Two Singer's One Love(a harry styles fan fic)

Will singer Marie Celece Connors fall in love with singer Harry Styles? I guess you'll have to read to find out.



14. Hospital AGAIN!!!! Pt 1

~~Harry's POV~~ 


I didn't see Alexa all day so me and all the boy's but Marie stayed if she ever came back home she would ring us ... we went into the van and we heard a party was going to happen today and I saw a girl in our old high school ...Louis stopped the van he didn't get out only me and Niall also Zayn and saw Alexa screaming at Luke and then she fainted but I court her before she smashed her head on the floor I looked her body she was blue she didn't have a jacket or anything.. I took her top of her and skirt and put her in her pyjamas ... I seen her body so she will let me : 

Then I put my coat over her she could keep warm I carried her bridal style to the van and Louis was shouting Eleanor's name in the phone all I heard was "WERE OVER"... That didn't sound good , I said to Louis " Drive to the hospital , Alexa is cold as ice and she is breathing but not waking up drive Louis".  we started driving to the hospital I hope my baby sister is ok even though she isn't my baby sis anymore but she will always be for me.


~Skip Van Ride~


We have arrived at the hospital and saw the nurse and I said " Excuse me , my sister is cold as ice but she is breathing but she is not waking up please help and now she is warm a bit". she rushed to get the doctors and they lied her down on a soft bed and wheel her to the room where there is a fie place and put the bed next the fire an me and the boy's waited all night to make sure Alexa will be all right ....I texted Marie we found her and she can go to bed.



Too be continued ............ 




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