Two Singer's One Love(a harry styles fan fic)

Will singer Marie Celece Connors fall in love with singer Harry Styles? I guess you'll have to read to find out.



10. Going on a walk then hospital!

~Alexa's POV~


I woke up and felt a hand messing with my hair , I fluttered my eyes open and it was Andy and he said while smiling " Good Morning EMO princess nice sleep". "Good morning babe yeah I had a nice sleep".. I said while pecking his lips teasing him and he cupped my face and we were kissing passionate and I pulled away and I said " I'm going to have a shower and you need too as well and get dressed". " I will have a shower with you and can I borrow some clothes from your bros mate Zayn he is got cool clothes". I nodded and went into the bathroom and I stripped down and left the hot water and then a min later Andy came in and we washed our bodies.


We finished and I go out and dried myself and I had a towel on my hair so it doesn't wet my back and I got dressed into this : 

I finished getting dressed and I saw Andy all ready dressed and his make up is done and I went up to him and jumped on his back and we was giving me a piggy back downstairs and we were laughing and all the boy's saw we ignored them and he out me down and he kissed me on the lips and said " Have to go to the studio today like now but come to the concert tonight babe ok I love you oh here is a back stage ticket and a ticket to get in bye". "Thanx babe I love you too see you there". I said and gave him a last kiss before he went and harry looked at me very angry and he said " Did you use protection while you was having sex". " No and your not my dad I am 23 now , I can be take care of myself and I stomped out of the house and into my car drove to Andy's studio and I went inside and said to management that I am his girlfriend and they were happy. 


I sat down and watch them and he looked up and smiled , I started singing with them when they singing In the end I love that song and Rebel Love Song  and when they have finished , I nearly fell backwards on my chair but thanx god Andy court me , We when outside and we were going to the park , I tripped up a root of a tree and twisted my ankle I screamed in pain and Andy picked me up bridal style and I said "Ouch be careful it hurts". "I know babe calm down I'm here for you".


**Skip Hospital Stuff**


We got out of the hospital and now I am on crutches for 5 months until my ankle heals , Andy was holding me steady at the back because I didn't know how to use the crutches yet , we got home t Andy's and I went inside and everything thing was nearly black , I sat down on the couch.


Harry already dropped my stuff and Andy said "Why your stuff here babe?  Did you have a fight we Harry?". I nodded and started crying and he came and hugged me and shushes me tells me everything will be ok , Andy carried me upstairs into his room and it was the same as mine. I got into my same pyjama's.


Introduction to Black Veil House 


House : 

Living Room : 

Kitchen : 

Bathroom upstairs : 

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