Two Singer's One Love(a harry styles fan fic)

Will singer Marie Celece Connors fall in love with singer Harry Styles? I guess you'll have to read to find out.



12. Fair time with the boy's!

**Alexa's POV**


Yesterday we went to Andy's house so he can show me around and to check to see where I am sleeping if I ever need a place to stay I got up and went to the shower's I did my business and I wore this : 

I put on my black high heels I went downstairs and saw that all the boy's were downstairs and Harry looked at me and looked what I was wearing and he was not happy he said " Alexa what the fuck are you wearing you not going with us to the fair like that". "Harry I am not a baby anymore and I am going like this like it or not". I grabbed my jacket and everyone left to the cars but Louis is going to drive with me because his car has gone to the garage to get fixed and we started driving and Louis played our music really loud.


~~Skip Car Ride~~


We have arrived and saw which I really didn't want to see my ex Luke I started walking to the food store and the boy's went and harry nodded and I asked the old lady " Hello can I have soda please and muffin please". "Sure Love , that will be.... wait Alexa is that you sweet heart I am your grandma". I was so shocked and started crying and I went round and hugged her and said " Long time no see Gran".  She gave me the stuff and I ate and drank , I saw Andy with a girl with BVB , I looked closely and I bumped into someone and it was Luke he smirked and I said " What you smirking at Luke ..". " Hello to you too , anyway I am sorry for being a bad boyfriend please forgive me".He said so I thought for a min "Ok I forgive you but do me a favour , Andy over there is my boyfriend say to him we are over because he is with that girl please". 


He started walking and he started pointing and saw he was shocked , I looked into the mirror my eyes are purple shit not now magic , they all came back and I froze in front me , Luke came round to me and hold his hand around my waist and I said to Andy " We are through under O-V-E-R I don't want to see you any more". I intertwined mine and Luke's hands he smiled and I blushed and he said " Will you be my girlfriend again and I be more nicer". "Ok only one chance that's it". I said we started walking to my brother and he smiled and he said " You to a thing ..... good I didn't like Andy ....come on let's have some fun". we went on rides and we ate and went on rides again Harry was screaming like a girl , Niall puking after a ride while he was eating on it so funny day today.


~~8 hour's later~~


We was all tired I took of my heels because my feet were hurting and I said " Luke do you have a family to stay or anything". I looked at him and he put his down and said quietly " No I don't". "Don't worry you can live with us". I said and we got into my car Luke and Louis got on very well. 


**Skip Car Ride**


We have arrived home everyone went upstairs and I locked their cars and we went inside locked all the windows and door , Luke helped me... we went into my room and I put my curly hair into a pony tail and put my pyjamas on : 

I went under the covers and I saw Luke standing there , Oh yea he has nothing to wear , I got out and went into harry's room and took one of his shirt , I cover harry up and kissed his forehead and covered him and I did that with the rest of the boy's as well went back into my bedroom and throwed him a shirt , he took it off and he had a 6 pack omg and a v line I'm in love and I went under the covers and he did as well and I fell asleep cuddled up to Luke.


A/N Hope you liked this chapter , sorry for not updating for a long time was busy 


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