Two Singer's One Love(a harry styles fan fic)

Will singer Marie Celece Connors fall in love with singer Harry Styles? I guess you'll have to read to find out.



7. Meeting Harry's Little Sister Alexa

I live with my mum called Anne and my step-dad shall we say called Robin. My mu yesterday told me that she all ready called Harry , Yes thy Harry styles from One Direction because I am his little sister , well sorry I didn't introduce myself. 


Name :  Alexa Styles


Age: 23


Hair Colour: Brown 


Eye Colour : Blue


Hobbies : Swimming , Reading , Skateboarding and Basket-Ball 


Personality : Caring , Friendly , Angry if get on her bad side , helpful


Favourite Colour : Blue , Black , Red and White


Favourite Singer/Boy-Band  : Black Veil Brides , One Direction , Union J , The Vamps and Selena Gomez


I finally finished packing my bag and my suitcase , I went downstairs and put my suitcase by the door with my big bag , I went into the kitchen were mum was cooking , and I said " What smells so good Ma". "I am making some my special soup". I nodded and then robin came down and said "You ready to go kiddo". "Yea let me say good bye to my mum ok". He nodded and started walking to my bags he got them and went outside to the car this is how my car looked like : 

 I already said good bye to my mum and I punched robins arm playfully , he punch mine I got into my car and I waved them good bye , I put my Black Veil Brides CD inside and blasted music on my way to harry's , after few hours driving to London because I had to stop to top up my car and it was already getting dark I better hurry up I thought , I out the headlights on and started driving again.


My Outfit : 


**Arrived to Harry's House**


I finally arrived to my big brothers house and I got my bags and I knocked on the door and this beautiful girl opened the door and I said " Is my brother home he is Harry and I am Alexa Styles His little sister which I am not little". she looked at me up and down she said " Hello Alexa my name is Marie and I am your brothers girlfriend , please do come in and I will get your brother down in a second". I nodded and put my bags by the hangers and I looked around , I heard the noises upstairs and I waited for Harry to come down and finally he did and he rubbed his eyes and I ran and hugged him saying "I missed you big Bro". "I missed you see , so I see that you like Andy Biersack from BVB I'm I right , also were good friends with them so we might invite them to your birthday party tomorrow its a surprise".  


Harry showed me upstairs and told me where everyone's room are it went the bathroom , Niall's room then Zayn's , Liam's , Louis and lastly Harry's and Marie's yes she told me her name , I un-packed everything and I am not allowed to take of my necklace like Andy says " Never take them off". < (A/N This is true) So I kept them , I took all my make-up off and got into my pyjamas : 

I went downstairs and saw all the boy's in the living room , I went inside there and sat on the floor wiht my phone and looked on Instagram and saw that Andy has followed me , I checked twitter and he was following me as well OMG. I looked up and said " Well night boy's I'm tired good night". "GOOD-NIGHT". They sang. I went to my bedroom looked like this : 

 I got under the covers and when I hit the pillow , I fell asleep and I dreamed that BVB= Black Veil Brides sang my fav song In the End hope tomorrow on my birthday it will be good.


A/N Hey guys sorry didn't update for long time been busy remember to Like, Favourite and Comment 

and the next chapter is going to tomorrow ok thanx good night xx



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