Two Singer's One Love(a harry styles fan fic)

Will singer Marie Celece Connors fall in love with singer Harry Styles? I guess you'll have to read to find out.



13. Lazy Day! x

~~Marie's POV~~


I woke up and I thought me and Alexa can have a Lazy day with the boy's today and I got up and stretched I do love Harry , I hope we sometimes get married and have kids , Alexa could be my best woman , I went to the shower and did my business when I was finish doing my business I wore this : 

 I went downstairs and I saw all the boy's were ready but Alexa wasn't awake yet so I thought I would say to the boy's if they want a Lazy day after having fun like outside and then come back inside to have a lazy day... I went over to them and said " Hey guys would you like to have a Lazy day in .... we could go to the beach and be there for 4 hours then come back and watch movies and play games what do you think". Everyone nodded and Harry spoke up saying " Someone will need to wake Alexa up because I don't trust her in the house alone". Louis got up quickly and ran upstairs I thought I think he likes her but she is taken so it Louis because he has Eleanor.


Louis came downstairs and he had a smile on his face and he said " I'm not waking her up because she is sleeping soundly with her boyfriend Luke it is s cute". I nodded she is so happy with him but this is his last chance if he breaks her heart I will break him because I am like harry I am over protective over her , soon when I get married I be her sister OMG can't wait.


~~Alexa's POV~~


I saw someone coming into mine and Luke's bedroom , I pretended to sleep , when they went out and I knew it was Louis I carefully got out of Luke's grip and went to the shower and did my business. ~~Skip Shower and other business~~ I finished my shower and right now I am doing my make-up because I am going to a party , I know I am 23 so I have the right to party Harry can't stop me , I got dressed into this first but then coming home and get change : 

I saw that Luke was waking up and I straightened  my blonde hair because I dyed it because I didn't want anyone too ask me if I am Harry Styles little sister and I'm his sister I'm not little anymore , I left Luke some of Harry's clothes and I went downstairs and Harry shock his head because he saw what I was wearing and I just ignored him and I got some Orange Juice  and drank it from the carton and put it on the table when finished drinking it and I saw Luke coming down and I kissed him and we were kissing passionate and we went out to get some breakfast for everyone.


~Skip Walk to Shops~


We came back and gave everyone their breakfast but it was already Lunch and I went upstairs and we stopped by at some shops for Luke to buy some clothes for tonight and I got changed into my best clothes : 

 We started walking downstairs hand in hand and we started walking to the party harry or anyone or even Marie didn't see us going because they couldn't be bothered inviting me or Luke for a lazy day. We have arrived and he said " Babe want a drink?". "Yea can have vodka and coke please". I said and winked at me and walked off and I just sat down and all the boy's were staring at me and it was getting creepy finally Luke came back with my drink and he grabbed my hand and we finished are drinks and we danced and we showed everyone how to party ...... We started kissing passionate kissing and we took it so from there to upstairs and you know what happened next...


we came back downstairs and the party still was going on and Luke saw that the boy's saw my bruised arm with finger marks he went to buy some drinks I put on my shoes and ran out the door and the 3 boy's followed me and I went to my old high school and I sat there and looked up. "I gave him a chance he blew it". I whispered and a tear fell and I stud up and I remember when I was a geek and I put my glasses on when I was a geek , smiled to myself and took them off ... I saw Luke and two other boy's and it was Harry my brother and Zayn and I stepped back because off Luke and I screamed at Luke " LUKE GET AWAY FROM ME YOU HURT ME AGAIN YOU ARE DRUNK WHY I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME". I then fainted and I only saw Harry running to me and hugging the last thing I heard was " Stay with Alexa I'm sorry for being a bad brother". Then everything went black.


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