Anna Black: Her Story

J.K.Rowling created Harry Potter while I (the author of this) imagine myself in that world at that time and as my own character. My character is Anna Black. This is a rewrite there will be HUGE changes!!! Please read!! (Only year ONE)


8. Quidditch

  November wind's chilled the bones of students. I made sure I stayed in the warm castle not wanting to step out in the cold. The ground turned to frost and the sky turned grey. The grounds looked miserable but that didn't stop me from taking night walks and appreciating the beauty of the scene. It was an eerie sort of beauty but beautiful. Fred and George usually followed me and we set pranks. It was our secret that no one could know about. We were friends. During the day there were glances and jokes exchanged but I mostly hung around Hermione who started to hang out with Harry and Ron.

  It was the evening before the first match and I was sitting here correcting Harry's Charms homework. Hermione and I decided that they weren't allowed to copy but I assumed Hermione would corrected them to the point they would get the answers. Whenever they asked I made sure I was trading off so they both got my treatment which was asking them questions instead of giving them the answers. They hated me for it but then they would get a good grade and praise me. Even if it was 'I like your style'. I looked up from the corrections and watched Harry look around nervously. Ever since papa had taken the book away Harry's been anxious. 

  "Harry, relax. You're not going to die tomorrow. It's a school competition." I sighed.

  "Yeah but there could be like a broken arm..." Ron began but Hermione and I both kicked him. He wasn't going to help.

  "I think I'm going to ask Snape for my book back." Harry said quietly.

  "If it'll help... I don't know why your telling us." I said adding a small grammar mark to Harry's homework. 

  "Better you than me." Ron said and Hermione agreed leaving my comment to the dumps. Harry disappeared and Hermione started scribbling on Ron's paper. Shrugging I looked back at Harry's. The page seemed to be filled with my little corrections. I handed it to Hermione as she handed Ron's to me. Switching to ensure we didn't miss anything like I cared if I forgot a period. After scanning Ron's I tossed it to him which surprisingly hit him in the face.

  "Catch?" I said as he took out a quill. I took my own paper out and read through it. By the time I finished Harry came back in as pale as a sheet. "He didn't give you a detention did he?" 

  "No" Harry said and sat down. "When I knocked on the staff door no one answered so I opened the door a bit. I saw Filch..." My ink jar was empty. Hermione would tell me later as I got up and headed to bed where there were extra jars. When I came back down Hermione had given Harry his paper and had stolen mine.

  "Did I miss anything or were you looking for answers." I teased. Sitting down she shot me a dirty look.

  "No but you misspelled a couple words." She replied straightening up.

  "What's a couple words if the facts are right?" I answered. Harry and Ron chuckled. "Oh, come on that wasn't even funny!" Slowly everyone headed to bed. I was tempted to take a walk but deciding against it I headed upstairs. Taking my necklace off I opened it and watched for a couple minutes before my eyelids became too heavy from lack of sleep. 


  The seat was cold like everything else but the sun was shinning. Looking behind me I saw teachers watching the field intently. It was a odd detention from Professor McGonagall. I rather not speak of how I got in, it was a tad bit embarrassing. I knew why Professor McGonagall picked this odd detention I could feel papa's gaze on my back. However Professor McGonagall was smiling like a child at Christmas. Avoiding your father's overwhelming I-know-you're-there-and-how-you-got-there stare was very annoying and makes you want to apologize for how it happened. Even if you were right. Thankfully, Lee Jordan sat besides me and being a friend of the Weasley twins...well he knew I was funny... he would talk with me. That was until I learned he would be the commentary of the game. Professor McGonagall and I traded seats at that fact. I simple replied to him telling me that I would be 'a distraction' to him. The game has just started as scarlet and green flew into the sky. I have never been a huge fan for Quidditch so watching people on brooms (which are fun to fly) fly around was putting me to sleep. Reaching in my robe I pulled out my potions book and began to read. 

  "GRYFFINDORS SCORES!" Lee shouted. I looked up to see the whole Gryffindor side, even the Professor, cheering. She looked down at me. 

  "Why aren't you cheering?" She asked looking insulted.

  "Never had much fun watching Quidditch." I answered and turned a page. The page turned into one word as the cheers from the crowds got louder. Finally I put it away and looked back. Papa and I caught each others eyes. I looked at the field. While everyone watched the chasers my eyes wandered to the scarlet player who's broom seemed out of his control. I slowly pulled on the Professor's robe and pointed. She gasped. The Weasley twins now had flown up to Harry but if they got too close it would shoot up in the air and vice versa. Hearing a yelp behind me I turned to see papa looking down at his robes as if something had hit him. Our eyes locked a second time and I looked forward. As soon as the Snitch popped out of Harry's mouth I disappeared in the crowd to find Hermione. I found them heading to Hagrid's hut so I tagged along. In Hagrid's hut, avoiding the huge boarhound, I sat next to Hermione as Ron explained what he thought happened. Then Harry mentioned the dog and I shivered. Three headed dogs was the excuse I made for whenever some asked why I was out of bed. 

  "But Snape's trying to steal it." Harry insisted. I laughed and everyone looked at me funny. 

  "What?" I asked dreading the lie I would have to conjure up. After seeing the dog I asked papa through a letter about it. Landed me in detention but at least I found out what it was there for. Guarding something. Papa wouldn't elaborate on what that something was. 

  "Snape's not trying to steal it he's one of the teacher guarding it." Hagrid said to the others but staring at me. 

  "Well, this talk is fun but I've got to go... detention and all." I said and almost ran out the door. 


  Hermione thankfully didn't push the subject on how Snape stealing something was funny. So days blended into weeks and weeks blended into a month. Suddenly there was a paper on the bulletin of everyone going home for Christmas.

  "Christmas! It felt so far away!" I muttered to Hermione during a potions class.

  "I'm going home for Christmas." Hermione said as she added some needles into the cauldron. I nodded looking up at papa.

  "I haven't decided yet." I answered looking back at the potion which was turning green. "Hermione, you have to stir."

  "Oh!" She exclaimed and began to stir. "Tomorrow the train leaves for the muggle world and you haven't decided if you're going home to your father."

  "I haven't gotten a letter back." I said adding a few drops of water. It was true I had sent a question to papa but he seemed really busy. The bell saved me from Hermione's questioning and she disappeared. Bottling the finished potion I watched as the classroom emptied and papa was left. Setting the bottle on the desk I gave my shoulder strap a small tug and cleared my throat. Papa looked up from his papers. 

  "I decided to stay here, Anna. Maybe next year but I have a lot going on." He said standing up.

  "I understand. I can visit right?" I asked and he nodded and walked out. Following him out I headed to the girl's bathroom where I sank to the floor of a stall and gulped at the air. Not admitting it but I was very disappointed that we were staying here. It meant holiday with Harry and Ron. I was not looking forward to this vacation.

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