Maleficent is finally moving out of her foster home but shes also leaving the only love she has ever known to go to Alaska. Now she's rich has a awesome best friend and she has everything she has every wanted. Through in a hot boy and all his hot friends and lets see what happens in Alaska


4. Chapter four


 Today I’m going to start high school and I have to admit that I’m scared. I’ve heard of the means girls in school that beat you up because of just your shoes. And what if no one likes me? What if everybody’s super mean?

Anyway I pick out an outfit for school; white jeans, gray v neck, pink scarf, gray high heeled boots, pink gloves and a pink and gray plaid jacket. I get in the shower and wash my hair when I’m done I my thigh length hair into a side braid and then I put on mascara and eye liner with some baby pink lipstick. When I’m done putting on my clothes I go down stairs to the kitchen and sit at the island I say morning to mom and she answers. She sets a plate of French toast and warm skimmed milk in front of me and then sits and eats.

By the time we reach to school it’s barely six o’clock. The school has two buildings the science department and the rest of the school mom walks me inside and carries me to the office. Once were inside she says her ‘good byes’ and leaves I walk up to the secretary.

“Umm hi I’m new here” I state nervously.

“What’s your name darling” she says in a polite Texas accent.

“It’s Maleficent Skye.” I say a little more relaxed.

“Okay here is your schedule and your list of extracurricular activities and here’s your keys to your locker and don’t look so scared baby it’s everybody’s first day” she comforts seeing the look on my face.

“Thanks” I say.

I walk out of the office looking for locker number 174. Just then a girl around my age with half of her hair lilac and half light blue she has a heart shaped face with big brown eyes and full nude lips. She looks as though she has a touch of Asian in her. She is wearing blue jeans, a heavy black sweater, a gray scarf and black high heeled boots.

“Hi I’m Candy St. Cloud” she says giddily.

“Hi I’m Maleficent Sky but you can call me mal” I say politely.

“Well Mal we are going to be best friends from now on” she says.

“Can I see you your schedule” she asks.

“Sure here” I hand the folder to her.

“Yay your locker is next to mine and we have math, English, science, literature, chemistry, music, gym and drama together. Now come on lets decorate you locker.”

All the lockers were full length and all different colors my locker was purple and Candy’s was blue. She helped me put in my zebra wallpaper we also put a dry erase pocket board on the door and purple flower magnets and some hangers. I put a miniature chandelier and I stuck pockets on the door.

I placed all my books in it. It was Monday and the first class I had was math with Candy. Candy carried me to the class room and we sat next to each other and talked about ONE DIRECTION. The bell rang after about half an hour and the teacher came in.

“Hello class my name is Mrs. Monroe and I understand that we have a new student. Will Maleficent Skye please stand up.” The teacher says strickly.

I stand and motion’s me to her desk. She asks a boy to get some text books for me.

“Alright class this is Maleficent Skye and she is from California please give her a true Alaskan welcome” the teacher and the students welcome then Mrs. M tells me to take a seat. Math class passes quickly all we had to do was take notes on the signs used in mathematics. The bell ring for English and Candy and I walk together but in this class we sit in the last row. Candy pulls a makeup bag out of her book bag and hands it to me.

“A gift for being my friend” she whispers.

“Thanks do you give all your friends gifts” I whisper back.

“No because you’re my only friend” she mumbles sadly.

I take the metal anklet with heart charm off my leg. I hand it to her.

“This is for being first, best and only friend” I mutter while grinning at her.

She smiles sweetly and I think. Why won’t anyone be friends with her? She’s beautiful and fun to be around. Well now she has and in this world all you really need is one real true friend. The day passes by quickly and next thing I know its lunch. Candy carries me to one of the lunch ladies and tells them I’m new the lady looks confusingly at me and then hands me a card I take it from her hand.

“It’s a food card for lunch and stuff” Candy says.

After that we get in line for food. Surprisingly all the food looks good maybe even great. I take an apple, a chicken salad sandwich, two cookies and a carton of chocolate milk. Candy gets the same thing and we sit in an empty table next to a window. Two boys holding hands sit next to us, one next to Candy and one next to me.

“Hi I am Jax and this is Dean” says the one next me and points at the boy across from him.

“And you guys like you might be fun to hang around and no we’re not trying to put any moves on you we are gay. So what are your names?” asks Dean.

“I’m Candy and this is Mal.” says Candy pointing at me.

“Are you two together also?” Jax questions

“No we’re best friends” I say.

“But I’m gay “says Candy.

When Candy says those words openly the first thing I feel is hunger because I haven’t started eating yet and the second thing I feel is admiration. She is just so brave. Her care-free attitude is now my favorite thing about her. I take a huge bite out of my green apple.

“You know if I was gay I would never be able to say that openly. I admire you for that Miss. St. Cloud” I state in posh accent. Candy giggles.

“Well thank you I also admire you for not running away when I said I was gay Miss. Skye.” She replies also with a posh accent.

 I start eating my lunch again when I’m done I listen to the others conversation putting in my two cents when appropriate. Finally lunch is over Candy and I put are trays in the tray bin and then we leave.

The rest of the day passes quickly before I know it the last bell has rung and  all the children scatter about and out the door I put all my stuff in my locker then I grab my purse and sit outside on a bench. I stay until all the teenagers are gone.

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