Two Singer's One Love(a harry styles fan fic)

Will singer Marie Celece Connors fall in love with singer Harry Styles? I guess you'll have to read to find out.



9. Birthday Surprise :)

**Marie's POV**


I woke up and I thought I would tell Harry to ask Andy and his rest of Black Veil Brides to come to her birthday party then she might date him because she is turning 23 today and I have to keep her away from the house for two hour , we could go shopping but she would love to buy EMO stuff , I finished my shower and I got dressed into this : 

When I knocked on Alexa's door and saw her  not ready and her music everywhere  and all her clothes everywhere OMG , I went over to her and shaked her and she woke up and said very coldly " What you want at 6 am in the morning". "Well I am taking you shopping also go and take a shower you smell". I said and I picked her outfit and she came out and she let her hair down and it was black with purple tips at the end , oh no Harry won't like this , She wore out what I picked her first it was a dress with heels , she throwed them at me and wore this : 

OMG she is so in love BVB , We went downstairs and she got the orange juice and drank from the carton and Harry came in an looked up and down at Alexa and he said calmly " What are you wearing and what fucking happened to your hair??". Then I said " I will explain later now we have to go to the mall and about the birthday". Harry looked to me and nodded and I went back in and whispered to the boy's " Call Black Veil Brides to come ok".  Harry nodded and we got into her car and drove to the mall.



**Skip Car Ride**


We have arrived at the mall and I can't believe she drove that fast and didn't see anyone and we didn't get stopped by the police , we went to every shop and she only bought dark make-up also dark clothes nearly everything was Black Veil Brides this is was she bought : 

**Alexa's POV**


I had to go to the mall with Marie for 2 freaking hours , I hate the mall the people always judged me of the band I like and how I dress like an EMO but I love myself just the way I am and I'm not going to change , I went to my car and waited for Marie to come because she needed to make a phone call , and she finally came and we started driving again and minutes we have arrived back home , I went inside and I went up to my room , I changed into this : 

I went downstairs and everything was off , I turned the switch one ans everyone jumped out and said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" . Then I saw Harry coming up to me and said " Happy Birthday sis , got a big surprise for you outside come on you will love it". He covered my eyes with a blindfold and he was guiding me outside and some music started and I reconsigned this song is was by Black Veil Brides In the End OMG , I took my blindfold and I couldn't believe it was was BVB my favourite band , when they finished the song they came up to me and hugged me and Andy said "Happy Birthday Princess". "Thanx". Harry nudged everyone like I didn't know and mentioned 4 off BVB to come and leave me and Andy alone.


Everyone went in and he said " So Harry told me your our biggest number 1 fan but he said your fan of me is that true Lex". He was stepping closer and said " Yeah I am as you can see , that I bought everything and I love how you do your make up you need to show me one day or you do it for me one day if you want and I-I-I l-l-like y-y-y-you not I love you". He smashed his lips on too mine and we started making out and we continued to do it until the boy's came out and Liam shouted " ALL-RIGHT LOVERS BREAK IT UP PRESENT TIME".  I got lots of nice things everything was black and we were sitting around the bonfire that we made and I was sitting between Andy's legs and leaning backwards.


He got up and took my hand and we went inside and into my room for ones it was clean , he locked the door I said "What you doing An". He smirked at me and we started kissing and he said "Alexa will you be my girlfriend??". "Yes thousand times Yes I love you". we started making out  and we were getting heated and you know what happened next , I got up without waking up Andy and changed into my Pyjamas that looked like this : 

I turned around and he was looking at me and said "You have a sexy body and lot's of the same tattoos like mine". "Ermm Thanx , Babe they are your tattoos". I went into bed and we cuddled and fell asleep.


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Black Veil Brides if you don't know who they are : 

This is Andy Biersack that Alexa is dating : 


                                                                He is fit OMG xx Erika_Biersack15

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