From the Beginning

Christina a farm girl from Tenesee gets stuck with 5 boys for her entire summer. Little does Christina know that this hot new boy band could become her one way ticket to Hollywood. While on vacation she falls head over heels in love could this mean a new beginning for her???


3. time to work

As soon as the boys put on the overalls we went outside to get to work.I put Niall on  pig duty. I gave him the bucket and told him to go feed the pigs. Next I told Zayn to go plow the field, he immediately followed orders and went to get a horse. I then sent Harry and Louis to go feed the horses and clean up the stable making sure that they hose the horses down. After I got Harry and Louis settled in the stable I asked Liam if he had ever milked a cow before. When he said yes I told him to go milk all the cows and that their were buckets next to the door. Once I had gotten rid of all of them I put on my shorts and a tank top and went to weed my garden. After I had finished weeding I decided to go into the house to get some lemonade and a sandwich. As soon as I got inside I saw all the boys sitting at the table with my dad talking about their favorite football teams and I decided it was best for me to go into my room. As soon as I walked up the stairs I heard someone behind me, when I turned around I saw my worst nightmare,Niall Horan  

Nialls pov

As soon as I saw Christina walk into the house I immediately stopped paying attention to everyone around me except for her. When she left the room I asked to be excused to go to the bathroom but instead I planned on following her. When I was following her I think that she had heard me so when she turned around I went up to her and kissed her. I think that I have feelings for her that she doesn't have for me.

Christina's POV

As soon as Niall came up and kissed me I didn't no what to do other then kiss him back. After about 2 minutes I heard someone cough  as to say "we are all rite here watching this" and I immediately pulled away from Niall looked up and saw my dad and the other boys standing at the door way. I said"dad this isn't what it looks li......" my dad stopped me before I could finish and said" I'm fine with you dating Niall sweetheart I just need to set some rules straight with Niall. So mr. Horan if you would follow me while the rest of you guys go finish your chores that would be excellent. 

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