Two Singer's One Love(a harry styles fan fic)

Will singer Marie Celece Connors fall in love with singer Harry Styles? I guess you'll have to read to find out.



15. Hospital AGAIN!!!! Pt 2

~Harry's POV~ 


I can't believe my sister is in hospital again ... I hope Louis will ask her to be his girlfriend I think Louis and Alexa make a good couple but I think she is not going to have a relationship ..We were waiting in the waiting room for the doctor to come and say the results ... and hour later has past and the doctor came and said " Friend's and Family of Alexa". I stood up " What' wrong with her doctor". I said and he looked down at the clipboard and didn't look happy he said " I'm sorry but she in a coma and to much cold when into her body , we need her to wake up then do some test and you may see her. 


We started walking into her bedroom and saw my baby sister not moving completely silence and I saw Louis run in and sitting next to her and we sat on the other couch that was at the end of the bed  and we waited soon we have fallen asleep so did Niall. Liam. Zayn than after me , last time I saw Louis was holding her hand. 


~Louis's POV~


I can't believe Luke would do that to Alexa ..... I started holding her hand and you thinking you are dating Eleanor but we not ...I broke up with her because she always said she was busy but then saw she was with a different guy.

(A/N Please no hate , I ship Eleanor and Louis please no hate I love them really)


I can't stop thinking about her I hope she gets better I started crying and hold her hand and I was praying and said " Alexa if you can hear me please wake up I need you love.... Your brother needs you everyone does please I want to be with you.... your too young to die please wake up". Then I fell asleep.


~Alexa's POV~


All I saw was Black but then a bright light came and saw my mum that died ages go I said " Mum is that you? I'm I died ?". "NO hunny your not  ... you need to be strong come with me and I show you how the boy's are out of your body like a ghost". She said and I was a ghost I saw my state and I saw Harry. Zayn. Liam. Louis. and Niall all fast asleep and I looked at Louis he does really care OMG .... We went into my body and she said " Always remember this we love you with your dad .... you will wake up soon keep strong". she was gone . I had a shock and opened my eyes and thank god Louis didn't wake up and I moved my fingers and said quietly " Harry ... wake up please need the doctor". Harry woke up and rubbed his eyes and saw me he whispered and hugged me carefully and I said " Lets get the doctor and check on me and I will stand in the room with crutches and you wake up the boy's". He nodded and had a smirk.


He went to get the doctors and he came quietly and did the test and he whispered " Your free to go and good to see you and happy life Alexa". "Thank you doctor". I said. Harry lifted me up and gave me the crutches and zipped up his coat that's on me so I kept warm and did a knot in the coat. Harry Shouted " SOMETHING IS HAPPENING TO ALEXA". All the boy's woke up but Louis was the first and Harry was standing holding my hand and I looked up because I was short and kissed his cheek and he hugged me. I saw all the boy's and saw me and smiled and Niall , Liam , Zayn said " Hey". at the same time and they came and hugged me. 


They went out all four of them and said " Were going to sign off you from the hospital ok Louis be careful with her please". He nodded and closed the door and Louis looked up and I walked in my crutches and he kissed me and I kissed back he deepened the kiss and got down on one knee and said " Alexa I know we haven't dated but I loved you when I saw you will you marry me?". "Yes I will marry you ...I love you". He put the ring and carefully went to the lobby of the hospital and Harry saw the ring on my finger so did everyone else and hugged me and said " CONGRATULATION". We went inside the car and started driving home and I fell asleep on Louis lap ...when I was sitting on him and I cuddled up in his chest. 


Engagement Ring : 



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