Anna Black: Her Story

J.K.Rowling created Harry Potter while I (the author of this) imagine myself in that world at that time and as my own character. My character is Anna Black. This is a rewrite there will be HUGE changes!!! Please read!! (Only year ONE)


1. Prologue



 Severus Snape sat up quickly in his bed. Breathing heavy he looked about the room. Nothing was misplaced or moved. The only thing different were the flashes of lightning outside his window and if he listened hard enough there were small cries. Like a child was out in the winter storm. Taking his wand he got out of bed and headed down his stairs. The cries were slightly louder but still barely audible over the raging storm. Hurring to the door he pulled it open to see a small wicker basket no bigger than what was held inside it. Kneeling down Severus Snape saw the crying child wrapped around in three multicolored blankets. The child had a small grey beanie on. He stashed his wand away looked around and carried the basket inside. The door closed behind him as he carried the basket to the living room. Setting it on his coffee table Severus Snape whipped his wand out. Pointing it at the fireplace it lit up sparking the heavy messy room with light. Circling the wand around the water soaked basket it immediately dried. The child's blue eyes widen. He couldn't tell the emotion. The child watched him as he took a piece of paper out from besides it. 

 My family is gone. We're all running. They're gone and I'm the next target. Please if you have a heart take my child in as your own. Do not let her know of her past. Please, a family member in jail and a mother without anyone to help her survive. I'm sick and dying. He knew of course but that doesn't stop them from wanting the information on a certain someones I love. Lily told me you could be trusted. I don't understand her faith in you but if she says it, I can trust her. Lily told me of the old times. She hoped so I shall let her hope carry on even after her death. All I wished is that my child has a better life than I had. She needs someone other than an orphanage. My child's name is Anna Winfred Black born the first of January. She is only one. Please take care of her.
With faith,
Jennie Black

 Severus had to read the letter twice before understanding what it meant. He still was confused. Pushing his hair back he looked up at the child. She was watching him and smiling. Severus unknowingly smiled back but stood up and began to pace the cutter room full of books. At some point the child had fallen asleep and Severus sat down watching the small breaths. Smiling he fell asleep unsure of what he was going to do.


 Severus looked up at the orphanage sign above his head. Taking a deep breath he entered the building. The room he entered was surprisingly clean. The light blue walls shined with cleaning materials. The black and white tiles looked as though they were put in right before he came. There was no one behind the organized to the last period desk. Severus looked down at the sleeping girl in the basket. They had to take a train to the nearest orphanage. Hopefully it was a good home that her mother hoped for. Clicking heels made Severus's head snap up and watch as a woman entered. She held onto a clipboard with white knuckles, straw hair looked as though it hadn't been properly dried, and the green crocodile outfit all gave the impression she wasn't a woman to cross. Her lips tightened as she walked behind the desk. 

 "Getting rid of your child?" She asked but it wasn't really a question.

 "No, she isn't mine." Severus answered placing the basket on the desk. "I would however like to ask some questions before I give this child away."

 "Ask away." She answered ruffling through papers.

 "Are children happy here?"

 "We like to think of all our children as happy. If however they misbehave then we use punishment like any parent." More ruffling papers.

 "Will they all find good homes?" Severus asked knowing Jennie's wish. The woman visible looked heart broken.

 "It is very rare that children get adopted. Or find homes that take care of them. Orphan children have such a hard time with life. If it were up to me orphanages would close and children would go home to loving parents." The lady took out a pen and paper. "What is the child's name?" Severus was stunned to see how she suddenly composed herself perfectly. It was as if she never showed her hurt side. Suddenly Severus remembered on the train an old lady who had complimented him and helped him out. He hadn't told her the truth because the general love in the muggle's eye. 

 "Never mind." Severus said taking the basket and walking out. He went to a local bookstore next to find tips that would help him with a child.



Years later

 "Papa!" Screamed a voice. Severus jumped out of his bed and ran to the room across from his. He hurried into the room to find a a girl with wild blue eyes and long flowing midnight hair sitting up in bed. Tears were already streaming down her pale cheeks as Severus wrapped her with his arms. 

 "It was just a dream. Shh... there there everything is okay." Severus said. He looked around the room making sure that the nightlight was on casting a glow on the room. One stuffed animal was lying on the floor with other toys. A jump rope hung on the back of a chair. The crying stopped and Severus looked at the girl.

 "Papa," She croaked, "It was a horrible dream." She shook her head not wanting to go on about it. Severus smiled and hugged her again. Then letting her lay back down he pulled the covers up to her nose. Smiling he had a idea.

 "Where you go?" He asked putting the covers over her head. She laughed as Severus got up and began looking under the bed muttering "She has to be here somewhere." Getting out of the bed she ran over and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned and lifted her off her feet laughing and carried her to bed.Covering her up he sat on the edge of the bed. She smiled and watched as Severus took out his wand and began to make colored smoke float around her room. 


 "Yes, Anna?"

 "We'll always be together right?" She asked her hopeful blue eyes looked into his black ones.

 "Well except at school" Severus said jokingly. Anna always visited during Hogsmead trips. She loved seeing Hogwarts so far away. She loved seeing where Severus worked. They alway wrote letters. Some twice a day but he knew what she meant. She must have had a dream where she was all alone. Even without the babysitter next door who watched her while Severus worked. 


 "Nothing would bring us apart, Anna. Especial nothing can stop me from loving you with all my heart." Severus said.

 "I love you to, papa." Anna said. Severus kissed the top of her forehead and sat there till Anna fell completely asleep.

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