled. I could see papa sitting up straighter in his seat. Taking a deep breath I pushed my way to the front and sat on the stool, smiling. The hat was placed on my head and the Hall disappeared from sight. 

 "Lies surround you dear, but that what makes you who you are. Lets see bravery is apparent and then there's that evil in you. Yes, there is but not enough... so that means you'll be in...GRYFFINDOR!!" I sat there in disbelief. The hat came off my head and I watched a table burst into cheers. I headed over and sat down. There were two red-heads that cat called me and I wanted to punch both in the stomach. I looked up at the table to see papa give me a small smile. Looking down at an empty golden plate my reflection was eerie because it was messed up. Half of me was over there and half was the other way. What did the hat say about evil and lies? Why am I here? Families usually go in the same house. So why wasn't I in Slytherin? Was my mom a Gryffindor? Looking back up at the staff table papa looked at me worried. I broke my gaze away and didn't listen to the rest of the sorting. Not even when Harry Potter was crowned Gryffindor. The only thing that made a gloomy cloud fly away was the sudden appearance of food. I added some food to my plate and began to eat listening to conversations. Harry Potter turned out to be the boy I bumped into at Diagon Alley. The only interesting thing he said came during desert.

 "Who's that teacher talking to Professor Quirrell?" Harry asked. I looked up to the staff table to see papa talking to someone. 

 "You already know Quirrell?" A prefect said in shock.

 "That's Professor Snape." I answered glancing at the two of them before looking back at papa. He caught my gaze and a small smile appeared.

 "You know Snape?" The perfect asked. I looked at the red-headed freckled face. I nodded only because I had taken a bite of food. "How?"

 "Friend of the family." I lied because papa said if I told them he was my papa people wouldn't be friends with me. 

 "And your in Gryffindor?" My fist clenched.

 "Does it matter what friends I have in what houses?" I exclaimed making the prefect's eyebrows shoot up to his hair. 

 "Well everyone knows he's after Quirrel's job and knows an awful lot about Dark Arts." The prefect said to Harry. That last bit surprised me because I didn't know papa knew Dark Arts, he never said. Was that the lie the hat was talking about? Desert finally faded away leaving the cloud to come hovering back over my head. Dumbledore stood up and I got a rather good shock. How come I never notice the actual friend of the family? Dumbledore liked to visit me when school was in session. Always on a Saturday too. He didn't like coming on weekdays. 

  "I have a few start-of-term notices for you! First years should have in mind that the forest on the grounds in forbidden and a few older students should be reminded of it. No duels in the corridors is a reminder from our caretaker, Mr. Filch. Try-outs for Quidditch are the second week of term. If interested please contact Madame Hooch. Now, I must tell you that the third corridor on the right hand side is out of bonds to those who do not wish to die a very painful death. Finally, before we go under our covers let us sing the school song." I chuckled and noticed the two who had cat called me were also chuckling. Dumbledore flicked his wand and a ribbon shot out and curled itself into words. "Everyone pick their favorite tune! Here we go!" I was laughing to much to sing. Everyone was singing except me who was slowly dying of laughter. The song ended leaving the two who chuckled early singing at a funeral march. Dumbledore conducted their last notes.

 "Now go to bed! Off you trot!" He said smiling. Everyone stood up and the first years started to follow the prefect. I went to stand up but I stayed in my seat. I heard the click of heels come over to me. 

 "Miss. Black, aren't you tired. Everyone's already gone to bed." I looked sideways to see Professor McGonagall. My gaze strayed and locked onto papa who looked at me worried. My gaze dropped to the table. 

 "I'm not tired." I lied and yawned. I shook my head and noticed the Hall was empty except the teacher and papa. Papa began to walk over. He came to Professor McGonagall. 

 "Anna, it's time for bed." His voice said as he sat on my other side. I shook my head and yawned again. 

 "I don't want to go to bed, papa. The hat told me I was evil but put me here." I answered crossing my arms. Papa laughed.

 "Anna, you are not evil or bad. You're the best good person I've ever met." Papa said wrapping his arm around me and giving me a hug. 


 "Always." Papa said and kissed my forehead. I yawned again. "Let Professor McGonagall lead you to your common room, okay?" I nodded and he let go. I stood up when Professor McGonagall did. She had a small smile on her lips. Tiredly I took her hand as she lead me to the common room. I was to tired to notice the journey there or to hear the password that a swinging portrait asked for. She pointed to the the stairwell that led to the my dorm. I nodded and headed that way. I finally found my bed and sat down. Three other girls were already asleep. Changing into my pajamas I grabbed a small golden heart shaped frame that fit in my palm. The photo was of me and papa. He was standing behind me on the swing and I was sitting on the swing. We were laughing at each other. Smiling I placed it under my pillow and fell asleep. 

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