Anna Black: Her Story

J.K.Rowling created Harry Potter while I (the author of this) imagine myself in that world at that time and as my own character. My character is Anna Black. This is a rewrite there will be HUGE changes!!! Please read!! (Only year ONE)


6. Brooms and Dogs

 That Thursday I followed the first years trudging along with Hermione who had her nose in a book. It's title read Quidditch Through the Ages. Laughing I pried it from her white knuckled hands and looked at the page.

 "You don't need this, Hermione. Books aren't going to help with flying." I said handing the book back to an offended bushy haired girl. A boy, Neville followed closely behind hanging onto each word like it was his last. 

 "How are you suppose to..." She started but I pointed at a crazed haired teacher with sharp features.

 "Listen to the experts." I interrupted. She snatched the book from my offering hand and stuffed her face back in it. Something about being high in the air on only a stick seemed to frighten me but I knew I would be okay. I reminded myself of what the Weasley twins said this morning. The brooms owned by the school tend to have a mind of their own. That was a bit of information I was not going to enclose to the two people behind me. 

 "Alright everyone stand by a broom." Madame Hooch, the teacher, said in a very loud voice. Hermione nervously placed the book on the grass by our bags and stood at a broom. I stood next to her and Neville stood on my other side. He looked the most frightened of the lot. "Stick your right hand over the broom and say 'UP'."

 "UP" Yelled the class. Some brooms shot straight up to the students hands. Hermione's rolled over. Neville's stayed put. 

 "Up" I said and the broom jumped up and fell lightly to the ground. "UP" It shot to my hand and I dropped it looking at the piece of wood in my hand. Clenching my teeth I pulled it out and picked up the broom. Hermione followed my example of picking it up. Neville didn't want to touch his. 

 "Neville, it's going to be okay." I said to him and Hermione nodded, nervousness written all over her face, not helping. Neville slowly picked the broom up. Watching Madame Hooch I mounted my own broom and gripped my broom. After everyone did it she slowly circled to the front. 

 "Kick off from the ground, rise a few feet then come straight back down by leaning slightly forward. On my count. One...Two..." Before she said three Neville rose up high. "Come down boy!" Madame Hooch yelled. Neville however didn't hear her having risen further up. I kicked off the ground to get him but Neville suddenly fell from the sky. I leaped off my broom as Madame Hooch ran over to where Neville fell. 

 "No one is to leave the ground while I escort him to the hospital wing. If I see any broom leave the ground they will be out of this school before they can say Quidditch!" Madame Hooch said. 

 "Did you see the fat lumps face?" Malfoy said laughing.

 "Shut up, Malfoy, before I give you a reason." I said loudly. Malfoy looked shocked.

 "Ooh, sticking up for Longbottom? Never thought, Black, you went for cry babies." A girl Slytherin with a pointy face jeered at me. Before I knew it Hermione grabbed my arm stopping me from punching the girl. I glared at her as Malfoy pointed at something. Harry Potter came into the fray by telling Malfoy to give it back. As they both rose up in the air I watched as Harry shot at Malfoy like an arrow. Malfoy barely missed but threw something. Harry followed it perfectly and caught it before hitting the ground. 

 "HARRY POTTER!" Yelled a voice. Spinning I saw Professor McGonagall running out. I watched as he followed her into the castle and Malfoy laughed. 

 "Everyone say bye to the famous Potter." Malfoy cheered in joy. 

 "Or we'll say bye to you once I'm..." I started but Hermione and Harry's friend Ron grabbed my arms. Malfoy paled and dropped the broom hurrying toward the castle. During dinner however Harry's flight seemed like wildfire. The first, first year in over a century on the team. I really didn't care but everyone was talking about it. Hermione wasn't listening to me as she was evesdropping on a conversation that Harry and Ron were having. I caught the words duel and tonight. Dinner was over I hurried up to the Owlery. Finally getting there I looked at the owls who were beginning their nightly flight. 

 "I need you to deliver this in the morning." I said picking a small barn owl. Taking out a letter I had written for papa I tied it to it's leg. "Understand?" I asked. It nibbled my finger in reply. Letting it fly off I looked out the window seeing the sight I had seen some nights ago. My fingers automatically opened the locket and closed it. I repeated the pattern watching the sky grow darker and darker. More and more owls flew over my head as it got darker. Drumming my fingers I thought about my deal with papa. The castle was so inviting and I didn't want to go back. Smiling I headed out of the Owlery and down the steps. Putting my hands in my pocket I slowly walked among the sleeping pictures. Watching them was like watching another person sleep. Each one had their own separate thing. It seemed like the halls never ended as I continued. I opened a door I looked at the shining trophies in glass cases. Making an 'O' with my mouth I read each one. Suddenly I heard voices. Whipping my wand out I pointed it where they came. Suddenly I was face to face with Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville all except Neville in pajamas. Before we could exchange words I heard Filch's voice speaking to someone. Grabbing Harry's arm I pushed him in the direction of where I came. We all started running when Peeves shot out form a classroom door. I gasped as he yelled on the top of his lungs. 

 "RUN" I yelled over him

 "Don't need you to say it twice!" Harry replied as we ran away sprinting for our lives. Coming up to a door I slammed into it hoping it would open. It didn't.

 "We're done for!" Ron wined paling. 

 "Move over! Alohomora!" Hermione said taking Harry's wand. We piled in and I closed the door behind us. Harry pressed his ear up to the door. Harry was listening to the door but I was more interested in the room. Or actually more frightened by the six pairs of eyes staring at us. It was a giant dog. It's heads touched the ceiling. My eyes traveled up and down the massive pooch standing infront of me. I could see Hermione looking at the floor in confusion. The heads began to growl and the shock began to wear off. I was the first out and pulled a frozen Neville out of the room. With Harry's help we closed the door and took off down the hall. I was sprinting faster than them, twisting and turning heading for the common room. Once there I laid down on the floor completely drained. Then following Hermione up to the dormitory I fell asleep at once.

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