Age is Just a Number

Anna Ryan is an incoming Freshman at Greenville High School. She is excited to finally be out of middle school and be with more mature people. She also knows she will have more options in the boys category. But, she never thought she would ever talk to her senior crush Harry Styles until one day...


3. You again


My first day wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. It was actually pretty good, and thankfully I have no homework so me Brian, Grace, Alexa, Luke, and Tom were gonna go out to dinner because randomly the first day was a Friday. Those 5 are my best friends, and Grace and Tom had a little thing going on. Luke is like a brother to me Alexa is my other best friend and Brian is Brian. He's confusing. One day he acts like he likes me, but the next day he will flirt with whoever he lays his eyes on.

Grace gave us all a ride to Greenville Brewing Company. It was a family restaurant but we all loved it.

"I'll be right back guys I'm gonna go to the bathroom," I said. I walked to the bathroom, but someone who was coming out of the men's room opened the door and I ran into them. 

"Oh gosh, I'm sorry!" I say getting up.

"You're fine," someone says reaching his hand out to help me up. But then I look at him. It was that same senior that I ran into today. Of course.

"Hey didn't this exact same thing happen to us today?" he asks.

"Haha yeah I think so, my bad"

"It's totally fine. I'm Harry by the way," he says reaching out his hand for me to shake it.

"I'm Anna," I say shaking his hand smiling. Then I realized I still really gotta go to the bathroom. I let go of his hand and walk away.

He's not bad. Not bad. But what am I saying, he's a senior and I'm a freshman. It would never work.

I walked back to the table.

"Hey what took you so long?" Alexa asked.

"I ran into this gorgeous senior named Harry, the same one I ran into this morning. He's so hot." I explain.

"Niceeeeee," Alexa said. Grace smiled at me. Luke and Tom weren't really paying attention because they could care less what took me so long and Brian looked strangely jealous almost. Hmm maybe he does have feelings for me. But I think I've got a new crush now 

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