Age is Just a Number

Anna Ryan is an incoming Freshman at Greenville High School. She is excited to finally be out of middle school and be with more mature people. She also knows she will have more options in the boys category. But, she never thought she would ever talk to her senior crush Harry Styles until one day...


10. Pissed off


The rest of the day was boring, but luckily I didn't get any homework. I walk to my locker and guess who's waiting for me. Brian. Of course.

"Can I help you with something?" I say.

"We are walking home together," he said.

"That's ok, I can probably get a ride."

"What with your new boyfriend?"

"Shut up! Seriously what is your problem?" I raise my voice a little.

"Calm down and just come with me," he says and grabs my arm. I see Harry on the way out.

"Bye Anna," he says and waves.

"Bye Harry," I say with a smile.

"Oh so that's your new boy toy?" Brian asks.

"No. I'm not going with you if you're gonna act like this!" I say.

"Is everything ok?" Harry asked. I guess he must've turned around when he heard me yell.

"Yeah, thank you though." I said.

"Ok are you sure? Do you guys need a ride or something?" he asks. 

I look back at Brian and looks at me with a totally pissed off look.

"Well I wouldn't mind a ride, Brian, do you want one or do you wanna walk?" I ask.

"I guess I'll take that ride too then." he says. 

"Ok, follow me!" Harry says. Brian was so pissed off and it was so funny.

We got to Harry's car and I got shotgun which made Brian even more mad. We dropped Brian off at his house and he said "Thanks." in a pissed off tone.

"What was his deal?" Harrys asks.

"He's just mad at me" I said.

"I'm sorry about that, can I ask why?"

"Take a right here," I say giving him directions, "and I mean it's kind of a long story, and we are basically already at my house, so how about some other time?" I ask.

"Yeah sure sounds good. Here let me give you my number in case you need a ride anywhere, because believe it or not I live on this street." he said.

"Really? Which house?" I asked handing him my phone while he handed me his.

"It's further down, you can't quite see it from here." he said typing in his number. We exchanged phones back.

Oh. My. God. I have Harry Styles's number. This isn't real life.

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