Maleficent is finally moving out of her foster home but shes also leaving the only love she has ever known to go to Alaska. Now she's rich has a awesome best friend and she has everything she has every wanted. Through in a hot boy and all his hot friends and lets see what happens in Alaska


3. Chapter three


  When I get on the plane an older lady directs to a seat and then sits next to me.

“Are you Maleficent?” she asks politely

“Yea I am. Do you mind call me Mal?”

“Why it’s such a lovely name?” she questions.

“Because it’s the name of a Disney villain” I say rudely.

“Well I think it’s a lovely name and it’s your only name and you should be proud of it, people like you because of your personality not because of your name.”

I don’t answer back I’ve learnt my lesson from a stranger, yay.

“Sorry I haven’t introduced myself, I am Alexandria Skye. Your new mother.” She grins widely and I can’t help but smile.

“Well I’m Maleficent Skye, your new daughter.” I sate happily.

“I’ve got something for you daughter.”

She pulls out a black box out of her purse and I recognize it from a phone store I once walked into it’s the new ‘I Phone 5’. She hands it to me and I take it out of the box while whispering ‘thank yous’ grinning while doing so. I am just so happy. And she’s not done there she takes out a larger box and again hands it to me there are ‘BEATS by DR. DRE’ the new ones and they are red like the phone. I turn them on and play music on the phone, then quickly falling asleep.

I’m awoken to the shaking of my arm I’m beginning to think that people want to ruin my beauty sleep.

“Hun it’s time to go” whispers mom.

I jump at the words and quickly unbuckle the seat-belt and reach for my duffle bag in the carry-on compartment and then we exit. We get are bags and wait for someone to pick us up right then a limousine pulls up in front of us and we jump and drive to my new home.

The house was huge and mainly made out of wood and stone it had elegance and class, I love it, it’s beautiful. We went inside the house and Mom showed me around.  

The first place we went was the kitchen it was classy and modern with stainless steel appliances a large island that can be used as a dining table and a double sink. The counters and the island are made out of granite and all the cupboards are made out of rich polished wood. After that she shows me the living room it has a cream L shaped couch on front of the couch is a modern glass and metal coffee table. Hanging on the fire place is a ninety-four inch Samsung smart television in black. There is a whole wall of glass for the windows with a view of the snow covered evergreens.

Then she shows me the library, three guest bedrooms, bathrooms, the indoor pool, the master bedroom and the music room.

 Finally we’ve reached my room; on the door my name is written in carmine. Mother walks in front of me and opens the door we enter the room is carmine and white there is a canopy bed with red silk sheets and pillows the curtains are white and tied to the four post. At the end of the bed there is a small empty white table I empty my plush toys and organize them on the table. On the carmine wall is a smaller version of the television in the living room under that there is a long glass and metal desk with an ‘I MAC’ on it and a stack of my favorite books. There is white office chair pushed against the desk mom pulls it out and sit on it and watches me. On all the walls there are posters of ONE DIRECTION. There is a glass double door with red curtains in the wall opposite the door. I open it and I am greeted with the most amazing view a have ever seen in my entire life. The evergreen trees are covered in a thick blanket of pure white snow. The grey-blue mountains are peaked with the snow. I walk back inside and close the door then I walk to a dark colored wooden door next to the bed.

I walk inside and my breath is taken away from me. There is a mirror that seems to go on forever and under that is a vanity the same length in all black except the sinks. All the walls are made out of granite and black tiles. The bathtub at the end of the room is large and covered in black tiles. The shower opposite the vanity is huge I open the glass door and walk inside everything is covered in black tiles and there is a little place to sit down. I look up and the whole roof was a silver rain shower head I always wanted one of those and if you look at it closely you can see little lights in it. I walk out and open the door next to the shower and it’s the all black toilet.

I run out of the bathroom and back in the bedroom.

“God I love it. I love everything!” I exclaim.

“Really I didn’t think you would. It was really hard finding and making stuff for you without ever talking to you” she explains.

“Well I love it and I love you!” I scream. I am just so happy.

“I love you to hunny” mom says while hugging me.

She walks out of the room and I strip of my clothes and lay on top of the silk sheets. I stare at the roof at that moment in time I know I was meant to be here and that belonged in Alaska. 

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