Age is Just a Number

Anna Ryan is an incoming Freshman at Greenville High School. She is excited to finally be out of middle school and be with more mature people. She also knows she will have more options in the boys category. But, she never thought she would ever talk to her senior crush Harry Styles until one day...


4. Date?


Thank god it's Saturday. I decide to go on twitter. It's just the usual newsfeed. I click to see on who wants to follow me and I see a couple new people in our grade but then I saw one that stuck out. Harry Styles. I immediately go to his profile to see what he tweets about. He doesn't tweet much. His most recent tweet was yesterday afternoon: "I swear the Freshmen get worse and worse every year…except a small handful"

UGH. I immediately click accept and then I followed him back. Then I got a text

Baeee aka Brian: Hey what are you doing tonight

Me: Not sure yet, you?

Him: Me neither, you wanna hang?

Me: Yeah! with who?

Him: Doesn't matter, I have to ask you somethinn

Me: Oh god, what is it about

Him: It's not a big deal, don't worry about it

Me: then just come over right now and tell me, I'm home alone

Him: fine


Brian lives on the next street over in my neighborhood. So it only took him about 3 minutes to get here.

"So what did you have to ask me?" I ask him.

"Uhhh, I don't know," he said. He sounded nervous.

"C'mon I'm your best friend just say it."

"Do you wanna go to the movies with me? Just me?" he asked. I was confused. Was he asking me on a date or did he just want to hang out as friends. I'm guessing friends but why would he have been so nervous?

"Yeah of course Bri!" I said, still not knowing whether or not it was a date.

"Ok sweet, so tonight at like 7?"

"Yeah sounds good, so umm is this like a date type thing?" I ask. Kinda hoping he'd say no.

"I guess you could call it that," he said.

"Ok see ya at 7!" I said, not knowing what else to say.

Why does Brian start liking me now?! Just when I got over him, I'll just tell him how I feel tonight.

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