Age is Just a Number

Anna Ryan is an incoming Freshman at Greenville High School. She is excited to finally be out of middle school and be with more mature people. She also knows she will have more options in the boys category. But, she never thought she would ever talk to her senior crush Harry Styles until one day...


2. First Day Pt. 2


I jump in my car for the first day of senior year. It's hard to believe. Hopefully me and my boys, Lou, Niall, Liam and Zayn will get through it. It just seems that the freshmen get worse and worse every year. School is pointless at this point, because I already got into the music school that I wanted last year, so what's point of trying?

I get to school and I walk through the doors. I walk my way to English, when of course, a freshman girl runs into me.

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry!" she said while picking up the book she dropped. But then she looked at me and I got this weird feeling that I shouldn't be mean to her.

"You're fine, it was totally my fault," I said. She smiled at me and walked away. I could tell she was embarrassed but I'm over it. 

She was pretty cute for a freshman though, she had light brown wavy hair, green eyes like mine, and a few freckles around her nose.

Whatever, I've got plenty of girls dying to be with me, and she's just a freshman.

I sit through english about how everyone just talked about how their summer was. And the period finally ended and I had the next period off and so did Louis and Zayn. We just kinda explored the hallways but then Louis said,

"Dude, I saw this new Freshman today and she was smokin' hot"

"Was she the one with the long wavy hair?" Zayn asked. Louis nodded.

"Yeah I saw her too," I said, "I ran into her before first period."

"How hot is she?" Louis asked.

"She's pretty cute I guess, but she's a freshman so what does it matter?" I asked.

But neither of them answered so I thought nothing of it.

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