Your dream could be another person's nightmare.


1. Prologue




   "They're going to come for you, and once they have you. They're going to kill you - or torture you, they don't want you to remember, Michelle. If you do it will bring an end to them all." Harry spoke as he stroked my cheek, I looked up at him through my tears. My eyes burred out my sight and I blinked away the tears, I couldn't get weak now. "But, I want you to run. As fast as you can, don't look back. Never look back, don't look for me or contact anyone. Don't trust anyone. I want you to get out of here." Harry spoke quietly, like he didn't believe what he was saying, I couldn't believe what he was saying. 

                       "I'm not leaving you." I said, my voice quiet. I rested my hand ontop of his, which was on my cheek. I'm so in love with Harry I wouldn't know what I'd do without him, "Let them take me, Harry. I know what to do, please. I don't know what I'd do if you were gone - this is my battle." I whispered, I couldn't leave him here - to fight my battle. It was me they wanted. 

         "No, Michelle." Harry said, dropping his hand from my cheek. He placed a soft kiss on my lips, I slowly kissed back before pulling away. "I won't leave you either, they'll have to come for both of us, but they'll have to get through me." He said and puffed up his chested, I shook my head and sighed. It was much more then that.

    "Then they'll have to take both of us." I whispered, my hand stroked his cheek as I closed my eyes. I was honestly scared - no terrified, I didn't want Harry to die because of me. They'd do anything to get there hands on me.

        "I love you." Harry said quietly, for the first time. I could feel my heart hammer in my chest as I stared at him. I softly pecked his lips and smiled up at him.

              "I love you too, Harry." I whispered as I felt tears slide down my face, I gave him a big hug, which felt like forever before pulling away. 

                   I suddenly collapse to the ground. Harry took a step back, astonished by the sight he was witnessing while my cries echoed around the small walls that were tucked in. 

"She's in here." A deep voice came from the outside, Harry was to shocked to move. 

             my shierks continued, the poison in my system slithered around in my blood stream. It thrashed against my vital organs, making me let out a piercing scream of pain. The men entered the closet, grabbing Harry, he thrashed around, "No, Michelle." He yelled, they injected a sleeping potion into his arm, making him fall limp into the males arms. 

      "See you in hell, sweet Michelle." Was the last thing I heard before everything turned dark.


                    So I'm really excited about this story, I enjoyed writing the prologue. I hope you guys liked it. muah. :*

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