From the Beginning

Christina a farm girl from Tenesee gets stuck with 5 boys for her entire summer. Little does Christina know that this hot new boy band could become her one way ticket to Hollywood. While on vacation she falls head over heels in love could this mean a new beginning for her???


4. will you be my girlfriend?


As soon as the other boys left I went with Mr. Pikes. He brought me into a room that I had never seen before, it was a bright blue with lots of bookshelf's in it. I guess Mr.Pikes saw me staring and he said "this room is the library, I will tell you right now that this is Christina's favorite room in the whole house." I immediately put that into consideration. After laying down a few rules about how I am not allowed to make a fool of her,how im not allowed to have do it with her without her permission, I was finally allowed to leave.Once I left the house I went straight toward Christina who was sitting on a swing reading a book. As I was walking I was debating weather or not to ask her to be my girlfriend, I decided that it was now or never and that I would ask her and then take her to a really nice restaurant that we saw while we were driving here. So I went up to sit in the swing next  to her, but I was was watching her the whole time that I completly missed the swing and fell into the dirt and hit my head really hard. All i heard was Christina laughing really hard.

Christina POV:

I was worried that my dad was going to kick Niall out. I realized ,while I was waiting for my dad to finish with Niall ,  that I really liked him. After what seemed to be hours I saw Niall coming my way, my maybe he would ask me to be his girlfriend. As he got closer I noticed he was staring at me ,when he finally got to the swing next to me I saw that he had fallen into the dirt because he missed the swing. I was laughing so hard that my stomach started to hurt. When he finally got up he said that he had to ask me something. He said to me "Christina I really like you and I want to give us a hot, will you please be my girlfriend?" I took a second to think it over and finally I said" yes Niall I would love to be your girlfriend". I saw Niall doing a happy dance and then we both decided to goon a little date tonight at the restaurant near our house. I was so excited that I immediately went inside and called my best friend Rachel to come over ad help me out.

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