Age is Just a Number

Anna Ryan is an incoming Freshman at Greenville High School. She is excited to finally be out of middle school and be with more mature people. She also knows she will have more options in the boys category. But, she never thought she would ever talk to her senior crush Harry Styles until one day...


27. Clubbing


I decided to straighten my hair and put on my tight blue dress. I'm ready to go and it's like 9.

"Ok, let's go" Alexa said. It was actually just a girl's night out so I was even more excited.

We got to the club at 9:45. It was already packed, just how I wanted it to be.

We got in there and Grace and Alexa were both dancing with each other because they were "taken" but I'm tryna find a hot guy.

I just started dancing my way through the dance floor. Then this guy just kinda started grinding on me. I tried looking at his face but I couldn't see anything. So I just kept dancing. I danced forever. And then the guy finally said, "can I buy you a drink?" and I nodded my head and he grabbed my hand. We went to the bar and he for me a drink.

I finally got a look at his face. I've definitely seen him before. But I just can't remember. 

"So can I get a name?" he asked.

"I'm Anna, and you?"

"Louis" he said. No. Louis? As in the Louis I made out with Freshmen year?! It most definitely is. I think we both realized it at the same time because he looked really surprised.

"Wait a second..." I said.

"Anna as in Anna Ryan?" he asked me.

"Oh god, yes. I can't believe this, what a coincidence." I said.

"How have you been? How was Florida?" 

"It was good! I'm back for 2 weeks, and you? How's college?" I asked.

"Good! You know Harry-"

I cut him off, "Harry? You're still friends with him?" I asked.

"Yeah he's here actually. Right over there," he said.

I just got butterflies. I haven't seen Harry in 4 years. I don't know what to do.

"Here come with me, Haz! Come here!" Louis yelled.

I was looking back to see if I could find Alexa and Grace but I couldn't see anything. I looked ahead of me and I saw him.

Harry Styles.

We locked eyes. I've never been so nervous for something before in my life.

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