From the Beginning

Christina a farm girl from Tenesee gets stuck with 5 boys for her entire summer. Little does Christina know that this hot new boy band could become her one way ticket to Hollywood. While on vacation she falls head over heels in love could this mean a new beginning for her???


2. Breakfast

Christina's pov

 when the boys arrived, we went out to greet them. I saw the cutest boy ever. He had dirty blonde hair that looked like he bleached it, and the most spectacular eyes. They looked green, but when you looked again they were a blue. We welcomed them into our hose, and served breakfast. We had eggs bacon and toast with some maple syrup grits. I also mad some pancakes to go with breakfast. I served everyone an equal amount, and my father started the blessing. After the blessing, we ate up with light conversation. 

"Boys," I said. " you guys will be helping me around the farm. Do you have any overalls?"

" Uh nope." The curly haired one I think was Harry said. " do you have any we could borrow?" 

I sighed. Then I ran into the attic where I slept and got five pairs of my dads old overalls and peters boots. I guess they would have to do with what we had on hand. 


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