Maleficent is finally moving out of her foster home but shes also leaving the only love she has ever known to go to Alaska. Now she's rich has a awesome best friend and she has everything she has every wanted. Through in a hot boy and all his hot friends and lets see what happens in Alaska


1. Chapter one

Tomorrow I am going leave the hell hole I called home. I was a foster kid living in a home that was filled with crying babies and screaming boys. I was one of the oldest here, there are two seventeen year old boys who always fight, quite little me and about five babies three girls and two boys, so my life was kind of hectic, we lived in Los Angeles so it’s always hot I hate it. The reason why I’m leaving is because of after sixteen years of being stuck here I finally got adopted. So I was in my soon to be old room packing all my clothes into and old suit case then I pulled out my dusty old guitar case from under the bed it’s probably the second best thing that has ever happened to me, this polished cherry red guitar I bought for myself on my sixteenth birthday. I took all the plush toys that I have collected over the years and put them in a duffle bag. After I’m done with packing I sit on the bed bouncing lightly, someone knocks on the door. “It’s me”, says the deep voice behind the door. “Me who?” I question. “Uh Landon” I get up and open the door. “What’s up” I say. He walks in and sits beside me on the bed and I lean my head on his shoulder. “You know I’ll miss you right?” I asked. “Yea”, he answered. “I’m so sorry okay I hope you’ll forgive me” I apologized. “It’s not your fault I knew this would happen I knew you would leave” he says sadly. “I love you so much Landon and no matter what happens out there even if I get married and have kids know that I will always love you okay” , I feel hot tears stream down my face I didn’t think it would be so hard. Landon and I were like love at first sight, we met when he came here, he was only ten years old and I was nine since then we were inseparable. Landon only ever talked to me and I was the only one who knew what really happened to him, he was raped when he was eight by his mother’s best friend. Our love for each other grew as we got older. He’s the only love I ever known and didn’t want to leave him. What if he found someone better? I thought. I screamed the pain in my heart physical and unbearable. “Don’t cry…I-I love you” he comforts. “You really do, you swear?” I nervously question. “Yes of course I do but you’ll find someone better in Alaska someone who could love you better than I ever could, and if you ever come back I’ll always be here and I’ll always love you” a tear streamed down his cheek and I wiped it away. I kissed his cheek, his nose, his forehead, his neck and finally his lips. His lips molded to mine like they were made for each other as I had thought they were, he bit and then licked my lower lip asking for entrance which I granted desperately, his tongue tangling with mine, dancing that slow dance I knew by heart. He tasted of tobacco smoke and peppermint candy my favorite taste since I was fourteen. We finally stopped kissing and we laid down on the bed entangled in each other. I was going to miss this, us just sleeping together. He untangled his self from me. “I’m going to get something be right back” he says. I wondered what he went for as I sat patiently on the bed. He walked in with a medium sized black velvet bag and a chest shaped box printed out. He placed himself next to me on the bed and stuck his finger in the small hole at the top of the bag to widen it when he did he stuck his hand in the bag and took out a silver chest, he took a small key out of the pocket of his jeans and stuck the key into a small heart shaped lock. He removed the lock and opened the chest it had two compartments in top and one at the bottom of the chest. Then he placed the chest on my lap and looked on as I watched through it. At the top of the box in the first compartment was a diamond tennis bracelet and matching necklace in second was an actual remake of the necklace from the Titanic and at the bottom was three rings the first was a huge twelve carat white diamond ring the next was a large blue sapphire in the middle of two smaller diamonds and the last was a platinum ring with rubies encrusted in it. I started to cry again I couldn’t take this it was too much way too much. “Landon I’m sorry but I can’t take this it’s too much” I argue. “I want you to have this all of it I have no use for it I was going to sell in anyway” he states. “Where did you get something like this?” I ask. “From my mother, she gave it to me before she died” he says. “B-but” I plead. “I won’t take no for an answer” he cuts me off. “Why are you giving this to me? If you sell this do you know how much money you will get?” I question. “My mother said to give it to someone I love so I’m giving it to you and I don’t want the money and plus this is me paying you back.” He says happily. “Paying me? For what?” I ask. “For giving me my life back before you I didn’t have one and so I’m repaying you” he states. “I love you so much. “I say. “I love you too Maleficent” says Landon.
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