Maleficent is finally moving out of her foster home but shes also leaving the only love she has ever known to go to Alaska. Now she's rich has a awesome best friend and she has everything she has every wanted. Through in a hot boy and all his hot friends and lets see what happens in Alaska


2. Chapter two

                     CHAPTER two

I awake to the shaking of my leg. I peek slightly to see who is bothering me. The first thing I saw was Landon’s creamy brown eyes they remind me of coffee with just the right amount of milk in it.

“Mal, come on you have to get ready”, he says pulling me off the bed.

I get off the bed, stretch and yawn.

“I’m up, I’m up”, I say sleepily.

I walk past Landon and through the door. I grab a towel from the cupboard next to the bathroom door I knock on the door when no one answers I walk in and enter the shower.

I walk back into the bedroom and pick out my best winter clothes, a black pair of jeans, a big white sweater and light brown ‘UGGS’. I start with a netted set of underwear and then the rest of my clothes. Landon walks in while I’m putting on my sweater, then sits and watches me put on my shoes. When I’m done I sit on his lap and we embrace each other. I feel it when he runs his hands in my long light brown hair. I stand and he gives me his leather jacket.

“So that you won’t be cold”, he says with no emotion.

I get that he has trouble, but it’s times like this I hate.

“Thanks” I say

“Umm…we should get going we’re going to be late” he says finally speaking up

“Wait I want you to have my guitar”, I take the case and hand it to him.

“What why? No it’s yours I don’t want it”, he argues.

“I don’t care”, with my tone I end the conversation.

Landon picks up my suit case, I pick my duffle bag and we walk down stairs in silence. I say good bye to all the other kids while Landon takes the key from one of the nuns that work here part time. I walk out the door with Landon in tow. We put the bags in the back of the old ‘Nisan Station Wagon’ and jump in the drive is really and I’m asleep through most of it.

And this is it I have officially left California.

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