My Pack of Protectors

Scarlett Hanson is new to Beacon Hills, she's only been around for a month or so. Now she's a target, and she's got some pretty awesome bodyguards. But she doesn't know what is targeting her, or why her in the first place. Will she fall for one of her bodyguards? Does she learn what is targeting her? Of all places to move, why Beacon Hills?


21. Where I Belong

It felt like home, laying there wrapped in Stiles' arms. My shirt lay discarded on the floor, and his shirt and jeans lay with them. My bra and underwear secured on me, and his boxers secured around his waist, none of those things ever coming off our bodies. 

I turned my head to Stiles and smiled, and pecked his cheek. He smirked. "After that, all I get is a kiss on the cheek?" He teased and gave him a lingering kiss on the lips. 

"Is that better?" I teased him back. 

"Definitely." He agreed and kissed me again. I rested my head in the crook where his neck meets his shoulder and smiled. 

"You know what this feels like?" I asked him. 


"Home. It feels perfect." I looked up at him. "I just wanna lay here forever. Wrapped in your arms." 

"Well you can't. My arm is falling asleep." He said and I shoved him and sat up, he shook his arm and sat up as well, then wrapped his arms around me again and pulled me back against him. I leaned back against him and closed my eyes. "Scarlett?" 

"Yeah Stiles?" 

"I know this is a stupid question to ask but, I gotta." He said and I sat up so I could turn and face him.

"And what would your stupid question be?" 

"Would you like to be my girlfriend?" He asked shyly. I rolled my eyes and kissed him again, wrapping my arms around his neck. "I'll take that as a yes." He smirked. 

I rolled my eyes again. "Of course, you nimwad." 

He smiled and we kissed again, then both moving to get dressed. It was only when I'd done up the last button that I heard the door slide open. I peeked down and saw the boys carrying someone in, a very bloody someone. My eyes widened and I ran down as the layed him on the ground. 

"Oh my god, Aidan. Are you alright?" I asked, falling to my knees next to my best friend. 

He smiled weakly. "I'm healing, I'll be alright." 

"I can't believe I let this happen to you, its all my fault." Tears gathered in my eyes. "If I hadn't been so stupid!" I cried. 

"It wasn't your fault, Scarlett. Anyone of us would have made the same decision." He said and I put my hand over his. 

"But if I hadn't gone home, Giselle wouldn't have gotten me and you wouldn't have had to save me and get hurt. It is my fault. Don't even deny it." I said, and as we talked, his wounds healed and all that was left was the blood stained onto his clothing. 

The others insisted that to fully heal, Aidan was going to need some rest, so Stiles pulled me away from him, and the others carried him upstairs. Had the fight really been going on that long? Did I really cause that much trouble? I couldn't just stand here and let everyone get hurt over me, so how was I going to stop this? Turn myself over to Giselle and let her do whatever it is that she wanted me for? Learn some form of martial art? Neither of those seemed like the right choice. So what was?

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