Two Singer's One Love(a harry styles fan fic)

Will singer Marie Celece Connors fall in love with singer Harry Styles? I guess you'll have to read to find out.



5. Meeting the boy's!

*Marie's POV*


After the amazing date , I went home and got into my pyjamas : 

I went straight up to my bedroom and when I layed under the covers I hit the pillow and was out like a light and I was dreaming about  the date that me and Harry had .


**Next Morning**


I woke and looked at the time and saw it was 7:00 , today I don't have work because it is Thursday so I get a day off but Sophie has to go to work feel so sorry for her to I took a shower and after my wonderful shower I went into my closet and chosen an outfit today because yesterday Harry said if I would like to meet the rest of the boy's and I said yes to get them know better even I be the background singer and I'm Harry Style's Girlfriend and I chosen this outfit : 

I walked to the other side of the room and saw that Sophie was still sleeping even dough she is going to be late for work again , so I shouted " SOPHIE WAKE UP YOUR LATE". As a joke she still has 2 hours , I saw her get up like lighting and went to have a shower , so I went downstairs and stated making , eggs and bacon again and I made toast for Sophie because she looks like she is in a rush , She came down and I hugged her and gave her the breakfast and she went off.


When she left I got my phone out and texted Harry saying this : 


To: Harry x


Hey Harry , Like you said yesterday I could meet the boy's well my best friend has gone to work so she won't be back still Midnight so would you like you and the boy's to come to my house and have a movie marathon and the first one to fall asleep losers , so bring a sleepover bag ok love - Marie x


I got a texted straight away and it said :


From: Harry x


Hey , Yeah I remember and sure we love to have a movie marathon babe , I let the boy's know and then tomorrow we can get started with the plan for the tour where you going to sleep and all that stuff ok love you bye see yea in a hour. - Haz x


I smiled at the text and locked my phone put it into my back pocket and I then heard the doorbell and I looked through the peep hole and it was the pizza man for tonight because It is already 12 pm in the afternoon and I turned the oven on , Then I heard my phone go off again and it was a text from Sophie it said :


From: Sophie :)


Hey Marie , I got to tell you this I won't be home I am going to stay at my aunties because she just rang me and said she is not feeling really well so , I got to go and look after her so my room is free if you have any boys love yea , USE PROTECTION. - Soph x 


I laughed and at the text messaged and locked my phone , so I stared going outside cleaning inside and outside so the boy's don't think I am a messy girl witch I'm not because Sophie makes a mess the most.


**4 Hours Later**


I finally finished cleaning the house and I was sweating like mad , I looked at the time and I had an hour to go and take a shower , I rushed upstairs and took  one and I got into my onesie and I went downstairs and I just let my hair down and I put the pizza's into the oven and I moved the little table but nots of pumped you beds and blankets or the guest rooms are free if they have guts to go upstairs , I out everything like popcorn ,sweets , crisp's into the bowl and many more , I carried everything into the living room and put them in front of the plasma T.V and I looked at myself , I made everyone popcorn so they have one for themselves.


I heard the doorbell and I went to answer it and it was the boy's and I opened the door and I said " Come in boy's welcome to my home and my best friends".  They came in and I got all them bags and Harry helped me and I said " Liam could you please turn off the oven because the pizza's are ready in there". " SURE MARIE". he shouted back and me and harry put all the bags into different guys rooms and he spun me round and we kissed passionate for 20 mins , I pulled away to catch some air , however the boy's even waiting downstairs I grabbed his hand and went downstairs and started eating the pizza , sweets , crisp's e.t.c.


We watched and Louis is already down also Zayn and Niall so It is only me , Liam and harry only ones awake who is going to beat me I think me and Harry are going to win I looked at Liam and he fell off the chair and slept onto the floor. I gave Harry a high-five , I told him " Shall we take them upstairs you take Zayn and Louis and I take Niall and Liam they are the light's". He nodded we got them , went upstairs and tooked them with the covers.


Marie's Pyjamas : 



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